CURE Reaches Out to School-age Ebola Survivors

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At a high-profile event held at the Monrovia City Hall on Wednesday, January 27, the organization CURE (Caring Understanding Respect for Ebola Afflicted Nations and People) celebrated the young life and future of children who overcame Ebola by giving them full scholarships to attend primary school in the 2015 calendar year. An advocate for children’s education at the primary level, CURE raised thousands of dollars selling bracelets through its CURE Bracelet Campaign to send children to school who have overcome the Ebola virus or the loss of parents to the deadly disease.

Attending the ceremony were Mayor of Monrovia, Mrs. Clara Doe Mvogo; Deputy Minister of Gender & Child Protection, Ms. Lydia Sherman; and Consultant with the Ministry of Education, Mrs. V. Kahn Kennedy.  Children were selected from all over Monrovia from the database at the Ministry of Gender& Child Protection, Interim Care Centers, and reporters in the field who met these brave survivors and their families.

CURE’s founder, Amanda Hill, believes a great future comes from a strong solid primary education. She said, “CURE seeks to build support for more national investment in childhood education, greater resources for schools at the primary level, and enrichment programs to stir curiosity in minds of young children.”

The CURE kids’ scholarship includes tuition, uniforms, books and backpacks. Chevron Liberia sponsored the locally made backpacks created by young adults who are contributing to their education through the Bosh Bosh organization. The children also received gift bags of clothing and shoes from Mrs. Idella Cooper-Shannon and Friends who wanted to bring smiles to the children during their time of difficulty.

An estimated 3,000 children have been orphaned by the Ebola virus and the number of children without resources to attend schools is in the tens of thousands. With so many little ones in need of assistance, Deputy Minister Sherman extended her support and partnership with CURE to ensure more children would have access to education this year.

Moved by excitement and joy in the eyes of the scholarships recipients, Mrs. Kahn Kennedy and Apostle James Kemokai proposed a “play ma and play pa” program with CURE to encourage the little ones to excel academically and holistically.

CURE, a non-profit organization registered in Liberia, invites well-meaning individuals and groups to join in cultivating curious and educated young people regardless of their circumstances.  Those interested may contact Amanda Hill at 0777466611 or [email protected].


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