Cummings, Kolubah Attacked in Zwedru

Joint security create human barricade against angry mob outside the guest house in Zwedru, where Rep. Kolubah and Mr. Cummings were staying

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress, Alexander Cummings, and Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, had no idea what was in store for them as they began a week-long tour in the Southeastern region of the country last week.

After being warmly welcome in Maryland and River Gee Counties, where the tour started, the two statesmen were greeted to a hostile reception early Thursday morning in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, by a band of thuggish individuals who violently confronted the ANC delegation.

According to eyewitness accounts, a motley assembly of mostly young men in Zwedru, from as early as 5 a.m. began laying siege to the B-2 Guest House, where the Montserrado Lawmaker had spent the night, demanding that he and his political leader leave the county immediately.

According to some members of the group, their action was in response to what they claimed is Representative Yekeh’s persistent wave of verbal attacks against President George Weah. Further, eyewitnesses said, mob action gradually escalated from the chanting of anti-Yekeh slogans to frenzied stone-throwing action by the mob.

The official car of Representative Kolubah bearing plate Rep. 36 was damaged in the process by the stone-throwing mob. At one point according to sources, the violent mob appeared to have overwhelmed the few officers of the Liberia National Police that were posted at the scene to ensure calm and order.

In response, the Police began firing tear gas and discharging gunshots into the air to ward off the besieging mob but their effort proved insufficient to deter the rioters from besieging the hotel in which Representative Kolubah had spent the night.

Sources in Zwedru say, it took the intervention of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia AFL to rescue Representative Kolubah and ANC delegates including its political leader Alexander Cummings.

Representative Yekeh Kolubah has meanwhile accused key members of the Coalition for Democratic Change, especially Superintendent Kai Farley and Representative, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, of masterminding what he termed “Partisans’ outburst” against his presence in the county.

Yekeh Kolubah emerges from besieged guesthouse in Zwedru with his usual obstinate demeanor

However, Representative Pennue at a press conference yesterday denied the allegation by Representative Kolubah and said the opposition is finding it difficult to get prominence in the county because he is a political weight that they cannot contend with.

For his part, the District #10 Representative Kolubah noted that it is as a result of his strong opposition to the current government’s misrule and an act of rampant corruption that has caused them to radicalize local partisans against him.

He, however, maintained that he was not perturbed by the radical postures of a few party zealots of the CDC but will fulfill what he had gone for in Grand Gedeh County.

Commenting on the situation, ANC political leader and Chairman of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings said the opposition community will not tolerate such acts of violence against its members anymore. “We will not tolerate this kind of behavior in our country, it is completely unacceptable. That we cannot come to a county, spend a night, have meetings, and move on. “

He noted that this was orchestrated – and every Liberian needs to know that the CPP, “We are going to stand resolute; we are going to stand firm in this December election. We are going to put up the best candidates and we are going to support those candidates so we can change the direction of the country. We will not tolerate this sort of behavior and any attempts to revert the votes of the Liberian people, we will fight”.

One of those accused of engineering the mob action against the Montserrado County Lawmaker is Grand Gedeh County three-times lawmaker Zoe Emmanuel Pennue who has recently joined the CDC. He has since denied the allegations

Meanwhile, The Council of Patriots (CoP) on Thursday issued a statement condemning what it termed as acts of violence in Zwedru. The CoP in its press release said, “The Council of Patriots strongly condemns today’s acts of violence by thugs, acting under the sponsorship of state officials against members of the CPP in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County”.

The CoP calls on the Government to muster the courage to show leadership by condemning such actions and launching a full-scale investigation into the gravely disturbing matter.
“The CoP believes that this is a calculated attempt ahead of the Special Senatorial Elections to intimidate the opposition through violent tactics. This will NOT work!” said the pressure group.

The CoP made it categorically clear that any future acts of violence will be strongly resisted and that they shall defend ourselves by all means necessary.

In a related development, the Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus has also described as embarrassing and unfortunate mob action by citizens of the County against the Montserrado County District 10 Lawmaker.

At a press conference held in Monrovia on Thursday, some members of the County Legislative Caucus including Representative Alex Grant, Senator Alphonso Gaye, and Representative Zoe Pennue at a condemned their kinsmen’s action, noting that it was shameful and counterproductive to the country’s peacebuilding process.

Meanwhile, the unruly mob action in Zwedru which turned violent has been widely condemned on social media and it has since become a hot issue of public concern particularly in view of the upcoming December elections as well as the 2023 general and Presidential elections.

