Cummings Blasts President Weah’s ‘Poor Governance’ System

Mr. Cummings: “If elected at the October polls as President of Liberia, we will work with the ANC, that together we will build a better Liberia”

The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Benedict Cummings, yesterday lashed at what he called ‘President George Weah’s poor governance system’ which he said is taking the country backward.

Cummings, a former executive at the Coca-Cola company and a major contender in the 2017 Representative and Presidential elections, said on the Costa Show that Weah is ‘visionless and careless’ about how the country’s appalling situations may change in the six years entrusted to him and his team of officials.

“The economy is so bad and it is clearly known that President Weah is running the country without any sense of direction. His government is working as if it does not have a plan through which its development agenda can be executed,” he claimed.

Cummings said until corruption is tackled by Weah’s administration as he promised the nation at his inaugural address on January 22, 2018, no amount of effort will yield any good for the country under his leadership.

“The culture of impunity has to come to an end. Why should Weah and his employees be in so much hurry to acquire all the luxuries, mainly in their first year of governance while the majority of the people are suffering to have access to the basic social services they deserve? This must stop, seriously,” he said in an unapologetic voice.

He said one of the reasons why there are too many lapses in the CDC government is because there are too many incompetent individuals appointed to positions they do not have the ability, skills, and minds to serve.

“Because they are incompetent, they are pleased and comfortable in their broad day stealing of what belongs to the majority of the population,” he alleged.

The ANC political leader alleged that the President is spending the country’s money for his personal gains but he will not benefit from those investments tomorrow due to the poor economic system.

“Every Liberian should be upset by this. There is so much ineptitude and lack of signs to assure the people that the real change voted for will truly be realized.

“It is true that there is a high level of ineptitude because, for the President himself, coming up at a Church ceremony to tell the country that ‘when the incompetent are not available the non-competent takes care. And that he Weah is the non-competent, is a complete embarrassment for us as a people,” Cummings said.

He said there is a complete degradation in the governance system of Liberia and if care is not taken the country might reverse in its gains more than what it may seem like in the eyes of those he called short-sighted followers of politics.

“There is too much arrogance in this government and carelessness about the consequences that may follow. They have led to our country being relegated among the comity of nations in just less than a year,” he said.

Concerning government’s release of a report on the alleged missing L$16 billion dollars and the economic and war crimes court’s establishment in the country, Cummings said he is in full support of punishment for wrongdoing and reward for good results.

“Justice is very vital if there should come development. I fully support what the Liberian people want and that is the right thing to do to move the country forward. The government has to release the report on the investigation conducted on the missing money, even though we doubt it that it will be a perfect report. It is the people’s money,” he said.

He said things will continue to be bad because of the way the country is now run by the CDC government.

According to him, there will be no direct foreign investment in the country if the government does not create the impression from hard and realistic work that it is safe to invest in the country.

“What I can say to the Liberian people is that your suffering is tied to the rampant broad day stealing now being carried out on your nation’s resources by Weah led government. I speak facts and I don’t only criticize but suggest solutions. The only thing is that they are not taking our pieces of advice,” he said.

Cummings said the CDC government is not a change in approach but a reaction to increasing problems and hopelessness.

“I am disappointed, I am angry,” he said, adding that he is frustrated over President Weah’s choice of private jet planes to make foreign travels and spending over a million United States dollars in just less than a year on those travels alone without anything much to show for them.

He said access to history in the country by succeeding governments is bad and that is responsible for the repeat of the same mistakes.

Cummings said he is willing to work with a team of other opposition blocks in a formidable coalition for 2023 but the decision will not be reached with those who are not ready for the deal to unseat CDC at the ballot box.

When he phoned in, Montserrado County Electoral District #10 Rep. Yekeh Kolubah said knowing that the CDC led government can no longer be trusted to bring solutions to critical national issues he will, going forward be writing the international community and organizations to expose the weakness of the government.

