Cummings Described as ‘Leader to Move Liberia Forward’

Thousands gather to hear Alexander Cummings at the Harper Sports Stadium

-During visits to Maryland, Grand Kru

Leaders in the southeastern counties of Maryland and Grand Kru say Alexander B. Cummings is their choice for president. Elders, chiefs, women, and youth groups in seven town  hall meetings in Grand Kru County gave Cummings their endorsements after similar meetings in Maryland County following the party’s campaign program held on Saturday, August 6, at the Harper Sports Stadium.

Hundreds of ANC partisans and sympathizers led by standard bearer Cummings, his wife, Teresa, vice standard bearer Jeremiah Sulunteh and his daughters Geraldine and Tracy, marched through the principal streets of the city.

Many described the atmosphere as the “restoration of a political rally of the 1950s and 1960s, with a son of the soil walking around Harper campaigning for his kinsmen to vote him to the highest seat.” Some in the crowd said they joined the parade to express their support for the ANC, because the last time they saw a parade in which a presidential candidate walked for five hours, instead of being driven in the usual convoy, was back in the 1980s.

“We the leaders of this county are grateful to God for this time. When President Tubman died we lost the chance to rule this country, but today God has given us a son, we have received him and are going to vote for him, a paramount chief said, adding, “he is going to be successful in Jesus’ name.” Another said, “We the owners of this land want to tell you, he is our candidate.”

Standard Bearer Cummings and his VSB Sulunteh respond to the crowd in Harper

Sulunteh told the crowds that Liberians must take a political break from the past and vote for change. “This is the new narrative, take a political stamp and vote for change. Vote to leave behind the political excess baggage of nepotism, corruption…let’s rally for that change,” he said, adding that “The real change hails from Maryland.”

Standard Bearer Cummings,  said the journey of changing the country had now begun and reiterated his vow to create jobs, grow the economy focusing on agriculture, electricity, and water. He said his government will also use sports, music, and culture to transform the lives of Liberians.

“Liberia first,” Mr. Cummings said. “We will find the money, find the resources, meet other governments to build our economy and change lives. We will reconstruct our wealth, pay members of the Legislature less and pay teachers, health workers, the police, soldiers and other civil servants better.  “We will be the last to eat, meaning to take pay; the civil servants will take pay before us,” declared Cummings.

“We will go after corrupt people, we will put them in jail and seize their properties. We will ensure that Liberians have a fair share – they will all take their share from the bowl of rice (the economy). As a son of Maryland – the Southeast, we will do it and stop the marginalization. We will build the roads and the schools…so vote for the ANC and all Legislative candidates,” said the ANC leader.

Town Hall Meetings

The bad roads and lack of schools and scholarships for their children were overwhelmingly stressed by elders of Grand Kru County. The administrator of the Grand Kru School System expressed appreciation to Cummings for his financial aid to students from academic 2015 through 2017. “We appreciate your support to the tutorial classes and to the WAEC examinations from which 73 students of both Barclayville Central High and P.G. Wollor High Schools benefited,” he said.

“Mr. Cummings did not only organize tutorial classes for WAEC candidates, but also provided funding to compensate teachers for conducting the tutorials. He also provided refreshment for students,  stationery for schools, and above all reimbursed the WAEC fees of all 73 students.”

Cummings team also visited Gengbetee and Buah towns, Barclayville, Suehn, Gblebo, Duogbo and Banweh towns in Grand Kru where elders and others spoke about the lack of education and bad roads. In his town hall meetings in Mayland County, including Wlowein Town, Besekein, Gblolobo and Pleebo, the people expressed similar concerns about the lack of education and poor road conditions.

The ANC standard bearer thanked the people for their support and urged them to believe in themselves, in their towns and counties and vote for different leaders to change their lives.


  1. This time around, the Liberian people have some good choices for president. This will be a very competitive election and I’m loving it.

  2. Liberians do want CHANGE, but not Cummings’ CHANGE, which is a hidden reversion to corrupt Congo rule. Cummings is a Congo man. The next President of Liberia will be a Native Liberian whose surname will not be another Anglo-Saxon name like Cummings, or Urey, or Brumskine. The time for that is passed.

    The Congo minority ruled Liberia for 150 consecutive years but succeeded only in making Liberia the 4th poorest country in the world.

    Tolbert was a Congo man. When he became President, he promised the Liberian people fundamental reform of the nation’s governing system but refused to abolish the obnoxious Property Clause in the Constitution which debarred Liberians without property from voting. When another Congo man, Charles McArthur Taylor, started his war of genocide against Liberia, he promised “CHANGE,” but after destroying the Presidency of Samuel Kanyon Doe, instead of the “CHANGE” he had promised he brought back into the corridors of power the same corrupt Congoes including the reviled looters Benoni Urey and Charles Brumskine.

    Presidential Candidate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf promised to make Corruption Public Enemy Number One if elected President but installed Corruption in the Hall of Fame after she became President. President Sirleaf is Congua or Congua-related.

    Now comes another Congo wolf disguised as a sheep promising a much disappointed people a pie in the sky. But why should Native Liberians believe another deceitful Congo? Have the Congo people not disappointed Native Liberians long enough already?

    The Cummings Campaign is even lying that he would be the second President from southeastern Liberia if elected. Samuel Kanyon Doe was, but Cummings is refusing to acknowledge the Doe Presidency because Doe was a Native Liberian.

    Strikingly while visiting Gbarpolou County several months ago, Cummings used Native Liberians as beasts of burden to carry him in a hammock just as Native Liberians were forced in the past to carry Congo people. That’s Cummings’ change for you!