As things currently stand, no arrests have been reported so far of any of the perpetrators involved in the violence, although Police sources say the matter is under investigation. The Daily Observer recalls that not a single perpetrator of the violence that occurred n Logan Town during the District 15 elections. Whether this investigation is going to take the same trend remains to be seen.


  1. You ain’t seen nothing yet! The attack on Rep. Kolubah and Cummings by CDC goons should serve as a sneak preview of things to come on or before Mid-term senatorial elections (December 8, 2020). With the election around the corner, CDC goons are letting the Liberian people know that they intend to win the elections BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

    But those of us who are hoping for a free and fair election, hope that the Justice Minister, the state security and the President, who have a CONSTITUTIONAL duty to protect innocent citizens and their property do NOT respond squeamishly (act like chickens) to these attacks on the opposition.

    This is no time for Mr. Weah to coddle or appease the hoodlums in his party (CDC). The perpetrators, in Zwedru, must be brought to justice.swiftly!…And it better be SWIFT too, Mr. President…Why?

    Because the cost of letting these hoodlums stay on the streets on or BEFORE our elections could mean ANARCHY!

    • President George Weah, the Idiot-In-Chief (IIC) and his goons including Rep Pennue are on a quest to derail the election process this year and ensure that the CDC continues their devastation of the Liberian economy. If the Liberian people allow this to happen then we will continue to be the poorest nation. How can the IIC and his goons think that there is no resiliency in the Liberian people? If the Liberian people allow such transgressions then they deserve the dire consequences of a failed state. WATCH OUT MARTIN SCOTT. I guarantee that the IIC will not respond to these unprovoked and violent attacks. How can the commander in chief, oops ,sorry, the idiot-in-chief (IIC) display leadership from a Hennessy bottle and Mandingo outfits?

  2. The act by the people of Grand Gedeh against the CPP delegation is worrisome, unfortunate and undemocratic. It depicts a dangerous picture of our Nation, and raises serious concerns about the fate of the Midterm Election and the fragile peace we enjoy currently. We join well-meaning Librarians to condemn such act in the strongest term. Let all of us think about the bigger picture of our Nation and avoid being used by politicians to achieve their selfish goals. God bless Mama Liberia.

  3. Masks must be worn. I don’t see too many people with masks. As he and his people spread their gospel, Alexander Cummings has the responsibility to urge Liberians everywhere in Liberia to wear their masks. I will talk about violence another day.

  4. People of Liberia, do not be carried away by reports of paid pens on the outdated styled propoganda of the old major in the print media. view the other side by viewing the realities from social media pot casts on FaceBook LPR. You will see and hear Yekeh cursing, threathening to slaughter lichicken and cursing the people ma and jumping like monkey in his ratag tag rebel uniform as a rep turned body guide for Cumming.

    • before you criticize Yekeh just remember that your lord and master Prince Johnson is on video tape torturing President Samuel K. Doe. Prince is a rebel in a suit. We have youtube video showing torture by your man Prince Johnson. show me Yekeh killing another human being while drinking budweiser. Go look on Youtube you idiot

  5. Hon Rep Yekeh Kolubah, who has oversight authority of holding government accountable yet often chooses street protests and heckling antics as “pressure on President Weah to resign or run”, is considered a public nuisance by many. However, his free speech rights and freedom of movements are inviolable and must be respected. Therefore, the reported acts of hooliganism by some in Grand Gedeh should be widely and loudly condemned in order for it to never be repeated anywhere – anymore.

    This blunder of allowing escalation of a routine policing task to a dangerous crisis is clearly an intelligence failure. After all, Grand Gedeh shares boundary with Ivory Coast in which an international incident of alleged cross-border attacks resulted in the deaths of few French UNMIL soldiers. A case rightly or wrongly that makes the county – like all other counties – a threat environment; more so, during a pandemic.

    Undoubtedly, if those charged with providing actionable intelligence information for policymakers knew what they were doing, the county’s authorities would’ve been timely informed to prepare and provide adequate protection for an expected ANC delegation. Let this be a cautionary tale that prevention trumps cure, thus the political leadership must upgrade intelligence gathering capabilities. One last thing, government should wean herself off the risky habit of hosting soldiers for policing actions; remember our history, riotous crowds and machine guns are a combustible mix!

    • The state/Government owes citizens , aliens, and the population in toto merely due diligence and never absolute security! For absolute security is divine omnipotence and divine omnipresence; something no state and government can provide!

