“Choose To Be Different”


— Cummings Urges UMU Graduates

The Political Leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings, has challenged graduates of the United Methodist University that, in spite of the country’s present crisis, they can choose to be different from their leaders.

“You do not have to fail yourself because our leaders are failing us. You, each of you – today, and always, can choose to be different,” Mr. Cummings encouraged the graduates.

Serving as the 17th Commencement Speaker of the United Methodist University Commencement Convocation, Cummings encouraged the graduates to adopt a set of values and principles uncommon that will enable them to stand firm. “These include being honest, including to yourself, and demand nothing less of others with whom you are to interact. Hold yourself in high regard and to a high standard as possible.”

UMU is one of the prominent universities in Liberia that is setting the pace and convincing the public of its readiness to prepare citizens for solid and quality education. 

In his charge to the graduates, parents, guardians, and relatives, Mr. Cummings said, “Respect all persons and by no means must you put yourselves down for anyone in demand of respect for personality.”

Mr. Cummings added that though there will be tough times, they will not last and as such, the graduates should toughen their character so that they do not bend easily and fall for everything. “Embrace new opportunities to learn because it will constantly refresh and improve your value.”

According to him, when the human capacities of nations are weak, that nation is doomed to be poor. “The wealth of a nation is not measured in the heights of buildings but in the capacities of its citizens.”

He added that when poor families sacrifice to send their children to school, after graduation the families have the right to expect that their children have equality in opportunity to better their lives, but however, those whose shoulders the responsibility is assigned to guarantee equality in opportunity have not governed well enough to do so for all of the citizens.

“Too many of our citizens, like you, our graduates, who now hunger for, and have earned the right to the opportunities need to lift yourselves and your parents out of the claws of poverty, but are finding the opportunities unfairly restricted and difficult to come by.”

He said rather than change, Liberians continue to see their nation governed in a way that excludes citizens from the rights and privileges to which all citizens ought to be equally entitled.

“Yesterday, the same people who called and agitated for change — who promised a new dawn of equality of all Liberians — are today, committing the same wrongs, and worsening the already difficult conditions of the country for our people.”

According to him, in spite of our superficial differences in identities, the fact is that if Liberia cannot care for Liberians — if Liberians cannot find at home, in the land of their birth the best chances to succeed in life — no country will care for Liberians more, and no country will provide more for a Liberian success.

He said the government’s failure to live up to its campaign promises has led the country to remain poor, rent-seeking, and continue to beg for handouts, budget support to pay public officials and civil servants.

“We will continue to be ridiculed for celebrating donations of hand-pumps and a few transport buses, all of which a more responsible and less-wasteful government ought to provide for its people; we will continue to look to other countries to feed us and direct the course of our development and national decision-making which effectively undermines our sense of independence,” Cummings added.

Additionally, he said the government’s inability to provide for her citizens has made the young people to escape to “greener pastures” and away from the harsh realities in the incompetent and corrupt management of the nation’s resources at every available opportunity.

Instead of the government building the nation, Mr. Cummings added, they continue to divide, deny and deceive their citizens. “They are hellbent on building what they like to call a “mighty party” but what they really mean is a commitment to generate ill-gotten wealth for themselves and their friends as they render the country poorer and drain the nation of hope.” 

According to him, Liberians do not need any foreign government, or their officials, to tell them that the government is kleptocratic and politically corrupt.  The leaders of our government find a way to prove that they are kleptocratic — that they cannot control their insatiable appetites not to steal from us. And each day, the leaders of our government, either by commission or omission, act to confirm that they are politically corrupt and dangerously inept.


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
    What a magnificent speech by the 17th Commencement Speaker of United Methodist University!

    To the graduates, you’ve been so blessed to be enrichened by a brilliant commencement speech from an accomplished Liberian with proven skills and experience.
    May the seeds he’s sown fall on fertile grounds and bear beautiful fruits, like Nimba! (Nimba = a deciduous tree that bears good fruits).

    Mr. Cummings is a technocrat; therefore, pragmatic in everything he says and does. He’s spoken profoundly from pains he bears to the depths of the hearts of the graduates. My worries:
    Were the graduates attentive to what he said or were they just waiting for the ceremony to be over to go partying?
    Did the graduates understand the points he made?
    Do they know what is expected of them in the Liberian society?

