Cummings Blasts Weah on Handling of Rape, Poverty, Corruption


The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and chairperson of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Alexander B. Cummings, has vowed to give the “failed President George M. Weah-led Administration” one-term presidency.

Mr. Cummings made the disclosure Wednesday, August 5, at a major press conference held at the ANC party headquarters in Monrovia, where he stated: “Today, I have come to offer a simple message to our country: We hear you. We see you. We feel your disappointment. We know our country deserves better. Our people deserve better. This is why we will make this failed Weah Administration a one-term presidency!”

Mr. Cummings said the CPP knows the Weah-led Administration will try to cheat, and as they have already begun, they will try to use fear and intimidation in order to keep themselves in power.

“We promise you that none of this will work! We are not easily frightened. We will not be provoked into violence. We do not have to be violent because our cause is just. We stand not for ourselves but for our people who have suffered too much. Mr. Weah has failed the country,” Mr. Cummings said.

Mr. Cummings said President Weah has failed the Liberian people and he knows it, and the Liberian people know it. He said the CPP is desirous to build up the country and lift up the people, saying: “We are not interested in destroying our country.”

According to Mr. Cummings, the CPP will democratically defeat the Weah-led Administration because the people deserve better.

Mr. Cummings said while the Weah Administration is trying to be violent, too many Liberians cannot afford to buy food or pay school fees; too many cannot pay their rents, or pay their medical bills.

“While you are trying to be violent and display ill-gotten wealth, homes are being washed away in West Point and the Borough of New Kru Town and, in many other places, families cannot sleep when it rains. While you are trying to be violent, mortuaries are overfilling with unclaimed bodies because families cannot afford to pay to take possession of their dead loved ones,” Mr. Cummings said.

He said it is a shame that the country has become a dog-eat-dog zone with everyone trying to hustle on each other.

Mr. Cummings further said in just three years President Weah and his administration have shown that they lack the ability to lead Liberians to peace, prosperity and development.

“All they have succeeded in doing is leading our people into abject poverty and destitution. More children are now crowding the streets and risking their lives to provide for themselves and their elderly parents. At street corners, the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable Liberians are queueing up in increasing numbers to beg for help,” Mr. Cummings said.

He continued: “All across the country, our people are losing their dignity as they struggle to take care of themselves and their families. How can anyone claim to love our country and pillage, destroy and disrespect it like this? How can a leader claim to love his people and suffer them like this? How can ‘Change for Hope’ create no positive change, and engender such hopelessness?”

He said perhaps nowhere is the moral bankruptcy and hopelessness felt more than in this government’s nonchalant approach to the Rape Pandemic- the astronomical rise in cases of rape, sexual abuse and violence perpetrated against babies, children and women.

According to him, the CPP knows that due to stigma and other pressures, the cases are being grossly underreported, saying: “Even where a few bravely offer their heart-wrenching stories and experiences to the authorities for redress, they are often greeted with growing impunity and deafening silence.”

Mr. Cummings said under this government, rape has become a pandemic and, unfortunately, the administration of justice appears to weigh more favorably for accused persons than it does in support of victims and survivors.

“This imbalance is so bad that it is actually more difficult to report and investigate cases of rape and sexual abuse. As a result, many victims and survivors opt to endure in life-long silence and mental agony,” Mr. Cummings said.

According to him, the underfunding of Liberia’s judicial sector and the flagrant efforts to politically influence and undermine justice is clearly destroying the lives of far too many of our citizens.

“It is also waning public confidence in the justice system. A prime example is the case of a CDC lawmaker and executive of the ruling coalition, who continues to use his political influence, proximity to the President and affluence to imprison and try a young woman who is alleging that he had sexually harassed her. This is the height of silencing,” Mr. Cummings said.

He said where officials of this government should give voices to alleged victims and survivors of these crimes, they are effectively silencing them.

“Not since the civil war has there been such a massive number of cases reported. It must be said that this government is credited for passing the Domestic Violence Law. But it can also be credited for shelving the law after passing it because cases of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) continue to rise,” Mr. Cummings said.

He said by their own numbers, the total number of SGBV cases for 2018 was 2,145 but increased in 2019 to 2,590 cases indicating that “so far this year, about 600 cases were reported from Jan-March with only 32 cases prosecuted.”

Commenting on poverty, Mr. Cummings said: “We know that the root cause of poverty is corruption. Where corruption thrives, as it is currently, poverty will rise. This government is very corrupt. In fact, it is the most corrupt we have had. This is not only the opinion of the Liberian opposition.”

“Additionally, we see the government systematically breakdown and destroy the integrity institutions created to fight corruption by either underfunding them or staffing them with incompetent loyalists. Integrity institutions are receiving far fewer resources now than they were when this government took over,” Mr. Cummings said.