      Hence, as Democritus propounds: “Every even or every action in the universe is certainly determined by preceding events and actions, on account of the fact that both the animate and inanimate behave according to the impacts of atoms upon each other, much as one billiard ball striking another causes each to alter its course”; so too the hooligan conduct of especially a public official, is bound to gravitate similar misconduct to him or herself! THIS IS KNOWN AS THE ATOMIC THEORY OR PUT SOPHISTICATEDLY, THE THEORY OF DETERMINISM!

      Accordingly, one who presents himself as a hooligan, and usually obstructs law and order, and “chooses street protests and heckling antics”; and is also KNOWN TO THE POLICE AND THE POPULATION AS A NOTORIOUS PUBLIC NUISANCE ; no matter the due diligence provided by government, in his or her interest, his or her free speech rights and freedom of movements are generally not seen by many, as “inviolable”!!!

      Hence, such rights and freedoms are rarely respected by others even within his or her own party or group! For Government only owes due diligence to citizens and aliens or the given population in toto; AND NEVER ABSOLUTE SECURITY WHICH EQUALS DIVINE OMNIPRESENCE AND DIVINE OMNIPOTENCE!

      • So an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth will do. Or strike first and ask questions later, any one will do. Thats according to the political messenger of propaganda at the propaganda Ministry of Information of the Republic of Liberia, Mr. True or False Nationalist. Well, continue with the your CDC supported violence. And give the CPP the upper hand as a peaceful political party with moral principles. Then the perceived one that came in all his political glory as prince of peace, but actually to plunder the wealth of a nation under economic hardship and political uncertainty. The prince of peace George who had lost his title as a peace maker, can take a page from the play book of the so-called CoP of the Henry guy, and see how citizens have distanced themselves politically from his violence approach against them. Continued with the violence attack as an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, the citizens know better when to cast their votes, and who is the actual peaceful party, led by a peaceful candidate. Mark, his words and deals, when he refused to take part in the contested election of 2017 to the Supreme Court or had a cold feet towards the whole idea, or to recount the ballots or for a re-elections. Mark his deals condemning all sorts of political violence immediately in the country against peaceful citizens wanting to be heard through their votes. Mark his words and deals against the forceful removal of George as a constitutionally elected President from office through forceful protest by the CoP and others. So continued with the violence CDC and hand over that upper hand, as the wary citizens that are afraid of instability in their country have eyes to see , and they know who are the people responsible. Now those with ears to ears and eyes to read , let him read what is written by the propagandist of the CDC regime, Mr. True or False Nationalist at the Ministry of Information . He says he is for an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth in any political operatives violence. Strike first and ask questions later, he says, he is for that.

        • Of course, your reading comprehension problem is chronic. Now listen-up! IT IS:

          (1) NEVER EVER “an eye for an eye” that;

          (2) one who presents himself as a hooligan, and usually obstructs law and order; and is also KNOWN TO THE POLICE AND THE POPULATION AS A NOTORIOUS PUBLIC NUISANCE; IS:




  6. We need to open some people brain and put sense into it to remember the road we’ve traveled.
    Drink all your alcohol, but the day a pin scratches Cummings, Weah will answer questions.

    No more war in Liberia!

  7. “Drink all your alcohol, but the day a pin scratches Cummings, Weah will answer questions”. Your statement sounds like a threat. Stay away from threats, Mr. Petarus Dolo. It is unhelpful for violence to be quenched with violence. Be neoteric! Be equanimous, but also persuasive with generational ideas!

    Why would Weah answer questions if Cummings is scratched? Are you 100% certain that Weah ordered the attack against the Cummings’ entourage? I am doing this not as a blind defender of Weah. Let’s switch positions for a moment. If Cumnings were the president, I would have defended him if his opponents’ campaign rally was attacked.

    Defend your demigod any way you wish. I have no problems with that at all. Stay clear of violence. Let’s revolutionize Liberia with positive ideas. War is unhelpful!

    Hang in there young guy.

  8. I want to believe that Mr. Alexander B. Cummings is yet comfortable with a security detail from the GOL.because of politics.

    With Mr. Cummings position now as head of the opposition bloc in Liberia, It will be in his best interest to have full GOL security detail teaming up with his personal bodyguards for safety up to 2023. They need to co-ordinate with counties leadership/authority and security agencies informing them of planned visits for adequate protection.

    Any physical attack or hostage situation on Mr. Cummings and his delegation visiting any part of Liberia is Wrong.

