Cummings Receives Massive Support in Lofa

ANC standard bearer Cummings speaks to a large gathering of partisans in Voinjama, Lofa County

With 15 days to the October 10 elections, the standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander B. Cummings continues to receive massive support from the county.

Drawing huge crowds at every stop, ‘Mr. Talk and Do’ is seemingly cementing his position in the second round of the October presidential elections.

While touring the reported stronghold of the Unity Party standard bearer and Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, Mr. Cummings received several endorsements, accompanied by an incredible amount of fanfare.

Mr. Cummings discussed his vision for change and female inclusion with various groups at a town hall meeting in Voinjama City Hall.

“We will work to support measures that promote women’s leadership and participation in politics, government, business, and society. I personally will spearhead this initiative, by ensuring that at least 40 percent of my cabinet members will be women,” Cummings told the large crowd.

The ANC political leader said his administration will include significant female participation in government.

Mr. Cummings later met with a group under the banner “Lofa Women for the Election of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings” after the group endorsed his presidential candidacy.

A spokesman for the group said they were impressed with Mr. Cummings’ experience and were also encouraged by his numerous support to Liberians of all of walks of life and therefore they have decided to support him on October 10.

“I know that he is serious about changing Liberia and helping our people because he has done it in the past already,” said a young woman identified only as Sister Esther. “Mr. Cummings is the only person going from house to house, meeting and talking with us common people. I know that he loves Liberia, and is serious about changing our country,” she added.

Cummings also held meetings with several youth, women and elder groups who all promised to support his quest for the presidency on October 10.

Mr. Cummings made philanthropic financial contributions to several people in Lofa, including paying WAEC Exam fees for students attending the Lutheran Training School and Salayea Public School in Lofa County through the Cummings Africa Foundation.

He has also donated US$3,000 to Bolongoidu mosque for the building of a bigger mosque in Bolongoidu, Quardu Gboni District in Lofa County, and provided medical supplies to the local hospital.

Also, while appearing on a Voice of Lofa late evening radio program, Mr. Cummings discussed the importance of empowering Liberian women to improve their economic status.

“Our administration will seek to improve and promote women’s economic empowerment that is safe, secure and sustainable. We will also work to lessen disparities in education, health, land rights, and trade opportunities for women, which we know greatly influence their economic empowerment,” he said.

In true Cummings fashion, he also held meetings across Lofa County spreading his message of empowering women, improving education and others, and as a result bringing changes to the country.

Mr. Cummings, who is described as ‘Mr. Talk and Do’ for fulfilling his promises, is currently on a nationwide tour of the country and will be returning to Monrovia tomorrow, Tuesday, for the last presidential debate.

The ANC standard-bearer has made enormous leaps achieving overwhelming support since the first presidential debate organized by the Deepening Democratic Coalition (DDC), where many believe he (Mr. Cummings) made a tremendously strong show over other candidates by his articulation and strategies to heal and restore the country’s problems and challenges.

Mr. Cummings will be attending the next debate on Tuesday alongside other presidential aspirants, with hopes of another excellent performance until his October 7 launch in Monrovia.

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  1. Liberian people never use common sense. Who says because people stand around to listen to someone, it means they will vote for that person? I will never ever believe that the people of Lofa will choose a Congor man, Alex Cummings, over their own traditional father and member of their traditional secret society in Lofa, Joseph Nyuma Boakai. Lofa County people will never ever abandon Joseph Boakai and vote for a Congor stranger, Alex Cummings. This election is between Boakai and Weah. Cummings is a “Johnny Just Come” and cannot win this election. Look at the picture and see how strangely the people are looking at the Congor man. They do not even look like they trust him.

    • You spoke like a foreign student in a 3rd class of show and tell describing a dressed devil of which he/she has not seen before. In essence, you do not know the Lofaian people. If the Lofaians or Liberian people do not have interest in any thing…they do not bother themselves showing up no matter what you say, or doing. The roaster will crow once…not twice nor thrice when you will agree…indeed Mr. Cummings is the president of Liberia brother.
      These elections have nothing to do with congor men/women vs native men/women.. It is about clarity of vision, sanity of financial management as tract record and who will attract investors for employment opportunities for the over 80% unemploy, underemploy Liberians. Get this!! and get it now or else; you will sit in the back bench.

  2. Paul!does it matters where you come from in Liberia?you Liberians don’t know what you people want if you can read between lines you will know what to is sad that most of our people are not educated!if you look around you what did he the VP do in his -neighborhood? I am not talking about his own county,around his house he is the only one who have light,all the poor people who lived by him don’t.after (12) years! That is unthinkable on your part to write that on your page.

  3. It is almost like the further one goes away from Liberia, the clearer one begins to see its sad state of affairs. One watches 22 presidential candidates in colorful local attires perpetually plying dusty or muddy roads (depending on which force of nature is predominant at a given time) and one can’t help but wonder, what is this election all about?

    After the dances, the Lipco rhymes from artists as young as Ziggy Ray, the suddenly omnipresent community soup pots, the frenzy crowds and all that have always been the ingredients of Liberian presidential elections have all faded away, what will the new president provide Liberians? Will he still block them from using the few paved roads when he is using them? Will he still fly to other countries for medical attention, while his impoverished electorate is condemned to try its luck at dilapidated local hospitals? Will his be the only house in his community that has tap water and electricity? Will he declare huge portions of indigenous land in several counties as his farms? Or will he embezzle public funds and invest them outside Liberia?

    What is this exercise all about? And why are poor Liberians allowing themselves to be used as disposable pawns in the elites’ power play? It seems, I may never know!

  4. Hey Paul you are very stupid, and most dumpest Liberian I have heard talking rubbish, but anyway you don’t know your own valued as a liberian, how can you come out and write these kind of uncivilized, and nonsense about the people’s from lofa, is lofa county the personal properties for your so called Joseph Boakai, he worth nothing to his own county, he part of the Ellen most corrupt government in the history of liberia.


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