    One of the first things Samuel Doe, Liberia’s first indigenous President, did after assuming power in 1980 was the abolition of the use of the hammock and the payment of the burdensome Head/Hut by Native Liberians to the Colonial Congo government. That was CHANGE!

    The Congo people are only 3% of the population of Liberia but have produced 22 of the nation’s 24 presidents, and as a result they control 90% of the total wealth of Liberia. On the other hand, as a consequence of the long domination of Liberia by the Congo minority, Liberia is the 4th poorest country in the world.

    Cummings, Urey, Brumskine, Jones, and Cooper are Congua seeking Native Liberians support in their bid to restore
    Congo rule and making false promises in return.

    But the solution to the problems of Liberia is not to go back to minority Congo rule which has proven to be evil and dehumanizing in its every aspect. Liberia will be developed only with a Native Liberian as president.

    That is why Native Liberians should never waver in their unified support of the Boakai & Nuquay Presidential Campaign. Boakai and Nuquay are qualified, tested, and are our brothers.

    • Doe is not from the Southeast. He’s from grand Gedeh which is Northeastern Liberia. Stop with your divisive argument. What do you say about all the native that have plunder the nation wealth and killed their own people? How about a the bunch of native lawmaker looting the country wealth by overpaying themselves every bloody year? How about the native people at the ministry of education denying other native young people from receiving scholarship they have earned and requesting them to pay $500 or more before they can released their scholarships to them? Maybe you need to talk more about Liberians holding those in authority accountable and stop letting them get away with it regardless of their background and stop this divisive politics. I as a native son of Liberia wholeheartedly endorse Alex Cummings for president. I rather vote for a clean start and a clean hands then a corrupt war mongering bunch in the name of native man.

    • You are a big liar. So much of what you posted to false its sickening. How someone can lie so badly is beyond me, but one day we will all have to answer to a higher power to account for our words and actions. I feel sorry for you.

    • Emmanuel I’m so disappointed in your thoughts. People of this age shouldn’t be thinking is such manner. Just to respond to you lazy thought of Congua and native, presently in the Parliament or houses looking at the percentage of “Natives” serving as representatives as well as senator what are their contributions. They signed bogus concessions agreement, their counties lied in disarray and they only seek their own aggrandizement. You think we’re going to listen to you guys divisive politics, self seeking politic, disgusting politic. We are far ahead of that, we are looking for individuals who has the heart for our country. So keep you divisive politic and teach you kids it. SMH

    • Emmanuel Saingbe is what one can label as an “anti-Diasprite” (like an anti-Semite). Anti-Diasprism is simply hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against people of the African diaspora.

    • Is Grand Gedeh in the Southeast or Northeast? Do you understand the geography of Liberia? Grand Gedeh is in the Northeast.

  3. Cummings ,LIKE BRUMSKINE is just a stooge of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. THIS IS WHY HE Cummings SAYS HE DOES NOT WANT A WAR CRIMES COURT FOR LIBERIA. Boakai and Nuquay are symbols of a corrupt regime. They need to be EXECUTED FOR ENRICHING THEMSELVES WITH STATE FUNDS.

  4. What sort of change is it when it is about protecting a president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf a war crimes criminal????? Cummings is unfit to brings about any change. The ANC is a party clandestinely owned By Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Kwame Clement was contracted By Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to form that party to protect her after she leaves office. Ellen is actually the sponsor for LP, UP, PUP, AND ANC.

  5. Liberians, it is time to chop their money…. This man left Liberia almost 40 years ago he has not paid taxes to anyone, but to America. So, is this the man that will change our country?

    When you come from America with immense skills and knowledge create jobs for your people to make a difference in their lives.. Not rushing to be President when the people don`t know you.
    While an undergraduate student in the U.S, most Chinas graduate students who attended in the U.S, when they returned to China, they carried businesses, knowledge to create jobs for the Chinas people. Today, Chinese are very rich because those who went abroad to school after they returned created jobs, innovations for the society.
    On the other hand,we Liberians as soon we come from America with these degrees all we are fit for is to become President. No contributions whatsoever, to society, but to be President.
    What a shame… No more non-indigenous ruler in Liberia. 140 years enough for that.

  6. Having a President from Southeastern Liberia and a Vice President from Central Liberia
    is indeed a good team. The Liberian people have a wonderful opportunity this time to
    change their lives and country. That chance is Alexander B. Cummings. Before voting
    for any candidate, be him or her, list all candidates and ask yourself, on whom I will not
    find dent, or recycled politician? Vote for the person who has no dent on him or her
    in term of corruption and influence from the past. Cast your vote for the person who
    has no dent on him or her. That is the role for change! But if you don’t do that, then
    you will vote in your own disappointment, no later than after the vote.

  7. “My people perish from the lack of knowledge”. That is what is wrong with we Liberians. So you guys rather Weah…..the womanizer, Bokai….the sleeper who has been sleeping for 12 years and finally woke up because he wants to be president. Johnson…the killer turned pastor? Thank God for his mercies. Urey ….the theif. Etc. Cummings the best way to go for Liberia!

  8. With all the campaign promises that is sounding like God Himself has send His angers from heaven to Liberia to make Liberia heaven on earth from the different candidates…..we Liberians and as human beings just don’t know who is really the right person……. But even in the midst of such comfuse situation the only place we could turned and seek for best direction and intervention is from God!!Ask God to show you real the person!!!!!


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