Cummings Rallies Marylanders for 2020 Senatorial Seat

Mr. Cummings: "We want all to work with us at next year's polls to win the 15 senatorial seats in the 15 counties."

Ahead of the 2020 senatorial election, Alexander B. Cummings, political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), has called on Marylanders across the country, specifically those residing in Montserrado County to ensure that the party takes the county senatorial seat at the poll.

Mr. Cummings made the request over the weekend when he paid an official visit to the Jamaica Road residence of one of the prominent citizens of Maryland County reside in Monrovia.

Although the ANC is contemplating on featuring candidates in all of the 15 political subdivisions for the pending race, Mr. Cummings is definite about the party taking the Maryland County senatorial position and, therefore, he’s seeking the indulgence of his compatriots to go all out and canvass to win more votes in 2020.

He then assured Marylanders at the occasion that he will work in the county as requested by the residents, adding, “I will commit to spend more times in Maryland, because I want us to work together to change the county. The work begins with the 2020 elections where ANC will have a candidate in the next year’s senatorial race because I feel at home there.”

With traditional Grebo songs, Mr. Cummings, who is a son of Maryland, was embraced by his kinsmen who earlier shared kola nuts as a sign of ‘clear heart’ and willingness to work together.

Mrs. Idee Rangland, who read a joint statement from from Marylanders residing in Montserrado County, said they regretted ANC’s defeat in 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

“We want you to take courage and commit yourself to the political process of our country as all is not lost. There is Grebo proverb that says one-time cut cannot remove the bark of a tree, and so, the struggle for the emancipation of our people from socioeconomic, education, infrastructure and political backwardness should be vigorous from this point with total involvement of many of us in this hall,” Mrs. Rangland said on behalf of the citizens.

She assured the ANC that Marylanders will work to ensure the victory of the party in the 2020 senatorial race, and the 2023 presidential and legislative elections. They added, “nothing, absolutely, is going to stop us.”

The citizens however, called on Cummings to build the party around competent and committed people, but not people seeking self-interest.


  1. Cummings you better go and find something else to do or go back to Coca Cola factory, since it is now CLEAR no CONGAU shall ever become President in Liberia anymore. As for any legislative seat in Maryland, you and your fellow rascals can just forget it. Those seats are for others, and NOT for whatever you call your party.

    • With all the craziness going in in the country, don’t bet your hopes on George Weah being re-elected. Most Liberians, even some of his supporters are very disappointed. Unless the economy substantially changes in the next few years, it would be very difficult to get re-elected. There are just too many bad things going on with this government to favor his re-election bid. If the opposition see the wisdom to unite against CDC, Weah will be out.

  2. Shoot. Cummings is not serious. Marylanders are being rallied to vote for him? I have the feeling that Marylanders will vote against him. That’s because some Marylanders feel that Cummings is not a true blue Marylander.

    Montserrado county is the melting pot of Liberia. If you need votes as a politician, you need to appeal to all ethnic groups, not just the county of one’s parents. Such a tactic could backfire.

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