According to him, comparing the approved National Budget of FY2017/18 to the draft appropriations for FY 2020/21, we see that PPCC draft budget has been reduced from US$1.4 Million to US$752,754; LEITI from US$553,356 to US$220,849; General Auditing Commission from US$5.3 Million to US$4.5 Million; LACC from US$2.3 Million to US$1.3 Million, and the Governance Commission from US$1.9 Million to US$1.1 Million.

He said similarly, allocations for basic services like health and education, for example, have also seen drastic cuts. While the actual budget performance reports tell an even more alarming tale of underperformance, these cuts are expectedly leading to a lesser quality of services provided by government-run educational and health institutions.

According to him, the leadership of the country is rudderless and the state of the nation is weak.

“The future of our nation under Mr. Weah is anything but bright; our international image is once again soiled, and our reputation is tarnished. Rather than being respected in the region and the world, in just under three years of this administration, our country is being ridiculed and humiliated,” Mr. Cummings said.

“Our ship is sinking. Too many of our people are suffering. We are increasingly seeing a culture of moral bankruptcy being promoted with a determination to destroy the last piece of the moral fabric of our society. This is wicked. It is immoral, and it threatens our long-term peace and security,” he said.

“They are too busy enriching themselves that they have either forgotten, do not know how, or just do not care about the most important duties for which they were elected. And so, while countries of the world are struggling with one pandemic, in Liberia, we are confronted with three things; The Poverty Pandemic, The Rape Pandemic and the COVID 19 Pandemic,” he said.


  1. Thank you Chairman Cummings for saying it as it is. You could not have said it better. Liberia is now a laughing stock on the planet. But she will rise like the sun again once a new day begins in this nation. Thank you so much!

  2. If you knew how homosexual and politically immature Alex Cummings has ENTRAPPED himself after asking for and receiving funds from special interests mafia groups upon his promise that he would become President, but the reality has now set in that neither the CPP nor the indomitable political power and popularity of the CDC shall ever make his promise possible to those mafia groups who took his word and believed they could mortgage Liberia through him Cummings, you would be on his behalf, grieving and praying for him.

    Do you think if Cummings were in his right mind he would have taken such a public relations disaster as Yekeh Kolubah in such terrain where Yekeh Kolubah, as a result of his war crimes atrocities against those people, is bound to be naturally treated as an unwanted guest? It is rough on “your man.” He is fighting for his life after receiving people money and it has become clear to him that he cannot deliver!

    Can´t you see the strains and stress on Cummings, even after FPA has made it clear after acknowledging the dangerous entrapment Cummings has plunged himself into?

    • Hahaha. Is that the utmost best you can come up with? That Mr. Cummings is gay? Even if true, how is his sexuality pertinent to the issues of bad governance, corruption, impunity, etc that he talked about? Are these things nonexistent in Liberia? CDCians like you advocated and protested nonstop for 12 unbroken years with the mantra “Change for Hope”. Has Pres. changed the lives of ordinary Liberians? Yes, Ellen failed in her fight against corruption and performed dismally in many areas and majority of Liberians believed that change was not only necessary, but inevitable. How has Pres. changed the vices that he and his cronies campaigned against yesterday?

      In January 2018, Pres. Weah stood on a podium at SKD and proclaimed that he will ensure that Liberians will no longer be spectators in their own economy. Yet, we see a Ghanaian running a confectionery at RIA (something that would NEVER happen in Ghana). We see Pres. Weah violating our Constitution constantly as he pleases and the likes of you hail him. Lebanese contractors now build roads in Liberia while Liberian civil engineers are left wanting. Yet, the likes of you want us to continue to believe the myth that “the boy got the country at heart”.

      This President, whose ascendancy to our ultimate office was primarily predicated on “the boy got the country at heart” has built for himself mansions, 47 luxurious housing units, flown around in a private jet, and has lived a life of extravagance while the common Liberia lingers perpetually in abject poverty. Yet sycophants like you see no wrong with any of these abuses. Our children are being raped on a daily basis while the “Feminist in Chief” Weah has been silent for years.

      While Pres. Weah and his cronies regularly steal from our coffers to enrich themselves, our public hospitals do not have drugs, our healthcare workers are always on strike for their salaries, and many Liberians die prematurely from illnesses that can be easily treated. This President only seems to speak on national issues when the US Embassy and the EU issue statements. The former football star who never shied away from journalists’ microphones now speaks to the nation mostly via recorded messages, at his Forky Klon Church or at CDC gatherings.

      As most of us skeptical Liberians originally opined, Pres. Weah has proven his ineptitude and incompetence in less than three years in office. The price of rice, daily protests for unpaid salaries, and rising hardship are all testament to the failure of this president. Mr. Cummings spoke on the issues with authority as a president should. When has Pres. Weah addressed any of the prevailing issues and allayed the fears of the suffering masses? One thing I can tell you for sure is that your CDC has been exposed. The overwhelming victory of Darius Dillon should have taught you and the CDC a lesson.