    Mr. Cummings:
    “You do not have to fail yourself because our leaders are failing us. You, each of you – today, and always, can choose to be DIFFERENT,”
    It is difficult to be different in Liberia. But Cummings is different and is living in Liberia, it means anyone can be different and learn to live in Liberia. STOP imitating those who have failed the country.

    “Principles uncommon in our Liberian society that will enable the graduates to stand firm include BEING HONEST, including to yourself, and demand NOTHING LESS of others with whom you are to interact. Hold yourself in HIGH REGARD AND TO A HIGH STANDARD as possible.”
    These are cardinal values of any successful person. Being honest to yourself is recognizing your intrinsic values. If you know you did not understand the course and with the help of a friend you got a B to graduate, you are not being honest to yourself and the society you will serve, for you will surely cover up your shame in the workplace through violence or witchcrafty to eliminate the qualified colleague/s. It is better to review and correct your shortcomings then fight to occupy a position with your incompetency.

    “Respect all persons and by no means must you put yourselves down for anyone in demand of respect for personality.”
    It simply means you must uphold mutual respect; respect everyone and let everyone respects you in return. When you respect someone in your life and such person does NOT return the respect to you because he’s a minister or president or manager or rich woman or man, what’s the hell, DO NOT respect the person too. And if we live in such society where the respect is NOT mutual, such society, like Liberia, is without moral reference and bound to doom.

    “The wealth of a nation is not measured in the heights of buildings but in the capacities of its citizens.”
    To me, this is the most important point to retain from this speech. In Liberia, public schools are left for the underprivileged. In all the West African countries I have visited, the primacy of public schools is unwavering in quality and pecuniary endowments. In those countries, private institutions come in to make up for students who cannot be accommodated either due to mediocre academic results or overpopulation.

    Liberia can NEVER mine its iron ore or gold or diamond or oil to benefit Liberians if such activities are done at 95% with trained foreign human capital. In the same way, Liberia will NEVER make headways with foreign human capital building our roads, planting our light poles, exploiting our seabeds, piloting our planes and machinery, etc if such human capital will repatriate 99.9% of their income to the country to which they pledge allegiance.
    These activities must be undertaken by Liberians at 95%. In so doing, we are empowered financially to build decent homes for ourselves, care for our old aged, benefit from better medical care thereby extending our lifespan, cater to our children in a decent society, etc.

    “Yesterday, the same people who called and agitated for change — who promised a new dawn of equality of all Liberians — are today, committing the same wrongs, and worsening the already difficult conditions of the country for our people.”
    The grade-dropout-doctorate degree president proudly and emphatically promised FIXES to the “broken system”. But most of you refused to accept that he corrupted his way to the throne and so could not bring any change at all. Change comes through HONEST people; how could Liberians expect change from someone who corrupted his way through?

    The same people are today telling us, ‘what did the other people do?”, “it is our time to chop too”. They are even doing worse than what the others did. They were not even afraid of us, the Liberian people, by proposing a scornfully abusive agenda called the PAPD (Pro-pocket Agenda for the Pauperization and Dehumanization of Liberia).
    One man, the president, broke down all his 4 houses and rebuilt them in Year 1 of his reign. When our LRA functionaries went to do their job, he grabbed and killed all 4 of them with total impunity (no justice for the poor in Liberia).
    All their lieutenants have become millionaires with bank accounts in the USA. Their families no longer live in Liberia but in the USA, etc.
    How hypocritical the children of Liberia are to themselves, yet we cry out loud and clear, “oh the Congau people mistreated us, they are mistreating us, etc.”

    “We will continue to be ridiculed for celebrating donations of hand-pumps and a few transport buses, all of which a more responsible and less-wasteful government ought to provide for its people; we will continue to look to other countries to feed us and direct the course of our development and national decision-making which effectively undermines our sense of independence,”
    Our country has oil, iron ore in abundance, the finest grade of gold in the sub region, some of the most beautiful diamonds and precious stones in the world, 40% of the rainforests in the sub region with highly prized timbers, the world’s largest plantations of rubber, extensive palm farms, fertile land for forming cash, food and market gardening crops, yet we are champion in begging for bread around the world. When are we going to sit down, allow the right people to lead us and harness these resources to the benefit of the children of Liberia? When?