    Attributing everything and anything that happens in Liberia without proof to President Weah is just Stupid.

    • It is the same as attributing everything on Charles Taylor as the only person, and had to go into exile by leaving the country. It is the same as attributing everything in the Gambia on its former President and was pushed from power by the West African diplomatic mediators. The American held the assassinated Iranian general for his planning and his role in attacking American troops stationed in Iraq. That same as Mr. Cummings will be held responsible for his Association with any act of violence by CoP as his supporters. Throughout history the leaders are held accountable for any actions, directly or indirectly. And that too is not a stupid idea. But real idea. Let the political violence continues, whether by Cummings’ supporters or George supporters, as a leader who cannot maintained the peace, George too will be asked into exile. That too is not a stupid idea. So this eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, or strike first and ask questions later by the True or False Nationalist is a stupid idea also. It does not defined where do we go from here. It doesn’t.

      • James Davis, you are a fool who stupidly gallops into matters to which you are an ignoramus. Just how you displayed your stupidity o the arrest of the drivers of this public nuisance Yekeh Kolubah, so again you are proving here that you are stupidity personified by ranting that “It is the same as attributing everything on Charles Taylor, Yaya Jameh, an Iranian General, etc. etc.

        Mr. Fool, you know absolutely nothing about the Law of Command and or Superior Responsibility.

        Charles Taylor is in jail for his own individual criminal responsibility and not directly nor indirectly for what his rebels did in Liberia.

        In fact, Charles Taylor is not in jail for anything nor any crime he may have committed in Liberia. Know this heneforth, Mr. Fool!

        Yaya Jameh lost an election and decided to remain in power, but the reality of the Million Man Ecowas´ military power made him to leave fast.

        In stead of galloping into matters you have no idea about, you better go back to study your tenses you usually “slaughter” as illustrated hereunder:

        “Let the political violence continues,” CONTINUES???
        “as a leader who cannot maintained.” MAINTAINED???
        “It does not defined where do we go from here.” IT DOES NOT DEFINED”. DEFINED???

        No wonder you have a very low reading comprehension ability. And no wonder paragraphing your composition is a hill battle for your extremely stupid self. You must be suffering from some kind of adult-autism. SERIOUSLY! YOU NEED BOTH ACADEMIC AND MEDICAL HELP!!!

  9. Right on the ball, Brother Aaron Nelson. Attributing every negative thing to Weah is very, very wrong! Some Liberians are so obsessed with Weah, they give the impression that the poor guy is a demon from hell. And yet, some of these God-fearing people will react negatively if their favorite politician or personal friend is criticized. In the old days, it used to be said like this…”if you can’t stand the heat, butt out of the kitchen”. But as hot as it may be, some people will smoke themselves up, whine and cringe. Politics is not like that. In politics, people have got to be “elephant skin” and not like a “millipede” that has no skin. And what’s about the Biblical verse that says, “love thy neighbor as you love yourself”. Does it mean anything?

    In recent weeks, the only thing I haven’t heard is this…..”Weah brought Covid-19 to Liberia”.Or perhaps Weah poisons his nemesis with Covid-19.

    Much to Weah’s enemies’ chagrin, I spotted something today about Liberia. I apologize I do not have the full details or I’d otherwise showcase a direct quote. What I read briefly is that there’s a growth potential for Liberia. Now what is so believable about this eye-opening piece that I read, is that the report was not written by Weah or his acolytes, but rather by an International Observatory group.

    Where do we go from here?

  10. Snr. Brother Hney

    Greetings to you .

    Hahahaha, I won’t be surprised if President Weah is accused of bringing covid 19 or 20 to Liberia. Lol. Lol

  11. Mr. Hney and Mr. Nelson, “these people” conduct in the public space is generally not only the disposition of the opposition/the losers of elections. It is the political mentality of the opposition/the losers of elections across the globe. JUST LAUGH AT THEM AND THEIR CROCODILE TEARS OR DISPLAYING THEIR CHRONIC NARCISSISM!

    The only essential difference in the case of these opposition/the losers of elections in Liberia is that their display of selfishness to the expense and cost of the country and the rest of the citizenry smells in the heavens and contaminates any polity or society on earth; to the extent that even foreigners have to tutor them into good political behavior.

