CUSD Launches Sustainable Livelihood Projects for 600 Rural Dwellers


Community Union for Sustainable Development (CUSD), in partnership with a German faith-based group Diakonie Katastrophife, last Friday launched its sustainable livelihood project in Saclepea, Nimba County.

Initially, according to the program organizers, CUSD, during a five-day event, trained 600 beneficiaries in agriculture, mainly vegetable production and small business skills development.

The CUSD’s small business management skills and agriculture project targets two of Liberia’s rural counties, Nimba and River Gee.

According to CUSD executives, the sustainable livelihood project has two components, 400 beneficiaries in agriculture-vegetable production and 200 in small business management skills.

The CUSD also explained that each of the beneficiaries will receive a US$400 grant in kind in order to enhance their agriculture and business enterprises in their respective communities in Nimba and River Gee Counties.

The CUSD officials further pointed out that the agriculture component of the in kind grants assistance to the beneficiaries has started and projects are ongoing in the various targeted communities.

Speaking at the Launching ceremony held in Saclepea City, Inspector Reginald Mehn urged the beneficiaries to use the funds being provided by CUSD and partners for their socio-economic advancement.

Inspector Mehn lauded the efforts of CUSD and staff for their resilience, integrity and trustworthiness in reaching out to Liberians. In so doing, institutions like CUSD has proved detractors and critics wrong.

For their part, Nimba city mayors, commissioners, chiefs and other invited guests called on recipients of the grants to demonstrate honesty and sincerity in their agriculture and business interactions in the months ahead.

The commissioners and chiefs also cautioned the beneficiaries to serve as goodwill ambassadors that will enable future recipients to benefit from the generous assistance of the German donors and development partners.

In separate statements, three of the beneficiaries expressed gratitude to CUSD for keeping their promise by the provision of the in kind grants following five days of intensive training.

Business beneficiary Cecelia Duobeh said the business session under the auspices of CUSD provided her the fresh opportunity to do business, which she intends to make good use of and do better as a businesswoman.

“I’m very grateful to CUSD and partners for the capacity and financial empowerment in my journey to be one of Liberia’s successful businesswomen,” Madam Duobeh asserted.

Small businesswoman Asata Nanyee said the CUSD small business training provided a golden opportunity that will accelerate her business entity.

“I want to say thank you very much to German donors and implementing partner, CUSD,” Madam Nanyee concluded.

For his part, agriculturist Alex Marmah said the training provided by CUSD was timely and has given him the opportunity to become more productive in his farming and business activities in the years to come.

He thanked the German donors for “thinking about us to improve our livelihoods in the post-Ebola period in Liberia.”

In his statement, farmer Peter Gonponah reminded his colleagues that they should use the grants to do better farming and better their lives in the years to come.

“We will always remain grateful for the generous assistance of the German donors and our implementing partner CUSD for helping us during these hard times in our country,” farmer Gonponah concluded.


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