Cummings: ‘Council of Patriots Envisions Violence-Free Protest’

ANC’s political leader and former standard bearer, Alexander Benedict Cummings.

The leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings has said that the planned June 7 protests will be peaceful and violence-free.

Cummings added that the organizers of the protest, the Council of Patriots, have envisioned a “peaceful protest,” and that any outbreak of violence will more likely than not come from supporters of the Coalition of Democratic Congress or “enemies from within.”

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Cummings told the Daily Observer that the support for the protest is growing, which shows the Liberian people are taking ownership of June 7. He underscored the importance of the protest becoming broad-based, which he said will send a clear message that the Liberian people have spoken.

On current problems facing the country, Mr. Cummings singled out corruption, the politics of exclusion and the trickle down development paradigm as parts of the factors, which in his opinion, have had adverse impact on the country’s development.

On corruption, he called for “radical action to put an end to this national malaise,” which former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf once described as a “vampire.”

Cummings traced the root of the problems to exclusionary governance, otherwise referred to as the politics of exclusion.

He stressed that for Liberia to make meaningful progress concerted efforts must be made to increase access of ordinary people to the national pie as well as their participation in governance.

On the third factor which he identified as the “Trickle Down Theory of Development,” Mr. Cummings declared that this development paradigm has not worked for Liberia, adding that as a capitalist, he however believes that the state has an important role to play.

He pointed out that state owned enterprises (SOEs), if managed efficiently, can spur growth citing as prime example, China. He observed that in countries like Japan, Thailand and others, the state plays a key role in development, “and so, I see no reason why Liberia should be an exception.”


  1. Well, check my platform during the 2017 election.
    I believe to have been the only person talking about these areas before and during the election; maybe because I come from that environment. I always talk about developing our resources so we can gain better money to develop.

    BUT Power will have to be given to people with the KnowHows or Skillsets (Engineers, Scientists, Industrial Economists, Medicals, Educators, etc).
    China, Germany, Europe, USA, Thailand, Japan, etc are very advance manufacturing Nations? Do not set them as examples for Liberian. Where is Liberia? In the ABC of nothing?
    Compare Liberia with smaller nations that are very efficient in manufacturing. We have lots of possibilities to export to the USA or to her Partners?
    We must do something; not just wait for donations?

    Corruption is of course stealing. An advance computerized environment can stop such immediately. Again this area also needs people with the degrees, etc. Nothing is simple or free my friends (I have 30+ years hand on western engineering experience and there are constant competitions everyday). Liberians want free things? You are Joking?

    Finally dual Citizenship for Liberian is very needed to move forward quickly. The USA gets the best engineers, doctors, scientists, etc from around the world with such policies.

    God bless.

  2. When Mr. Alexander Cummings and other political leaders – qwho had threatened “mass civic action across Liberia” about two months ago – delegated its execution to a Council of Patriots comprised of the likes of inveterate rabble-rouser Rep. Kolubah, they lost control of any orderly or peaceful outcome despite whatever is envisioned.

    Some observe suggest that assigning such a potentially risky task to a perceived menacing group was motivated by two considerations:1) to intimidate government, and 2) plausible deniability should in case June 7 turned violent.
    If correct it means that Mr. Cummings isn’t even sure what to expect: Just a toss up!

    Perhaps, he should reassure scared communities in Monrovia that they had taken all steps for a peaceful outcome. That could be Quixotic, but the ANC leader ought to know that should June 7 go south, he might have more to lose than ambition for the presidency. Condemning to fear and insecurity poor people whose “hardships” these political leaders ostensibly want to alleviate is perplexing and dangerous.

  3. Any time a group of Liberian call themselves PATRIOTS, it sent chill down my spine. I was not born during the Baccus Matthew PPP era, nor during the MOJA days. But to my recollection, the two times PATRIOT was mentioned, it sent a grim reality laced with chaos.

    The National Patriotic Force, lead by former army general Quiwonkpa brought tears to the Liberian people. Quiwonkpa was mislead by Liberians exile in the diaspora to come and take Doe from power. It was not a CAKE WALK. With the confidence crisis that existed among the selfish and greedy politicians, they could not agree on a single mandate. The whole thing went upside down and the late Quiwonkpa and his fellow country men paid a heavy price. The masterminds and other so-called intellectuals took to their heels. Leaving Liberia to burn in ashes and blood.

    The second time around, it was the National Patriotic Front of Liberia. We all saw what it became. As Patriotic they claim to be, they could not hold together-the birth of a splinter and breakaway group called the INPFL (Independent National Patriotic Front), emerged to counter the ideology of the head. The Liberian people paid a heavy price. More than 300,000 of our citizens went to their early graves. The destruction of lives and property, and a set back to a stone age way of life.

    We hope this time around, it shouldn’t be business as usual. Our people have found a love affair with the word, PATRIOT, but are not delivering the goods that comes along with it. Therefore; they are nothing but a bunch of FARCE builders that have led us to anarchy.
    To the Council of Patriots: for your fellow Liberian people, you should not be so blind to PATRIOTISM that you cannot face reality with the cost. Please be sincere to the Liberian people, for you actions and decisions, if not proper, will cost lives and destruction again. The only mistake, is the one from which our people learn nothing. The Liberian people have learn a lot from this one word: ‘Patriot’.

    • where there is no vision, the people perish. The President and his staff have no credentials for their assigned positions. The president has no clue on how to be a Just leader for the republic. There is no rule of law / justice. If there is no Justice, there is no prosperous republic. Nothing wrong with “Liberia” the country except the leaderships. President Weah doe not have Liberia at heart, but to enrich himself and his surrounding. It is sad, pathetic, no empathy and cruel to see how the masses are suffering. It is my hope that lesson is learned from electing weah and the next time vote with your heads, not impulse / how popular the candidate; eventhough he or she does not have any vision and plan to lead a country .
      Madam sarleaf: the Black Widow & Mrs.Wicked brought this destruction on Liberia and it’s my hope if there is hell she is one of the candidates of domain (hell)

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