Cummings Pushes Support for Past Lone Star Players

CPP chairman, Alexander B. Cummings

The National Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings, has stressed the need for government to support the welfare of retired Lone Star players in times of emergency.

Mr. Cummings made the statement on Monday, July 6, when paid a visit to the residence of ailing former Invincible Eleven player and coach, Jorka Weaka.

He was also escorted by some former national team players, including retired Lone Star players Darlington Singbeh and Boye Charles, along with Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods, on Monday to pay a visit to the residence of ailing former Invincible Eleven player and Coach Jorka Weaka.

His visit followed after local media reported that the former coach is calling for assistance to treat a strange foot illness. Coach Weaka played for the national team of Liberia and traditional club Invincible Eleven in the 1980s.

“I’m sharing my visit with you all because it is essential to emphasize the need to take care of our own, local retired football stars that brought smiles on our faces, most notably during our challenging years. Today, many of them are abandoned and neglected in their illness, even with a former footballer as President. One would think this would have been an era of investing in the sport and other sports while we acknowledge the contributions of those who lit our pitch,” Cummings wrote on his official social media handle.

Mr. Cummings added that CPP has decided to assist in the process and will undertake a fund drive to aid retired professionals of all sports in times of emergency.

He said, “Sports have always been a unifier, and while we will support current participants, we must also look back at those on whose shoulders they stand. I remember the good ole days of IE and Barolle rivalry vividly, but also of how it brought us together as a people. Our young people now may not understand, but those who lived in that era know what our Yellow Boys did. We can make sports even better, but first, we must take care of our own.”


  1. What did you assist with or you will undertake a fund drive? CPP has come to assist and what is the assistance given because we need to know for the records.

  2. For a man (Alex Cummings) who would LIE to voters that he would create 100,000 jobs in 90 days, but then ended up been taken to court by poll watchers for him refusing to pay the poll watchers he hired, what else can be expected of him? nothing but PRANKS, PRETENSES, CROCODILE CONCERNS, AND MORE LIES.

  3. About 170 poll watchers of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC ) have taken the party to the Ganta Magisterial Court for failing to pay stipends the party’s county leadership promised them for last Tuesday’s polls.

    The poll watchers, many of them students, told the Daily Observer that their stipend of US$75 each was yet to be released since voting ended on election day, October 10.

    “We need our money the ANC Nimba chapter promised to us so we can return to our respective campuses,” said Otis Yoryor, one of the aggrieved students.

    “They told us that at the close of the polls, we were to get our pay without the least delay, but as of today (last Thursday) we haven’t seen any sign of getting our money.”

    Nearly all of those requesting their stipend from the ANC were assigned at the various polling places in Ganta and its environs.

    “We worked for the entire day without food and transportation, but our money is yet to come,” said Dorcah T. Siaway, a mother of five.

    “We have made frantic efforts through phone calls, but neither of the county officials cared to answer to the calls,” said Abraham Cooper.

    When contacted via mobile phone, ANC Nimba County chairman Watson Yeanor admitted to the poll watchers’ claims, but said the amount was US$7 each, not US$75 as they were claiming.

    According to Yeanor, “under the Labor Law, no unskilled person can make US$75 per day, so the poll watchers were making a false and unjust accusation that the party owed them such an amount of money.”

    He said that the party did not specify a definite date and time to pay the poll watchers, as they were claiming, adding, “my office is making some efforts to pay them once and for all.”

  4. Mr. Smith,

    Stop your cheap propaganda!
    You need to be informed properly before writing craps. You could be prosecuted for this calumny.
    If you think what you have said is true, write an article to the Daily Observer with your signature and address and see if you would go free.

    We know it pains you guys that you are faced with the reality. You supported a soccer star to rule Liberia and he cannot even cater to other soccer stars or improve the game to national and international fame. Can you believe that Cummings should be spearheading fundraising for a former footballer? Disgraceful for our football president, isn’t it?

    You better watch out what you write and who you write nonsense about!

    • Mr Dolores, this article was written by Daily Observer..I posted it to show that Mr Cummings didn’t refuse to pay poll workers…this was an issue between the local ANC and the poll workers..the fact is that the paid issue was resolved eventually..btw, I am of the strong opinion that Mr Cummings will be a very good president for Liberia after the current Clown is voted out of office this coming elections.

    • Peter (aka Petarus) Dolo,

      To hell with you and Alexander Cummings. All the shit you have said about the President of Liberia and others, Your own prosecution awaits you, stupid fool.

      ANC owed the polls workers, come and prosecute me. You darn well know I’m not in hiding like you.

  5. It’s okay to advance Liberia’s economic and political agenda! It’s marvelous to create jobs. It’s horrendous to make promises without being able to keep them. It is also horrific to refuse to pay a group of young men and women after a specific assigned task has been completed. Let’s put it bluntly this way….If the ANC had promised to pay $7.00 instead $75.00, it is mandatory for the poll watchers to be immediately.

    Legal wrangling and confusion:
    The poll watchers claim that they were promised to be paid $75. On the other hand, Mr. Yeanor, a too ANC representative states that the amount of $7 was actually promised. The confusion starts! Who’s telling the truth? The main question is ….where is Alexander Cummings or his surrogates?

    The top ANC guy, Mr. Yeanor is being offensive and defensive. Yeanor defends the ANC by saying according to the Liberian labor laws, an unskilled worker cannot be paid $75.00. That assertion is totally bogus. On the basis of a contract, it is not criminal to pay $75 or more to anyone who is unskilled. Offensively, Yeanor displays buffoonery! Example, instead of contacting the poll watchers initially about when they could be paid, Yeanor cranked up in his office big time until the poor poll watchers approached him. This poor behavior is a reflection on ANC.

  6. Honorable Cummings, do NOT forget ’bout our most celebrated icon, and the highest scorer EVER in Liberia: James Salinsa Debah.


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