“I have written some letters already and they will be sent to ECOWAS, AU, and UN. The international community will be the one to whom we will now be extending our complaints on the poor governance system of our country. This is the only way forward because all efforts to put this government to its feet for the interest of our people have proven nothing good,” he said.

Several other callers phoned in and took side with Cummings and the talk show host Henry Costa who recently parted company with President Weah and his officials of government.


  1. Now that we have heard from one opposition leader, we look forward to hearing from the other dozen who contested the presidency. It is important that voices like Brumiskine, Boika and long time advocates like Drs. Tipoteh, Sawyer and others speak up regarding the wrong path Mr. Weah is taking the country. The level of theft committed by the CDC Government in less than a year is a receipe for future unrest in the country. EVERYONE should have a voice before it is too late.Mr Cummings should be commended for his outspokenness.

  2. What did ANC Party leader Mr. Alexander Cummings really say that’s not an echo of unsubstantiated media allegations? He mentioned the following: Ghost L $16 billion container of “Hot Pepper Newspaper”; the USD $25 million speculation by “FPA”; the misanalysis of USD $1 million price tag for presidential travels which didn’t factor in the trips’ financial and diplomatic benefits; and a “Daily Observer” conjecture that Ambassador Patten wasn’t confirmed by the Senate.

    So, the question becomes, what’s credible, apart from a wishful E.J Roye deja vu, about these cascading concoctions any respectable Opposition party politician should make a fool out of himself for?

    Of course, a gleeful prompter (Daily Observer), announces “Cummings Blasts President Weah’s ‘Poor Governance’ system”, and his evidence for that happens to be unverified accusations of a media space unapologetically partisan and which cares less about truthfulness, accuracy, and fairness of reporting. What frightening levity in an Information Age where Hate Media is a war crime and foreign covert aggressors used internal media outlets and social networks to stoke the horrendous Arab Spring, and undermined democratic elections in the most powerful country on Planet Earth.

    As for Cummings “blasts”, it is all ANC leadership and partisans have been doing online since the 2017 election: Bombards, ridicules, satirizes, cusses, accuses, threatens, etc. Little wonder, then, the party has yet to win a single legislative seat. Nonetheless, part of his fortune from a life time of selling diabetes-borne sugar sweetened beverages to fools with a death wish is being dumped on fruitless disinformation tactics, misinformation, propaganda, and dangerous rabble-rousing. It makes one to ponder which of the two political party leaders fits the description of “visionless” and “careless”.

    • You must be living on a different planet because your rhetoric does not reflect the facts on the ground. If you talk to Liberians on the streets, they will tell you exactly what Cummings is saying. The people are not happy with Weah’s leadership.

    • To those who believed G.M. Weah would be solutions to Liberia’s problems, I ask: Where are the promised private sector “JOBS”? Till now, I’ve not seen any progress. Liberia’s Economy continues to DECLINE further.

  3. Considering the political will, programmatic developments, and policies, President George Weah and his CDC are moving the country forward from nationwide roads reconstruction and focus on the improvement of the living standards of the poor, not only Tipoteh, Sawyer, Boakai, Brumskine, or any actual decent and patriotic prominent or ordinary citizen of Liberia would associate himself or herself with the STUPIDITIES poured out from this cockroach Cummings who thinks all it takes to becoming president of a country is to jump from nowhere, and bribe your way to power through certain newspapers. Nothing Cummings is saying here makes sense. And worst of all, all he is ranting here are not backed By any amount of facts or concretivity.

  4. “The people aren’t happy with Weah’s leadership” because of 24/7 one-sided biased concoctions spoonfed to them by an angry, adversarial, and partisan press unaccountable to no one for the truthfulness, accuracy, and fairness of its reporting. For instance, a local media outlet, FPA, tries to block my log-in on its platform and when I avoided the obstacle by using a telephone number, the editor simply deletes every comment of mine that appears there. Notwithstanding that an editor who whines about freedom of expression arbitrarily denies my free speech right, he allows the newspapers’ fans to make weekly sarcastic comments about me I cannot respond to!

