ANC standard bearer Cummings dances to a new song made for the party

The Standard Bearer of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander Cummings, said he has returned from the USA more determined to win the Presidential Election of the country, which is scheduled for October 10.  Before hundreds of partisans at the Headquarters of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) who came to grace his arrival yesterday Cummings declared that the ANC is also ready to begin the transformation of Liberia if he is elected President.

Mr. Cummings had traveled to the USA to bury his sister, Patricia D. Cummings, who died earlier this month following a brief illness.

Addressing his partisans, Mr. Cummings said it was time to “work harder and smarter”  for the election of the ANC in order to change the country including the living conditions of Liberians.

Dancing to the tune of the ANC ‘s new theme song, Cummings said only his party can bring about change, and he is truly passionate and determined to win the election.

“Liberians deserve a better Liberia,” Cummings said. ” We shouldn’t wish it, think it but work together harder. “

For his part the Vice Standard Bearer Jeremiah Sulunteh has told his partisans to vote the 3rd party or persons on the ballot papers.

Meanwhile,  it can be recalled that Mr. Cummings has committed to waive his presidential salary to buttress the fight against corruption in Liberia when elected President, come 2017.

He promised aggressive economic expansion when is elected as Liberia’s next President, saying he, his Vice Standard and team will focus on revitalizing the country’s economic to ensure infrastructural and human advancement and transformation.

He named education, health, agriculture, building of roads, among others, as areas that will top the development agenda of Liberia under an Alexander Cummings and ANC administration.


  1. “I promise to wave my presidential salary to fight corruption”. There he is having FAKE OVERNIGHT PRIMARIES AS REPORTED BY NEC AND THE PRESS. “I do not want war crimes court for Liberia because I will ENFORCE the laws of the land”. As if countries with war crimes court do not believe in the enforcement of the laws of the land. May be he thinks he is dealing with his then Cocao Cola Factory labourers.

  2. Cummings is the man to transform Liberia. Every other candidate has political baggage or want to get in the office to steal. This man has solid achievements and is a business man. All our war criminals in power need to be in jail. His party is about bringing development and business to Liberia not criminality and corruption and tribalism. This man has traveled and work and knows that Liberia can do better. This is what we need. Not useless people, sleepy people, tribalistic people, former rebels, and gravy seekers. He will waive his salary because he does not need the money. Which one of those gravy seeker candidates can say the same thing. Cummings is the man Liberia needs and if we vote wisely, he is the man Liberia will get.

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