CUREkids Reimagining a Liberia through Black Panther

Amanda Hill of CUREkids with Walter RIchards School at the Black Panther Movie in Monrovia

Black Panther, a recent movie release from Marvel Comics, has made over a billion dollars and captured the minds of children around the globe and the kids in the CUREkids organization are no exception.

The 60 kids attending the Black Panther movie recently at the TM Sliver Bird Cinema were from CUREkids’ partner schools, Walter D. Richards Industrial Community Institute in the rural community of Gaynama in Brewerville and Kings and Queens International in the SKD community of Paynesville.  Sixty kids from grades K-4 thru 6th with the best academic record were selected.

This activity was sponsored by Mr. William Tubman, Charles Dorme Cooper, Nicole Cooper, Khadar Ahmed, Heounoh Hassou, Mrs. Denise Reeves and Mr. Jimmy Pierre.

Like the fictional nation of Wakanda in Black Panther, CUREkids works to impart into the kids the desire to be exceptional in spite of social disparities, says its Executive Director, Ms. Amanda Hill

The organization recruits its beneficiaries from rural areas and the environs of Montserrado where poverty is overwhelming in many communities. CUREkids attempts to break down the barriers of inequity and provide children the opportunity to experience activities their peers from better served communities take for granted says, Ms. Hill. The program currently serves 80 kids between the ages of 6yrs -12yrs but opens up its activities to any child who shows interest and space is available.

Over the last 3 years, CUREkids has partnered with local organization METS Afrika4D and the School of Liberian Arts and Dance (SLAD) to introduce children to activities in constructing robots, designing buildings, creating functional solar ovens, coding for mobile applications, and dancing and drumming. Interestingly enough, the world of Wakanda displayed an abundance of technology and arts that is in line with what the CUREkids organization hope their kids will one day invent and utilize to improve their lives and that of Liberia.

This year, CUREkids is entering new spaces and will connect the kids to farmers using innovation for better crop production to increase their awareness of agri-science and good agricultural practices. The majority of CUREkids come from food insecure communities so this is an activity close to the heart of its Executive Director. She hopes many of the CUREkids become owners of huge industrialize farms that can one day supply ample fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish and meats to Liberians and their regional neighbors.

She is also excited that CUREkids will be introduced to practical lessons in biology and elementary lessons on the solar systems and have the opportunity to look under a microscope and search the evening sky through a telescope. These activities and many more are to excite the children’s creativity and imagination so they can start dreaming and taking steps in their academics to create a Liberia they can work, live and enjoy.

CUREkids is appreciative of their generous donors and sponsors. Because so many of the children come from desperate situations, CUREkids task themselves several times a year to provide rice and nutritional supplemental drinks to as many of their kids as possible. They have been able to do this with the generous support of local companies and individuals as well as friends from the United States.

They would like to extend special thanks to these special individuals and companies who exceeded in their giving: Mr. Nimne Mombo and Nobel Liberia, Friends of Evangeline Holt-Worrell, The Holt Family Reunion, The Hill Family, Petrotrade, Aminata, Mr. and Mrs. Karton Zawolo of The Capital Room and Peace Café, Mrs. Betty Fez of Body Zone, Mr. Alain of the Cigar Bar, Ms. Bonita Lisborg of Wolfgang Catering, Mrs. Georgia Brandy of KidZone, DHL, Mr. Bako Freeman, Mrs. Denise Reeves, Ms. Wadei Powell, Ms. Masmina Sirleaf, Mr. Eric Clarke, Mrs. Willa Bruce-Gooding, Mrs. Karen Richards, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Togba.

CUREkids also raise money for scholarships and base their selection on kids who have shown interest and curiosity in math, science, arts and community service. Selected kids are also between the ages of 6yrs and 12yrs and come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Those interested in funding activities for CUREkids or volunteering may send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 0777466611. CUREkids can also be found on Facebook. Currently they work with 80 kids and pay tuition for children in ten schools. CUREkids has several ongoing campaigns, says Ms. Hill. They are looking for sponsors or a donor to provide financial assistance for their STEAM and agri-science program as well as fundraising for their Easter Rice Drive.



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