    That such behavior violates a tenet of journalistic ethics vis-a-vis fairness doesn’t matter neither to the editor nor my detractors he empowers. Such double standards are normal in our media space which has become dysfunctional because of lack of ethical guidelines to abide by. In other words, whereas the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) of America, through its regulatory arm the Media Bureau, oversees mainstream media, in Liberia the Ministry of Information cannot regulate ours due to a mistaken belief that it is sacrilegious to do so. We will stay behind for long, folks: Everyone wants to take government for a big joke!

    • SGM, leave Cummings alone, let him allowed himself to be used by the majority yellow journalist pruned PUL of Liberia. It is all about the little carto he is wasting. Least does he know that the real politicians that matter will pull the crowd from behind him when it comes to elections. He may not be aware that African – Liberian politics dichotomized. Weah is from the South East, any Coalition that shall remove him will have to put forward a candidate from another geographic location in Liberia. If ANC wants to win, it will have to replace Cummings. Cummings is ANC, therefore, there is sure to be a commotion about the replacement of Cummings that will give people excuses to either cross carpet to other opposition parties or CDC. With this saying ” ay yaa, day papay good ooo, bur we can not give it to the south east again, let orlor pepo chop. my neeoo!

    • I think it’s patently dishonest to say that FPA is responsible for growing public disgust against this government. I suppose in your mind, all is dandy and FPA is fake news? You fail to know that Liberia today is quite different than when we were growing up. Back then the government could control the message because there were only two radio stations and one or two newspapers. Today, we live in the digital age and there are many more radio stations, and newspapers than I can count on both hands. Most Liberians now have cell phones so families in Monrovia can now tell their families in the interior what’s going on. The best thing for this government is to stop building big houses for themselves and focus on creating jobs. I think Mr. Cumming’s metaphor, “eat last” says it all.

  5. Being fully Liberian without lust for foreign currencies is the remedy to utilizing questionable Liberian billions for improvement in infrastructures. The status quo set by founders should not be touched to justify the economy. In the end Liberians will always be Liberians and these exchanges will return to their sources.
    Do not answer me. Tell Liberians.
    See silent majority.

  6. Conmings does not have solutions, neither does he have a better contrast to any of the issues he accuses Weah of. For instance, Cummings states that some of Weah’s economic ideas are ineffective. Cummings also states that some of Weah’s appointees are not competent. Well, that’s his opinion and we know very well that he’s entitled to his opinions. But when it comes to offering his suggestions as to how he would solve the country’s economic problems, Cummings has no sound economic ideas. In paragraph 23 above, Cummings’ solution to solving the country’s economic woes calls for asking the AU, Ecowas and other international agencies to listen to him. That’s a weak solution to solving a country’s economic problems. The AU and other international agencies have their own economic problems.Commings has no viable solutions.

  7. Sheriffboy seems to be fed up with Alexander Cummings. A profanity has been used by Sheriffboy to express his disgust at Cummings’ musings. I would like to say this: In politics, an issue cannot be solved or resolved by shouting profanities at one’s opponent. You may dislike Cummings’ antics. It’s okay. You have a right to reject anything he says. However, my dear fellow compatriot, it is inappropriate to shout a profanity such as the one you’ve used above. Be carefil next time not to blow your steam over like that.

  8. Cummings needs a political base to speak from. He is disorganized and don’t know who he represents. You don’t take him serious. He couldn’t win a district during the gone election. He thought using his Congo name could help but no.

  9. Sheriffboy, I think this is not the time to use profanity .What is your constructive comment on the issues facing the Liberian people?. There is a crisis here when the present government is not putting its people first. There is a fact about corruption at its peak. People are still languishing in poverty.