    Instead of the government building the nation, they continue to divide, deny and deceive their citizens. They are hellbent on building what they like to call a “mighty party”
    When people with low or no intellectual capacity are given power, they tend to intimidate others to gain respect. They will use brutality to coerce some people. African military and inept civilian dictators always resort to such tactics as the only means to hold unto power. The CDC-led government falls within this category. They hire people at key economic positions who hold their loyalty to them because their clans or tribesmen voted them to power, sad for nation building, Weah!

    May God deliver Liberia from notorious ignorance for a better country for all!

  2. You gotta help the planet and the poor people or we all suffer as result of greed, and what will happen after you die, what will God do to you for being unloving? Luke’s 14 forsake everything, everyone, and yourself for Him
    Luke’s 12, Matthew 6 Sell everything and give all away to poors, but keep your giving in secret
    Luke’s 16 work for Him, never for $€£, then He will give you and your family if they follow too the food and clothes you need
    Matthew’s 28 share the Truth of J to everyone
    John’s 17 work together in love and peace
    Do not take the Mark of the Beast right hand or forehead, to be the only way to buy or sell (not an covid mask nor vaccine, rather could be a quantum implant / tattoo) Revelation 13 + 14
    US fits the description of the Babylon, to be destroyed with fire in one hour Revelation 17 + 18 J loves us all

  3. Ummmmmmmmmmm! HYPOCRACY AT THE HIGHEST ORDER. Campaigning at a Graduation ceremony.
    May God deliver Liberia from HYPOCRITICAL and POWER GREED SO-CALLED opposition blocks that cannot, and have not produce any fruit in the past. The hall marks of their achievement is the underdevelopment of their own home land, evidence by in house wrangling amongst themselves.

    PhDs, master degrees, big English, is not what Liberia needs. We want development, Infrastructures improvement, free public educations, free wifi, good roads, many hospitals. No body eats INTELLECTUALISM in Liberia or any part of the world. Nor do any citizen eats individuals intellectual achievement. We had many intellectuals who have served Liberia in the past, yet Liberia remains one of the oldest and ugliest, under developed nation in Sub-Saharan Africa. What do we think is the cause? SELFISHNESS and GREED.

    We had more intellectuals serving in government form the 50s to the end of the mid 70s. Those days were the good economy days: 5 major Iron ore companies, world largest rubber producing plantation and a population of 2.25 million. More recently (2005 to 2017), 16 billions donors’ dollars in 12 years. In those two previous time, Liberia remained dark, with nothing to show for as evidence by her ranking in world development 136.

    It is not a rocket science to know that most of our ‘educated people’ have done little to improve the standard of their fellow country men. What is happening now in Liberia, if these happening had taken place 18 years ago, Liberia would be better than what it is .

    Even a blind man can see the difference.
    The wave of new Liberia development is moving, get out of the way, ye Old Uncle Toms. Sorry, if I offended you. But Liberia needs to move on to catch up, we been too stuck in the Quick Sand.
    Let some of our so-call opposition leader come and visit Kigali, Rwanda.

    Manepaikeh Flomolon, a 2008 Graduate of Lango Lippaye in Kakata.
    2018 graduate from the University of Rwanda.

    • Mr. Flomolon, how are you out there in Rwanda?

      I understand your frustration, but you seem to be contradicting yourself just because of the love you have for one person and the hatred for anyone who opposes that person.

      You are in a country that should serve as a beautiful example for you. I hope you are attending school in Rwanda to better understand how the country is run.

      Alexander B. Cummings is not one of the hypocrites and greedy politicians Liberian has known. In fact, he does NOT even need any money from Liberia. He is in Liberia to help.
      The Number One hypocrite you should be bashing in Liberia right now is Dr. Dr. Dr. George Manneh Oppong Weah. He put pepper in people like you eyes so much that you are blind to reality. Wake up or get some water and wash your face, brother.

      Weah has NOT been able to start One project of his own. He is simply completing and inaugurating projects started or nearly started by former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Stop hailing him for nothing. Ellen is an intellectual, and so Weah is completing the works of intellectualism.
      Weah’s first project, for which the financing should be available very soon, is the RIA-Monrovia highway (4 lanes).

      If you guys hate intellectualism, why is Weah sticking unto people like Kemayah, Maiden Cooper, etc.? Let him employ you guys to develop with your amateurism and primitiveness. In any case, he is there for 6 years and so whatsoever he does will be remembered for future generation.
      Come to Liberia and seek a ministerial job, brother Flomolon. Come and develop Liberia with your hands, since you are refractory to intellectualism.