      The Liberian people will show their disdain for the CDC-led govt again this December and in 2023. The CPP, if the play their cards right, might be the actual “Change for Hope” that CDC cried about for 12 years. As Big Sister Leymah Gbowee said, I’m of the “No-Position” party. I’m Liberia first. If you preach change for 12 years, ascend to power, fail so quickly while enriching yourself at the detriment of the very people that put you in power, you will have us to deal with us. Buutuo will NEVER be an alternative, We will speak out and vote!!!

  3. Cummings says this is the most corrupt government. Has he been interested
    in Liberia long enough to experience other governments?

  4. Cummings’ Supporters,
    Cummings will be unable to get his dreams of being president of Liberia accomplished. One of the reasons why Cummings will be unable to become president is that he always makes dictatorial statements. The act of talking like that is very scary. For instance, instead of presenting a contrast in leadership between him and Weah, Cummings states provocatively that he “will make Weah a one-term president”.Can Cummings accomplish his dream all by himself? Without doubt, his independent thoughts are dictatorial at best. On the other hand, it would have been preferable for him to have said that “with the help of the Liberian electorate, I will get elected”.

    Cummings n’est post digne de confiance., il ne peut pas diriger le Liberia.

  5. Si, si, si, si, si, si, si, si !

    When the guy tries to be responsible and moderate, you say he doesn’t have the charisma. Now he is showing that he can be tough, and you are calling him a dictator.
    I know nothing he can do to please you but everything he does pleases me, Petarus.
    I like him just as he is. I have NEVER supported and love any Liberian leadership like Cummings’. We just have the same way of dealing with issues.

    • Zoedjallah,

      You really sum it up, can’t get better than that.

      Look at his little boyfriend Petarus nasty PDA on here, ” I have NEVER supported and love any Liberian like Cummings ”

      In another article He said ” I fell in love with Cummings”

      This is the Liberia of homosexuals these fools want but it will never happen.

      In their CPP agreement, Nimba was allocated to ANC. BEWARE, The Godfather of Nimba, PYJ despise homosexuals, We will be watching the reception that men loving men will receive there.

  6. Brother Aaron Nelson Sr.,
    Good morning. How are you doing this morning in Minnesota? Are you ready for the snow? I used to go to Minnesota a lot during the 1990s. I wish I knew you.

    It is rough in Liberia. It is getting hotter there by the day politically. The news of homosexuality continues to swirl around Cummings. It will be in Cummings’ best interest to address it one way or the other. Liberia is a male-dominated society. The men of Liberia and to a greater extent, the women of Liberia are not ready to embrace homosexuality openly. That doesn’t mean there aren’t gays, bisexuals, lesbians or other forms of queer life in the country. But, I have my doubts!! Extreme doubts! I don’t think Cummings will be positively received if the news of homosexuality continues to swirl around the him. Cummings can blast Weah all he wants, but his private life is becoming a 200-pound bag of snakes around his neck.

    • Poor Man Lawyer Hney, as a Christian, you do not give credence to rumors until proven. We have proofs (videos that we have deleted from our page) of CDCians involved in obscene scenes of homosexuality. You would NOT love to see some with the bare faces of those barons, but if you defy me, I will paste the YouTube links here for you to see some of your people you defend.

      We are relaxed and without complex. I told you this from the beginning, they will try to mudsling us because in nowhere they can match any member or sympathizer of the ANC.

      In Yopougon, we say “quitte dedans grand frère, ça ne te ressemble pas”!

  7. Nelson,

    Make no mistake about that, Cummings is A BUTT-BOY . And this is what he is on record for that investigators have also proven that Cummings was instrumental in siphoning off funds from Coca Cola company, channeled for charities in Africa leading to his unceremonious retirement from Coca Cola. Grand Gedeh is only the latest county which resisted the presence of Cummings.

    Led by Senior Senator Prince Yormie Johnson the hero of the county, Nimba was one of the first to ask Cummings out of their county because of his indiscipline mannerism and his life of sodomy.

    So, its no play that besides the fact that in terms of the electorate, Cummings may only survive on the internet, he is finished on the ground for inter alia, viz his integrity problem, his been A BUTT-BOY!

  8. Buried underneath the tons of campaign mud dumped by Mr. Alexander Cummings is this gem, “CPP will democratically defeat the Weah-led administration”. It denotes hope for our “relative peace”. I pray he has enough authority as Rep. Kolubah and COP czar Costa continue beating drums of commotion. Anyway, whether the ANC leader ensures their alliance keeps his promise, or not, time will tell. Let all Liberians, no matter where they live, remember though that there is no alternative route to political power except constitutionally through the people.