    In short, what you see on the part of these losers of elections in Liberia is that theirs has become chronic narcissism – a groupś or a personality characteristic which causes people to see the world or their society, or political environment IN TERMS OF THEIR OWN SELFISH DESIRES AND ENDS rather than that of objective reality, the nation or even such values, structures, levels, approaches, and systems, as democracy, majority rule, justice, constitutionalism, good politics, etc. etc.

    In short, the behavior of these losers is what is conceptualized in political psychology as THE DRUNKARDŚ MENTALITY OR THE DRUNKARDŚ SEARCH. It is an informational mindset or shortcut named after the drunkard who loses his keys in the street and looks for them under the lamppost because the light is better there – not because there is where he lost the keys.

  12. What happened in Zwedru is the first major attempt at once again balkanizing this country into political and ethnic enclaves as was seen in the late 1980’s and up until the early 2000’s. It is a troubling foretaste of events to come.

  13. Context matters! Context is king! If Alex Cummings were a seasoned politician, he would not have taken a notorious thug as Yekeh Kolubah with him; in effect reminding the people of rebel war lords and the war years!

    You people should drop that NAIVETY that because a notorious hooligan, through the accident of history, has become a public official, an educated and informed population will practically regard such an individual as a legislator and not regard such an individual as a menace!

    Accordingly, “what happened in Zwedru” is ABSOLUTELY NO ATTEMPT “at once again balkanizing this country into political and ethnic enclaves as was seen” ANYTIME IN HISTORY!

    For there is absolutely no evidence or proof at which public officials whether incumbent or opposition, went to any county and were seen as a menace as is the case with that hooligan and public nuisance Yekeh Kolubah.

  14. Why everyone is not seeing the security threats of Yeke?
    Yeke only involvement is to create the scenario for instability and Cummings is playing by that foolishly believing everyone is stupid.
    Why the outcry about few citizens exercising their rights to free expression in Grand Gedeh and not about hoodlum of Yeke?
    Yeke will continue to meet the people resistance to his unruly behavior!
    That’s the people right and foolish Cummings must brave for more protest.
    This is the same foolishness the Monrovia politicians exploited against late president Doe using unscrupulous tribal elements of Gios and Manos.
    Nobody could see the side of the rebels.

    If Cummings is threatening, nobody will sit supinely while he and Yeke, Jewel Taylor, Joe Boykai. Lemah Gbowe, Dillion, Kofi Woods, Commonty Wisseh, and other old politicians plot to bring Liberia down!
    That will never happen! Yeke Kulabah must prepared to become the first casualty!
    The Kru people will not sit down for anybody to make another Samuel Doe our of Weah! That’s the biggest joke!
    This time around, other tribes will join the Kru people!

  15. Clarifying View: A Case to Augment Capacity.

    When controversial international figures that aroused dislike such as Yassir Arafat, Ariel Sharon, and Fidel Castro were attending UN meetings in New York City, the NYPD, FBI, and CIA increased information-gathering capabilities and provided extra protective details for them. These guys needed additional security measures due to their own irascible statements, behaviors, and actions which offended a lot of people.

    The same assumptions should’ve applied for Hon Kolubah. His declared mission is not only to pressure GMW until he “resigns” or “runs away”, but also at one time was instructing the public how to “ambush the presidential motorcade” and kill him. In other words, it is an unimaginative Security Sector that wouldn’t anticipate a potential hostile reaction by some to the controversial Margibi County Rep. in a County attacked by NPFL for no strategic military reason except to satisfy indiscriminate revenge of its dominant fighters.

    Granted that Yekeh Kolubah has rights, his manipulators are contributing to unstableness. A stance calculated to undermine investors confidence, worsen hardships, and drive discontent. I once read a 1976 Atlantic article by Dr Ungar which claims development was delayed in the past for our oligarchy to hold on to privileges. The question is, why do some elites prefer the masses to suffer in these power games; would they have been obsessed with confusion were they in power, or was Liberia their only home? Be what it may, let’s improve our intelligence gathering capabilities, because stability is indispensable to economic health.

    • Look who is talking about “rights” Mr. NSA director under Samuel K. Doe in which thousands were massacred in that Grand Gedeh County. Mr. Sylvester “Baghdad” Moses, you cannot talk about rights violations when you were a murderer and that you violated all generally accepted procedures according to the UN in killing fellow Liberians. My father would have killed you because he saw your arrogance during that time. May you die and go to Hell

  16. James Davis,
    You are throwing stones. Second, you are dreaming. Weah is not going anywhere soon. Okay young man? Remember this, when you live in a house that is constructed with glass, you’re not supposed to throw stones.


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