Cummings: “I Will Be Part of June 7 Protest”

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Politicsl Leader, Alternative National Congress

Alexander B. Cummings, political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), says he will join the June 7 “Save the State” protest to remind the government about its constitutional duty.

Mr. Cummings said his decision to be part of the protest is to make President George Weah realize that the country’s governance system has reached a crisis level, while the economy is declining exponentially.

Speaking to journalists at the party’s headquarters in Sinkor, Monrovia, Mr. Cummings re-emphasized that the protest remains peaceful and within the confines of the Liberian Constitution.

The ANC political leader said his party’s decision to fully participate in the protest was reached after the ANC recognized the immense hardship being faced by the Liberian people, with the exchange rate having risen to L$197 to US$1, from L$127 to US$1 when President Weah took office in January 2018.

“As we approach the much-expected June 7 Protest,” Cummings said, “the ANC would like to admonish its partisans, partisans of the other collaborating opposition parties and all citizens, who wish to exercise their constitutional right, to remain peaceful and act within the confines of the Constitution.

“ANC wishes to reiterate its support for the rights of citizens to protest and petition their government to address their needs, especially during these hard times,” he said.

According to Mr. Cummings, the prices of food and basic services have seen a drastic increase, affecting the livelihood of the common people.

He said the poor have continued to get poorer under the Pro-Poor Agenda headed by Weah.

“The level of incompetence and broad daylight thievery accompanied by deliberate impunity is nothing like we have seen before,” Cummings said. “In less than two years, this President and his officials, while refusing to publish or declare their assets, have allegedly continued to amass unexplained wealth, build mansions, gain valuable real properties, fly first class and private jets, all at the detriment of the suffering masses.”

He said salaries people work for are no longer regularly paid and the value of the minimal salary has decreased.

Cummings highlighted that integrity institutions like the GAC, LACC, PPCC and LEITI, meant to fight graft, have been under-funded and broken down by the clear disregard of their mandates, while the rule of law is threatened by interference in the Judicial System evidenced by the unconstitutional removal of a sitting Justice of our Supreme Court.

“This singular act has threatened the independence of our Judiciary and instilled fear in other justices and judges, who no longer feel covered by their judicial immunity as provided for by the constitution. It has further eroded public trust in our Justice The system,” he said.

Mr. Cummings said, “We call on our partisans and all protestors to be vigilant of any provocation from the CDC ruling party and avoid any such provocation and refrain from retaliation.”

“We must maintain our peace, no matter how fragile, and show to the world that even in our hardship and suffering, we shall never forget what it took to get the peace we now enjoy,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aloysius Toe, ANC’s Secretary General, has called on Liberia National Police to order the immediate arrest of Montserrado Country #8 Rep. Moses Acarous Gray for ordering thugs to flogged Bob Cooper, a citizen of Liberia, as it was done to Montserrado District #10 Rep. Yekeh Kolubah.

Mr. Toe said Bob reported on a local radio program that he was ordered flogged late Wednesday night, June 5, by individuals loyal to Rep. Gray.

He said the LNP should be the police for all Liberians, not a partisan force.


  1. This guy, who according to this very Daily Observer refused to pay our people who worked for him as pollwatchers, has no shame. You mean after hiring protesters and financing the protest, you come here to pretend that you are just hearing about the protest? You must be going mad to consciously think the Liberian people, ECOWAS, the AU, and the UN, are as blind as you and the few who actually do not know you are A CHEAT

    • Kou Gontee, you always respond like an angry person. Yesterday you glorified and adored the injury of your Liberian brother caused by people who dislike criticism. Today you’re lambasting another fellow Liberian who wants to exercise his right. Wow Kou!!! Let’s faced the current reality in Liberia. The President and his officials did not declare their assets according to the constitution. There was a drama that unfolded about missing $16 billion. Liberian Government sought about billion dollar loans from questionable sources. $25 million used for mopping and strengthening the economy was mired by incompetence and mismanagement. A $1.5 million budget for the office of the First Lady is exorbitant for a country like Liberia. The appointment of the Liberian Ambassador to the USA was done unconstitutionally. The impeachment process of Justice Kabina Janneh was unconstitutional and politicized. The CDC led Government has multiple spokespersons. CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu makes controversial statements without being held accountable. THE CDC WAS ONCE IN THE OPPOSITION AND DISPLAYED ABOMINABLE CHARACTERS such as displaying a “female underwear” attributing it to the then then sitting President . Now Kou, are all these statements true or false???

  2. I believe those who are carrying out these malicious acts have now lost their minds. I’m wishing and hopping that the International Communities(IC), United Nations(UN), US, UK, Canada, are watching these Human Rights abuses which is ongoing in Liberia.

  3. Aaron Cole,
    If Alexander Cummings is trying hard in order to “exercise his rights”, it’s good and dandy. Neither I or Kou or any Liberian should cry bloody muder if a fellow Liberian opts to “exercise his or her rights”.

    At the same time, do you think it is improper for Kou Gontee to express her disapprobation with anyone she feels uncomfortable with? Let’s be realistic! Alexander Cummings is not viewed by Kou as a Saint. Without a shred of doubt, Alexander Cummings is not a perfect being. Never will he be. Irrespective of how Cummings is glorified by a number of Liberians, a good number of Liberians will “exercise their rights” to demonize him. That should be understood.

    You have listed a litany of negatives about Weah in your post. Do you think it would be considered inappropriate if Kou or any Liberian questions your logic for “exercising your rights” in terms of criticizing Weah?

    Kou Gontee has a right to express herself! There should be no reprisals or condemnation from anyone.

    • F. Hney, thank you for your observation. I DID NOT talk about Alex Cummings specifically or suppress Kou’s point of view. We are all Liberians and we need to stop glorifying violence. I am not happy if any Liberian looses his or her life or get injured because of dissatisfaction with the Government’s performance . I’m a survival of the Liberian civil war! We can disagree on issues and it’s ok to hold our Government officials accountable for their actions. We need to start speaking up now to avoid future problems. PS: Not everyone who expresses their grievances is a member of the opposition!

  4. Aaron,
    Your retort is cordial. We will go from there respectfully even if we have to agree to disagree. Fortunately, I wasn’t anywhere near the war zone where atrocities were committed in the name of satan. I lost my oldest sister in the Bong Mines area. In reality, all Liberians were affected.

    True to the core, you didn’t mention Cummings’ name. However, your reference to a “fellow who is trying to exercise his rights” became a signal. I interpreted that reference to be Cummings. Kou specifically referred to Cummings as a (“low life cheat”). Now wait a minute. With all due respect, Miss Gontee didn’t say the words “low life”. That’s my reaction.

    Yes. We Liberians need cooperation, nothing less.


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