Cummings Storms Montserrado with District Candidates Koffa, Henries

ANC's Cummings
Fresh off a western tour of Grand Cape Mount, Gbarpolu, and Bomi counties, Alexander B. Cummings, standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), kicked off a district tour in Monrovia this week, an ANC release said. According to the release, Cummings’ latest walk through the district alongside the party’s District #8 representative candidate, Jonathan ‘Takun J’ Koffa, yesterday afternoon.
“Side by side with partisans and supporters, Cummings walked an astounding three hours under the Monrovia heat, shaking hands and engaging district #8 residents,” the release said.
He also walked 10 miles in 100-degree weather, alongside ANC’s District #9 candidate, Fubbi Henries, the release said.
Upon arrival, Mr. Koffa praised Mr. Cummings’s ability to inspire young people, stating,
“Mr. Cummings is the Moses the young people of Liberia have been waiting for. They know that he can deliver real results and change their lives. He is the only candidate able to develop our country and bring a brighter future for all.”
Beginning on Camp Johnson road, Mr. Cummings was surrounded by thousands of supporters, who all have dedicated their support to the former Coca-Cola executive. Members of the auxiliary group, Cummings’ First Time Voters, said: “We have chosen Mr. Cummings as our leader, because of his clean hands and his ability to speak on the real issues facing Liberians. We believe in his platform to fix our education system and provide jobs to empower young Liberians.”
Mr. Cummings has been a longtime supporter of youth and education in Liberia, he has paid WAEC fees for over 2,322 students in 21 schools, donated L$1 million to the University of Liberia Students Union Scholarship Drive, provided US$177,650 in financial aid for scholarships for African Methodist Episcopal University students, and led the construction of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) academic institution in Paynesville, the first of its kind in the country.
While in the district, Mr. Cummings also visited Johnson Street and City Town Market, where he engaged several business people, including Ms. Evelyn, a shop owner, who had been in business since 1995, but was increasingly having issues due to Liberia’s hefty tax and regulations, to which Mr. Cummings replied, “My administration will simplify our tax laws and lessen taxes on Liberian business owners and businesses, to make it easier for you to make money and grow your business.” He promised to also empower Liberians with loans and credit to help get them on their feet, nothing that this is just one of the many ways we will support Liberians, grow revenue, and ensure that Liberians are not spectators in their own economy.
Mr. Cummings visited Takun J’s home and met old man Flomo, who upon meeting Mr. Cummings, grew excited and expressed his support for him. “We are behind you, Mr. Cummings. You are the only one telling us how he intends to change the country. Mr. Cummings, we love you, for so we name you ‘Talk and Do’,” the old-man said.
“Cummings will continue visiting as many communities, districts and villages as humanly possible to spread his message of change to Liberians,” the release concluded.



  1. Don’t forget to visit the people of Gardnerville Patience Shop, Maryland Center, and the entire District #11 area, Hon. Cummings.

  2. I have said and written time and again that in past, Liberians have had no alternative
    but to vote for the same old people who know nothing about developing a country
    and live a polite lives. The year 2017 poses a serious challenge to all Liberian voters
    in that the alternative, not just the party ANC but the real person to vote for Alexander
    Cummings. Do you want to elect a clean and fine man in character? Then vote for

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