Curtis Receives More Endorsements in District #17

Curtis and supporters in a parade.

The former Mayor of Brewerville, George Varney Curtis, has drawn a line between him and his opponents based on the number of endorsements he has received from many electorates in support of his Representative bid.

Brewerville, a city created by a legislative act in 1975, is located on the West of Montserrado County and is situated in electoral district #17, which has over 20 candidates contesting for a single legislative seat in the House of Representatives.

Hundreds of potential voters accepted the call of D. Myers Chedar over the weekend to parade on the principal streets of the district to register their solidarity and commitment to see Mr. Curtis ascend to the post of Representative.

Mr. Chedar, a former employee of GN Bank (formerly FIBank), told his followers and the rest of the people in the district that he will labor to see Curtis win the election because he (Curtis) listens to people and empathizes with those in need at all times. “I am supporting Mr. Curtis because I believe that he will do a better job than anyone else in the race.

Curtis takes kola nuts from Brisbane Road residents as they welcomed him

“His work as mayor here since 2012 has brought lots of significant progress we can consider as tangible and worth appreciating,” Mr. Chedar said on Saturday. “We have a bank here today because he lobbied for it. He has resolved many land crises here.” He noted that he and Curtis share similar characteristics, such as patience and willingness to be humble to people regardless of their status in life. “Before this day, our former mayor and I have been consulting on how we can ensure that there is fruitful representation for this district at the Legislature, more so at the level of the House of Representatives,” he said, noting that he is confident that the former mayor has no contender who stands a chance to stop him from becoming part of the 54th National Legislature.

Chedar pointed out that the district is underrepresented and lacks basic developments such as the construction and operation of a standard health center, good water supply in all the communities, public high schools, among others. About his experiences while carrying out several projects in the district, he noted that Rep. William Dirkel, the current lawmaker of the district, misconstrued his humanitarian gestures and services.

“Dirkel worried a whole lot because I used my own money to plan and implement projects in the district and be in touch with all, even those that ran against him in 2011, so as to make our district a unified society in words and actions,” he said, adding that Dirkel felt that he (Chedar) wanted to make him (Dirkel) unpopular so he could run against him in the October 10 election.

“It is now that he understands that I had no evil or selfish motive against him. I have not planned to run for any elective post in this district, yet I remain vigilant and supportive of any good leadership that will improve the lives of our people and transform our communities,” he noted. When contacted via phone, Rep. Dirkel said he had no qualms or ill-feelings against Chedar, or anyone else. “He has not worked for me before neither have I envied or threatened him for doing whatever development he claimed to have carried out,” he said.

Accepting the endorsement, Mr. Curtis said he is grateful to Chedar and his followers for recognizing his potential to represent them. “Mine is not to boast of what I can do or what I have done. What is important to note here is that you are willing to work with me to ensure that we win this election and plan together on how we will be able to achieve our goals,” Curtis said.

Another endorsement of Curtis’ Representative bid took place on Sunday on Brisbane Road in Brewerville, when another group of supporters assembled and thanked the former mayor for his good job while in office, and assured him of their preparedness to campaign for him. Over 200 residents of Brisbane Road said Curtis is their choice and will be their next Representative.

“Our mayor emeritus is like Nehemiah in biblical times who always thought of Jerusalem and went back home to build a strong wall to protect his people. Curtis left lucrative jobs in America to come and help make his home, Brewerville, and now District 17, an improved area,” Rev. Samuel Z. Banks said in the community’s endorsement statement. He assured Curtis of the community’s sincere support. “We will not forsake you,” Rev. Banks promised.

After receiving the certificate of appreciation, Curtis said he will give serious attention to agriculture, education, women and youth empowerment in the district and will lobby for investors to do business in the district.

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