  9. Mr. Hney! Is that your understanding of Mr. Cummings speech that sound dictoria or dictatorship style of leadership per say? I will say no bro Hney that, the speech had nothing to do with dictatorship style of governing neither Cummings being a ruler rather leader. Mr. Cummings can never elect himself to power, only the people of Liberia has such mandate of doing so. Having him said, ” I will make president Weah a one term president” was a figure of speech, and don’t necessarily meant “words for words” in terms of description.

    Let me give you another example to this style of speech. You supported mighty Black deer football club soccer match agains ugly baboon and eventually, your black deer club won the match. The following day, you begun telling baboon supporters about, how your beat them. Did you in person played to claimed victory? No! You did not played but understandably, the message convey was, your supporting side won the match, despite you did not constitute none of the dress players.

  10. Comrade Joe Akoi,
    Yes. My understanding of Alexander Benedict Cummings’ speeches, exuberance and political manuverings can easily be interpreted as an act of dictatorial behavior. I am entitled to my opinion. Remember this Joe, I didn’t say that the gentleman is a dictator. As long as Alexander Benedict Cummings is not yet a president, it is impossible to tell whether he is in fact a dictator. That’s why I stop short by labeling him a clean-cut dictator. However, the act of dictatorship will be known during his presidency. But then during that time, it would have been late. That’s the scariest part!

    Joe, with all due respect, Alexander Benedict Cummings and I have one thing in common…. we’re both patriots. I hope he’s as patriotic as I. Divergence immediately occurs between us because he and I have different views regarding how the motherland should move forward. Furthermore, throughout his struggle to win the hearts of the Liberian people, Alexander Benedict Cummings has not been able to share a populist vision neither has he been able to even present a patriotic contrast.

    When Alexander Benedict Cummings had a unique opportunity to share his vision, he blundered big time. Example, there’s chronic unemployment in Liberia. It’s been there a while. But when Alexander Benedict Cummings ran for the presidency, he made a lot of statements, some of which were misleading and downright spacy. He said if he became elected, he’d use his business experience to create 100,000 jobs in just 100 days. Realistically, no one doubts him in terms of whether he cannot create jobs. Sure, he will be able to create jobs in 100 days, but not 100,000 jobs in 100 days. Was this a Freudian slip on his part? If so, why hasn’t the guy stepped forward to say, “ladies and gentlemen, regarding what I said about the issue of jobs, I erred. I will modify my vision of jobs next time”. If Alexander Benedict Cummings humbles himself and seriously modifies that gaffe, he will be forgiven, of course, not by me. Now, do you see my point?

    Second, when the newspaper writers say that Alexander Benedict Cummings will blast Weah on the issue of rape or anything else, you expect to hear “how” Cummings intends to change things around or how he will handle rape, high unemployment, public schools, the growing population of Liberia, etc. Instead, Alexander Benedict Cummings is heard saying, “I will make Weah a one-term president”. Joe, making your political enemy to serve for one single term is not a blast, but rather a brag and a bluff. A speech like that has (in my humble opinion) the underpinning of dictatorship. Because he intends to go solo than soliciting the collective effort of the people.

  11. Hney said and I quote, “Joe, with all due respect, Alexander Benedict Cummings and I have one thing in common…. we’re both patriots.”

    I don’t believe you and Cummings have such point in common. From my inner man believe, I think you feign patriotism, you are NOT a patriot and you pray to see Liberia remain at the present status quo until the coming of Christ.
    Cummings, a real patriot, doesn’t want to see any of that again. This explains is altruism for a people and country he dearly loves and cherishes.

    But I have a message for the prophets of gloom and doom, God has been looking out there for a true and right son of the land to answer his calling to redeem his people from bondage, abject poverty and demonic possessions. The right candidate has raised his hand and no foes that forge against him shall prosper or live to see the promised land of Liberia.

    Long live Liberia!

  12. To whom It May Concern

    Wear The Hat Only If It fits You

    It is written on the walls of the universe…. “every human being is entitled to his or her own opinions, but not the facts”. Keep your opinions and I will keep mine.

    As a genuine patriot, this is what I will not do:
    1. I cannot and will not make promises that I cannot keep,

    2. I will not promise the working class people 200,000 jobs in 200 days,

    3. I will not accept the title and chairmanship of two parties,

    But during my candidacy, I will,:

    1. Be simpatico. I will come down to earth and will be real. That’s what the people of Liberia want.

    2. During my presidency, I will create jobs, but I will not brag about the number of jobs I will create in 300 days.

    3. I will not travel or canvass throughout the country with a blabbermouth, rabble-rouser politician who could derail my chances and

    4. I will not be carried in a hammock anywhere in the country. I will not bribe my way through. I will make record with my Fanta company clear.

    Thanks very much Liberians! You have a choice. If you want to buy snake oil, I am not your guy.



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