      Where do you know under this sun that was developed by an illiterate rulership? Just name one country developed by nincompoops.

      You better go to school and come back to be useful to your country!

  4. Old Liberia, Please give Way to New Liberia.
    The Unpacking of our Old fail Ideas.
    Weah is a Liberian like any one of us. The love you are talking about is a ‘love’ that I have weighted over the last 36 months as compare to those who claimed to be ‘educated’ and who are amongst the elites of Liberia.
    Weah may not have the education some of us have, but for what he is doing in this past 36 months, maybe you can only compare him with the late Richard Tolbert or maybe some other leaders on the continent. He is not paying frequent visit at 2100 Pennsylvanian Avenue, and yet he is concentrating on developing his home land.

    To you Mr. Petarus Dolo, your love for FAIL POLYCY, and conjecture-laden so-call opposition leaders who do not worth the sweat from their body shows to the Liberian people that embracing your choice will sent us back to the EJS era. An Era where 16 billion dollars rained in a country the size of South Carolina, with a population of 2.5 millions. No school, no health care, no hospital, no road; 3/4 percent of all projects were undertaking and funded by donors’ funding.
    Your love for people who spent all their life in America, arriving with suit cases and traveling bags on their back with no plan to move their country forward but business as usual. Those business as usual is what has kept Liberia in the dungeon darkness, to be only compare to a grave yard.

    In 1994 there was a genocide in Rwanda. Please come and pay a visit here or Maputo, Mozambique, Dar es Salaam. Some Liberians continue to look people like you as a role models I say to them, ” you are resting your hope in a wilderness with no sense of developmental direction”.

    Oh Ye Uncle Toms, Please give way to us, let us catch up with some of our brothers on the continent.

    To those Liberians following Mr. Petarus Dolo’s idea along with his fellow oppositions leaders: There’s never enough TIME to do all the NOTHING they want. Please never waste your time on their so-call intellectualism rhetoric. They only want you around when they need you. There is no good way to waste own time by being with them. You need an institution that will elevate you, tuition free public institutions, roads, hospitals, etc..

    For other young Liberians, our time have long being wasted. What is happening in Liberia today, if it has happened 18 years ago, do you know where Liberia will be today? I personally turned down a scholar grant to study in Canada and America instead, I went to Rwanda, and I didn’t regret it. Going to Rwanda helps me to look at the anti-developmental policies most of our so-call opposition politicians harbor.

    I will do better when I arrive in Liberia than any of those guys. Liberia and Africa need to move forward.

    Manepaikeh Flomolon is a 2008 graduate of the Lango Lippaye high School in Kakata
    2018 Graduate of the University of Rwanda. Kaminuza y’u Rwanda

  5. Mr. Flomolon,

    Congratulations for obtaining a degree from the University of Rwanda. Is it a first (Bachelor) or a second (Master) degree? By the way, what did you study?
    Hope you will answer these questions, as I would like you to be my friend henceforth. I like you man, know it!

    If I were you, I wouldn’t have let down the scholarship to Canada or the USA. I am not saying you did not make the right choice. Your choice was indeed a great one.

    I cannot be lectured on the level of development and splendor of Rwanda and other East African countries and cities. Those countries are doing great. But as someone who went to school in that region, mainly in a country with a painful past, I would admonish you to seek and provide answers to the following questions:
    – What ignites sustainable development in any country?
    – Look around you in Kigali and even the beautifully isolated University of Kigali from which you graduated, is the city or other cities or the University powered by solar energy?
    – Go down the city center or even on your campus, do you see electric wires suspended all over your heads?
    – I hope you have driven in the hinterland, tell our readership about their road networks, towns and villages.
    – Does the country run a budget of half a billion every year?
    – Are most of the development works carried out by Chinese, Japanese, French or Rwandans?
    – Etc.

    China is today feared and respected because they sent their citizens to the USA, Great Britain and other European countries to study and return to help their country.
    Despite the opaqueness in the governance system in the Russian Federation, the country frequently sends out people to the West to acquire western education.
    In a nutshell, the USA practically educates the rest of the world, but every country influenced by the USA customizes some development modules. .

    If you had been reading my posts, you wouldn’t associate me with supporting failed policies or wicked politicians in Liberia.
    If you had taken up your time to peruse the campaign platform of Alexander B. Cummings and done background checks on him, you would NEVER have been critical or looked at him with a strained eye.

