Cummings Challenges Partisans

(2nd from left) ANC chairman Lafayette Gould; political leader Alexander B. Cummings; vice standard bearer, Jeremiah Sulunteh and others at the party's extraordinary convention in Monrovia.

Party holds 2nd extraordinary convention

Alexander B. Cummings, political leader of the  opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), has challenged ANC partisans to be more innovative so as to face the task ahead if they are to take state power in 2023.

“Be innovative and hardworking for the change in 2023, because Liberia deserves better and the citizens deserve better than their present state,” Cummings said.

Mr. Cummings made the statement over the weekend at the party’s headquarters in Sinkor, outside Monrovia, when the party hosted its Second Extraordinary convention which witnessed the amendment of documents that the party’s hierarchy crafted to guide its activities for the next elections (2023).

Cummings said the country’s present leadership has allowed foreign residents and few officials of the government to enjoy the national cake, thereby depriving the country from being developed.

He told the gathering that it is mandated upon President George Weah to account for the reported missing L$16 billion and the US$25 million that was reportedly used to mop-up excess Liberian dollar in the country’s economy.

In a related development, Mr. Cummings and ANC partisans have formulated strategies to reach out to all irrespective of location, political affiliation and tribe, making the people understand that Liberia deserves better.

The deliberation to the documents was held on January 26, 2019, during the party’s convention that reviewed its constitution and the amended documents.

The party’s convention, presided over by national chairman Lafayette Gould, brought together over 45 delegates from the 15 counties at the party’s headquarters in Sinkor, outside Monrovia.

Mr. Gould reminded partisans that the ANC remains a very disciplined political institution, and as such, it is prudent to maintain such integrity by upholding the tenets of democracy, which will show respect for the party’s constitution and the country’s rule of law.


  1. Wow! ANC is way ahead of the game. You have to know the political landscape of Liberia and strategy to score point. Let your ANC USA know that there are not higher than the main voters on the ground. That was the downfall of ANC in the past election. ANC USA felt too big and showed no respect for the main people who were there to vote

  2. WDS is right!
    There’s a possibility that ANC’s strategy will boomerang once again. The truth of the matter is that Liberians are not going back to the old days of “Business as Usual”. Business as usual days were the days of economic and political stagnation. There was complacency within the corridors of the establishment. Fortunately, times have changed. We’ve transitioned into a new progressive era. Somehow, some people, especially the ANC types, want us to go back in time and see the “good old times roll”.their way. Oh no. The new times will roll!


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