Cummings Reaches for Round One Win

Mr. Cummings calls on Liberian voters to elect him in the first round, as Mrs. Teresa Cummings waves to the crowd

Amid widespread talk that the standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander Cummings is a ‘newbie’ to Liberian politics who does not fully understand what is obtaining in the country, thousands of his supporters stormed the streets of Monrovia and Paynesville on Saturday, October 7, singing “We want Cummings! Free Us from Corruption…We want Cummings!”

A massive crowd filled the ATS on Saturday, with many walking the streets and gathering in entertainment centers wearing their red, white and blue party colors as local musicians thrilled them till the arrival of the ANC standard and vice standard bearers.

They included Montserrado Country Districts # 6 and 8 representative aspirants Kanvee Gaines Adams and Jonathan ‘Takun-J’ Koffa, along with Color Boy, CIC, Eric Geso, Nasse Man and others.

In a brief but firm statement, the ANC standard bearer said confidently: “I don’t want to go a second round; I want to win the first round so come all out and vote for me and Amb. Jeremiah Suluteh on Tuesday, October 10. Also, vote for the ANC representative candidates.

“We’ll fundamentally change everything about our country,” he promised. “After 170 years, we need a better Liberia: health, roads, electricity, and infrastructure. Can we depend on you to vote for the ANC? Together, we can change this country; together, we can commit ourselves to stop corruption.”

Saturday’s gathering of ANC supporters can only be compared to the party’s  formal launch of its standard bearer’s presidential bid in January.

ANC rally on Saturday

The recent gathering in Harper, Maryland County during the launch of the 2017 Presidential Campaign was the 3rd biggest gathering.

ANC Chairman Orishall Gould over the weekend boasted of being the only alternative candidate that is positive of winning the October 10 elections.

In an article by Henry Johnson, a Liberian entrepreneur, he outlined six reasons why Cummings should be elected President.

He described Cummings as “a great role model for young entrepreneurs in Liberia; he cares about Liberians, especially the youth; he is honest; loves Liberia; does not have “blood” on his hands; and has a plan.”

Meanwhile, in spite of the Cummings crowd, many political pundits still believe that the ANC will most likely come third, while the CDC and UP are more likely to go for the runoff.

Political pundits think that Senator Prince Y. Johnson’s Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR), Liberty Party (LP) of Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine, Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) of Dr. J. Mill Jones and Benoni Urey’s All Liberian Party (ALP) will all fall below the ANC.


  1. After 170 years of insanity in Liberia, it is time for Liberians to stop electing the same old corrupt do-nothing-politicians. How do Liberians expect to get a different result when we continue to elect the same old corrupt do-nothing-politicians and people over and over again?

    Our backwardness; our underdevelopment; our archaic constitution: in respect to citizenship/naturalization to people of Negro descent only; our lack of dual citizenship; our rigged presidential and congressional term limits; our lack of decentralization; our lack of national unity; our tribal divisiveness; last but not all; our lack of open-mindedness to positive change are some of the reasons for the gross insanity, craziness and political madness permeating the Liberian scene today.

    I have read many comments on reasons why not to vote for Mr. Alexander B. Cummings:
    Some consider Cummings not to be a Liberian…….because his ancestors came from Nigeria. Even if this hypothetical statement is true, by virtue of our archaic Constitution, any person of the Negro race can become a citizen of Liberia.

    Some consider Cummings to be a newcomer to Liberia…… because he has spent 35 or more years out of Liberia. How many Liberians working in Liberia today including the current president, or Lawmakers in Liberia who have not spent many years living or went to school for many years in foreign countries?

    Cummings has indeed spent a great time in the U.S.A. furthering his education and worked hard to excel in corporate America. On the contrary, that did not stop him from using his experience and hard-earned wealth to give back to his country during the many turbulent years (war/Ebola) in Liberia.

    He visited Liberia many times to make sure that Coca-Cola continued its operation in Liberia. At the same time, his Cummings Africa Foundation was instrumental in funding health, education and agriculture projects in Liberia and Africa as a whole.

    If Liberia needs to change for the better, it’s time for Liberians to stop the insanity of dividing this poor nation on tribal or ethnic line. We are one nation! We are one people! War has devastated us! If there are individuals who possess the leadership skills, and who have radical and pragmatic ideas to move Liberia on par with countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Botswana, or Ghana, what does it matter whether he/she if Liberian shouldn’t be given the chance to implement these changes for the good of all Liberians.

    An anonymous philosopher once said, “Trained and inspired leadership is needed in the troubled world of today. We live in uncertainty and fear. The times call for thinking and straight thinking: one of the goals of true education. Unfortunately, the world so clamors for action that men and women devote little time to thinking. Many believe in second-hand thinking. They find it easier to ascertain and adopt the thoughts of other than to think for themselves.”

    I pray that Liberians stop this insanity of always voting for corrupt do-nothing- politicians and lawmakers to lead them. In order to move Liberia forward, let’s all put the love of country first above any individual regardless of whom he/she may be. However, I predict a run-off due to the many political candidates vying for the presidency.

    May God bless Liberians as we make this critical decision on October 10, 2017, that could make or break Liberia!!!!

    • Well said. Regardless if Mr. Cummings guarantee a first-round Victory or not he has vision, he has realistic plans, and he has ways of implementing those does plans. I highly recommend that he stick around and don’t give up.

  2. Where is the statistical evidence that Mr. Cummings will win round one? Did one million people turn out at the ATS? Please stop fooling the public with your false and unsubstantiated claims. Wait and time will tell. Several thousands of the same individuals keep on showing at every political party rally. Several unemployed youths show up at party rallies over and over again to keep themselves busy. October 10, 2017 will determine the winner.

  3. A.C; what makes you believe that the scion/sibling of those very corrupt leaders you speak/write about are any different from their forebears? Why do you call it DIVISIVENESS, when Liberia’s Indigenous People; who make up 95% of Liberia’s Population, prefer to rule Thier God given home land, Liberia? Talking about corruptions, you forgot to mention those “Golds and Diamond” Smugglers; some of whom you know very well. Tell them to pay their required royalties to the Government. That would be a good starting point for the fight against corruptions. It’s a UNIVERSAL Liberian Problem. We must all band together and eradicate CORRUPTIONS in Liberia. More power to the People of Liberia. J. Nyumah Boakai truly cares for all of Liberia’s Peoples. He has identified himself with Liberia’s Peoples; all his life. Some of our wannabe President have voluntarily separated themselves from the majority of Liberians for the most part of their lives. Yet, they want to be our leaders? Think about it…

  4. God , I am calling on you to grant mercy, provide justice and direct us with divine sense to elect a president who is capable to administer the affairs of Africa’s oldest republic and has the country at heart.


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