    Most young Liberians, like you, are somehow traumatized from the hypocrisies and wickedness of our past rulers. Those useless people have been so mean to Liberia beyond comparison. Like you, I want us to make a change.
    Change will come to Liberia through a customized educational system intertwined with thorough civic education embedded with our African values. This is the key to the success of Rwanda and most East African countries. These values are ultimately enshrined in their constitutions.

    Comparing Weah with Tolbert is like comparing Monrovia to Paris, not even Kigali. There is no analogy between the two individuals. The only thing they have in common is that they are both Liberians, no more no less.

    On that fateful inaugural day at SKD, Weah spoke to my feelings. But from experience from an exhilarating speech from Taylor, and given the educational level of Weah, coupled with the people who brought him to power, I had serious reservations on him succeeding in any way. And I was just right when he spent the first year breaking down all his houses and rebuilding them into mansions, with nothing being done for the country that year.

    Weah has not started anything for Liberia. Prove me wrong by pointing out just one, not two, just one project Weah has started. I am not only challenging you but all CDCians to show only One Project Weah has started.
    Weah has nothing planned. He is depending on foreign countries to transform Monrovia to Paris. Is that what you see in Kigali?

    If you do not understand the system in which you were educated, you can do nothing better when you come home to Liberia. It means your time in Rwanda was a waste.
    With your current mindset, I would admonish you to find a job and spend at least 5 years in Rwanda before coming back home, or else find your way out to the USA or Canada for better exposure to community and self-development.

    I am your friend man, Flomolon. Have it cool out there! Keep in touch! By the way, you can contact me on Facebook for deeper discussions.

  6. Thanks Sir, From your name, I know you are from the North. Either Nimba or Bong. Liberia or Africa South of the Sahara, is the only place we got.

    The Indian, Chinese Russians and other nationals (some), go to school in the West, but they don’t just assimilate into Western political ideology easily. N’krumah went to school in the West (America), but he was staunch Pan Africanist. Our problem cannot be solve by Western module.
    I m not a friend of Weah, I don’t know Weah. I m from Bong County, I was born in Sarnoryea. I m not saying this to throw him (Weah) under the bus. The little things he doing now, if those things were done some 18 years ago, Liberia will not be where it is now.
    Look, Mr. Dolo, Look at our people, our environment, look at the illiteracy rate and compare us with other African countries who came after us.

    I got reason to be angry sir. Rwanda got her independence in 1963. Like many African countries who fought for liberation in the 60s. Some Rwandese are in denial of that particular independence, because the Belgian trusteeship gave political power to the minority Hutus. It was a time bomb ticking, it was just a matter of time. It came to reality in 1994. The European model set in was a failure. Therefore more Rwandese you speak to tell you ,”my independence started when Kagame became president.”

    I have no problem with people coming from the West trying to seek political positions. But many a time these people fail us. Because their thinking for solving our problems is a Western or European models which seek rules and regulation which don’t fit our aspirations. We want choices, because those rules are not written by us.
    For example, when companies were digging our iron ores , we had a choice to tell them to built a melting factory in Liberia so young Liberians could could work with them and be taught to transform ores from dust to steels. But we went ahead and agree to concession rule that was written in Belgian, New York, Dusseldorf or Copenhagen that said: ores dug, will be shipped away as raw materials. Look at where we are today after 65 years, Bong Mines, LAMCO, Mano River, are all shanti towns with nothing. If we had the technical knowledge, we will continue where they left.

    Tolbert tried, with short 9 years he spent in the executive mansion. However; he was cut sort by the same Western Style problem solvers group from across the Atlantic: Baccus Matthew and their foreign hidden hands.

    My quote for this week: “as long as we remain defenseless, and divided, we will never achieve any hope substantial development.” Let’s learn from the Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indians and others Asian Nations.

  7. Brother Manepaikeh,

    I offered you a hand of friendship, I am waiting for you to accept my friendship request because I like you, frankly. You are a new breed of Liberian I would love to incorporate in my New Breed Party of Liberia for a new Liberia we both yearn to see birthed.

    You and I have the same positions, same frustrations, same angers, same resolves to get things done for our dear country Liberia, same approaches, BUT DIFFERENT CHOICE of the INDIVIDUAL to incarnate our shared ambitions.

