Cummings, Margibi Women Exchange Loyalty Pledge


The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings and the people of Unification Town in Margibi County have exchanged their commitment to meet each other’s expectations during and after the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Mr. Cummings and the Margibi residents held the interactive session recently in Unification Town, where he was invited by the United Women for Progress to get acquainted with him.

The women said they are embarking on the construction of a women’s center where they will assemble to discuss issues relating to the growth of their community and the county at large.

“We want you to help the women with zinc, crushed rocks, cement, and sand to enable us to build our center in District #2. We assure you and the ANC that Margibi County is yours come 2017 elections,” Younger Zubah, a spokesperson for the women pledged.

Demonstrating the group’s commitment, Ms. Zubah presented a flower to Mr. Cummings as a sign of their willingness to stand by the ANC and Cummings during the ensuing elections.

“We want to applaud you for the intervention made during the flood incident that left hundreds of people here homeless. We think that it is important to appreciate people or someone who works or identifies with you when you are in need,” she added.

In response, Mr. Cummings said he and the ANC will remain committed to the people of Liberia particularly in areas of development.
He assured the women of meeting their needs as requested, noting that Margibi deserves more development considering that the Roberts International Airport, which serves as one of the gateways to Liberia’s economy, is located in that county.

Mr. Cummings told the women that Margibi deserves better schools, health centers, roads and other economic opportunities that will transform the lives of the residents, which he said his leadership would address if elected.

“I am grateful for the warm reception received from you. The ANC stands ready to provide quality leadership for you. You need to also make a better decision by voting for the best and committed leaders, and the development you will get (is) the development you need,” he added.

Also speaking, Representative aspirant of Margibi District #2 John D. Davis said Mr. Cummings’ visit signals opportunities for the people of the district, assuring that he is ready to campaign to ensure victory for the ANC.


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