Cummings Breaks Ground for US$50K Clinic in Nimba

Mr. Cummings interacts with children at the groundbreaking event.

Alexander B. Cummings, political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), over the weekend broke ground for the construction of a 15 bed room community clinic in Neigbien Town, a suburb of Ganta in Nimba County.

The clinic, according to an ANC release, is one of the projects the party’s representative aspirant Lawrence Sua promised the people of the district before the October polls.

Alvin Legay, Neigbien Town Chief, and several other speakers at the occasion wholeheartedly welcomed the initiative. Several of them said since Nimba got its county status in 1964 such a huge philanthropic effort such as the construction of clinic has not been sponsored solely by a private citizen.

George Domah, Bain Paramount Chief, appreciated the development project, and thanked Mr. Cummings for his help to the people of Nimba.

Mr. Cummings was recently named standard bearer of the ANC following a county-by-county national primary.

Cummings, a businessman and philanthropist, served most recently as executive vice president and chief administrative officer for Coca-Cola’s African operations before announcing his run for president of Liberia in 2015.

He was educated at Cuttington University, then Cuttington College near Suakoko, in Gbarnga, Bong County before furthering his studies at the Northern Illinois University, USA, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. He earned an MBA in Finance from Clark Atlanta University.

During his tenure at Coca-Cola he created the Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, and subsequently founded his family’s Cummings Africa Foundation, through which he has funded over US$1 million in humanitarian projects in Liberia, the press release stated.


  1. While we the whiny maddening crowd may make much ado about presidential hopeful Mr. Alexander Cummings being an alien in the land of his – and parent’s – birth, the presidential hopeful is forging unbreakable bonds with his people by personally financing development projects where they’re most needed: Rural Liberia. Unmistakably, whether the former Coca Cola executive wins the presidency this year, or six years later is anybody’s guess. But what has never been in doubt, since he returned home, is that genuine commitment to make a difference in the lives of his suffering countrymen. And that, folks (politics or no politics) we shouldn’t be embarrassed, or ashamed to hand to him.

  2. Over thirty years, I have lived in and out of Liberia. I have followed Mr. Cummings’ career when he worked for the Pillsbury Company as vice president of finance and when he joined Coca-Cola in 1997 to work his way to the chief administrative officer (CAO) and executive vice president of The Coca-Cola Company.

    Mr. Cummings is hard working, humble, honest, and most especially, he has contributed immensely to the needs of underprivileged Liberians at home and in the diaspora. During his time as Chief Administrator for Coca-Cola Africa’s Operation, he was instrumental in maintaining Coca-Cola production plant in Liberia coupled with other charitable works in Liberia.

    His love for Liberia is not manifested in words only but through his deeds. If all our lawmakers, who are living lavishly from unwarranted perks and high salaries, give back to their constituencies in the form of development, many counties would be better off today. Many politicians who want to be president cannot show one charitable contribution they have made to uplift their fellow underprivileged Liberians.

    Mr. Cummings vast international business acumen in Africa and the United States gives him a new perspective in putting a good management team together in revamping developments in Liberia. As he said, “If defeated, he would respect the results and the rule of laws.” Even if defeated, he plans to continue giving back to Liberia through his foundation.

    Remember, he could have easily taken his millions from his Coca-Cola’s pension and other perks and do nothing for Liberia; instead, he decides to help his native land. I do not belong to his ANC party; nor, can I even vote in Liberia’s election, but I still do love Liberia….and will continue my part to use my retirement funds to sponsor several children in Liberia’s schools and universities. We need our Lawmakers to help our unprivileged children to get a better education. These children are Liberia’s future.

    Bravo Mr. Cummings!!!!

    • Um korkon! (Mano for ‘shake my hand’). I do not speak the Mano language, but because Mr. Cummings has some background from Nimba, I thought it was good to use the little I know. Frankly, I had not known anything about Mr. Cummings prior to his interest in running for the presidency of Mama Liberia. But when I read his platform of the many from others, something within me clicked that he is sincere and very authentic: since then, I have started campaigning for him. Like you, I can not physically vote, but I will endeavor to deliver votes for him. I encourage every Liberia in the diaspora to campaign for Mr. Cummings: he will make a great president for our country. Irrespective of his charitable spirit, something I know nothing about, he makes a good president because he is anti-corruption which is our bitterest enemy.

  3. This is desperation. Al Cummings had the means. He could/should have built the clinic long since… Long before Politics, J. Nyumah Boakai was selling products, Coaco, Coffee… for his fellow Liberian Citizens. Liberia needs a President who can/will put money in the struggling Liberians’ pockets; to ease his/her ECONOMIC burdens. J.Nyumah Boakai is such a Person. “JNB IS OUR MAN.” He will make an Excellent President.


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