    Ghana and Rwanda are politically and economically independent among many African countries. I may rate the level of development in Cote d’Ivoire over these two countries, but the wealth generated by both countries belong to the people of those countries at 60%, interesting percentage.
    Unlike Cote d’Ivoire with a European standard, the wealth generated in this country belonged to the Ivorians at 80% until the mid-80s when the country started experiencing economic turmoil and had to look out for help.
    From the mid-80s to the mid-90s, the wealth of the country was owned by the country at 20%. With the ascension of President BEDIE to power, the trend was reversed to 50% for the Ivorians, reason why he was evicted by a coup d’état in 1999 without even the coup executioners knowing what they were doing at that time.
    When GBAGBO took over, he resolved to obtain the 80% of the wealth for Ivorians, reason why he was contested and vilipended in the mainstream media around the world and evicted shamefully evicted by the international witchcraft coven called International Community, with the collaboration of few African satraps.
    Today, the trend has been reversed at 80% foreign owned, so sad!

    After the victory of NATO in the World War 2, their system, the SI System, was imposed on the rest of the world. Today, the International Financial Standards (IFRS) in incumbent upon every country.
    This explains why getting a western education is imperative to our leaders in Africa and the rest of the world at large. However, we (Liberia) must learn to adopt some practices based on our traditional beliefs and moeurs, like other countries around us. It means we must begin to establish a foundation in every sector purely inherent to the Liberian values and adopted to international standards (customization).

    Liberia is the ONLY country in West Africa with NO systems, do NOT generalize. The reason is simple: We have always had people who do NOT love Liberia but have been ruling us for centuries. They ONLY love the wealth of Liberia. They take it and get away to the USA to build their lives. We need to put an end to it, you and me!

    Like you, I am not proud of the level of development in my country Liberia; high illiteracy rate, still drinking from the creeks and brooks, still toileting in the bush, even in Monrovia, no electricity, our national television not being viewed outside Gbarnga (during normal days), no schools in major towns and villages, etc.

    How can we fix things, Manepaikeh?
    We need someone morally clean, who already has money and so will not steal our money again, someone educated to the SI Systems and the IFRS, someone with an international outlook, someone who has NEVER been involved in the killings and destruction of properties in Liberia, and most importantly, someone who reveres God Almighty, the Creator of Heaven and Earth WHO sent HIS only begotten SON Jesus Christ to die for our sins, to lead such crusade.

    Weah is a Grade 9 dropout, brother.
    He was broke, and so he spent Year One filling his barnyard.
    He has started killing people who will investigate his criminal acts.
    To cover up his shame, he has embarked on cursory development projects, like the other people in the past.
    Look at Rwanda, look at electrification projects, is that what you see your Weah doing? He’s planting tentative poles, just to cover his shame. Like our past rogues who called themselves rulers, in 2 or 3 years, those poles will be broken, the solar plates will not be maintained, etc. etc. etc. sad!

    We need to start the foundation of everything in Liberia, how?
    Emphasis should be laid on good education. It means we need to build the right infrastructures (Polytechnic preferably in Gbarnga, UL revamped with top professors, not the TAs we currently have there, all technical institutions equipped with the right teaching staff, schools built or revamped in major cities and towns with trained teachers and not the nasty jokers who currently call themselves teachers, establish a solid elementary curricula to buttress the educational level of the country).
    Concomitantly, we must empower our people to embark of industrial farming through subsidies and microfinance institutions.
    When these things are done, the rest shall be added unto Liberia.

    With the right professors (not the rebels, thieves, preacher men and substandard people who are currently fooling our children), Liberia will begin to develop a customized system through our research and development unit at the University of Liberia.

    Manepaikeh, let me stop here before I get killed for expressing my frustration and pains for my country.
    Weah is yet another mistake made by Liberians, let’s park him in the garage come 2023 or else we in for a long doom!
    I have NEVER talked political talks in my life and I have NEVER supported any politicians in Liberia. If you want a new Liberia as professed above, Weah is NOT an option, not even the 100th.
    The best that has volunteered so far to help realize our shared dream is called Alexander B. Cummings.
    Begin to consider throwing your weight behind him, brother!

  8. Corrections:

    After the victory of NATO in World War 2, their system, the SI System, was imposed on the rest of the world. Today, the International Financial Standards (IFRS) is incumbent upon every country.


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