  10. We must seek a non-public venue,at times,if our goal is dialogue. Certainly, Mr. Cummings has tremendous business experience but is “growing political “, developing the skills to communicate with the majority of Liberians and the skills of “providing an olive branch” to influence our current government. Most of his accusations are true, President Weah needs “expert advice ” because “he is learning on the job”. The campaign is over, George Weah won. Should he be criticized for six years or can those,like coming who are experienced in International commerce, business, etc. Provide solutions and a” helping hand: to the Weah Administration (who desperately need it). Remember “what makes a man shame,makes him vex. Other medium can be “a cummming think thank” ( educate LU students in a seminar on development), NGO or publish ideas you can that can improve our country. It’s a blessing Alex to have you home . Let’s remember there’s a time for campaigning and a time to “repeatedly attempt sacrificially ” to quietly reach out to our current Administration and let them see the value of your potential contributions. We’ve suffered wars. Yes corruption going back to the 1940’s, now due to poor investment in mass education and the flight of educated to western countries; the pool of experienced,educated experts in various areas are shrunk or nonexistent. President Weah represents a segment of Liberia despite their challenges exceeded in other areas,his was soccer. Failures from the past produced what we have now. We all have to work together otherwise,we will remain the 2nd or 3rd poorest country in the World. God bless all of you for being patriotic but only working together we can succeed. “In union strong success is sure,we will over all prevail”

  11. I do not condone “corruption “. As I said Alex (Cummings) has good points. But how do we correct them. Public attacks or criticism are not effective, over 75% of the population cannot read. It’s obvious that President Weah needs objective console and advice (from outside). It will be “a win” for the President and Liberia as well. How can we achieve “a magic formula ” to convince the President. It’s consistent effort but not public humiliation. That does not work in Africa where most people cannot read so public opinion through the media will not be as effective. The few that read already support their own “personal or political ” interests and can rarely be shifted. Engage, request, demand audiences with solutions;educate college students in better governance a nbn d strategic planning. We need you Alex (Cummings) and others to help in those arena

  12. Mr. Alexander Cummings of the opposition ANC party has seemingly re-echoed what been very active through the varied media outlets of the Hotpepper newspaper missing 16 billion printed currency, the FrontPage Africa 26m infusement of cash in the Liberian economy, that the CDC led Government has been unable to provide accountability for also. Let us tackle the issues at bay. What Mr. Alexander Cummings is reiterating is a staple on the social media, SUP of the UL demonstrated for the Declaration of Assets to date to no avail. The rush to acquire luxury properties by the likes of President Weah, Nathaniel Mcgill, Mulbah Morlu of the CDC is glaring and rightly broad day stealing on steroids. The corrupt and dysfunctional legislature led by Bhofal Chambers further exarcerbates the downward trend of the state of affairs. Dr. Weah has provided no road map to date, operating in a visionless and haphazard trend. Mr. Cummings has said nothing new so castigating him personally is redundant. What he said is the truth. CDCians can holler all they want and go in their homes and reflect that it is true . Call a spade a spade. The broad day stealing is what the PRC call rampant corruption in 1980. The lack of basic necessities light, water, food, health care, sanitation should be the hallmark of a grassroots organization like the CDC , instead of luxury estates, resorts an ill gotten wealth. We as a people should send a resounding message to the CDC , warlords and corrupt politicians in the 2020 senatorial elections that enough is enough and clean out the impotent, corrupt and dysfunctional Legislature and be replaced by well meaning Liberians.

  13. Alexander Cummings is low level and a cry baby. He can repeat the same everyday talk and he will never be chosen as president of the republic of Liberia. How long will it take anyone to know that Cummings is politically relavent? With all the noise, how many seats did he secure in the legislature? Zero. Brumskine, Urey, Jones etc are very smart people, you dont hear them crying around the country. Alexander Cummings will not do anything different to change Liberia. All politicians say the same thing. THis guy has to go through the various political ranks, we will not pick anyone from the street and throw you in that seat, no. WHat did he do for Liberia prior to coming here and trying to be president, with only one coco cola plant in Liberia, he did not even fight to bring additional coco cola production plant in other part of Liberia.

    Cummings and his parents lived in Tappita and his father died and was buried in Tappita, Nimba County. He has never mentioned Nimba County until he was campaining before he mentioned that he was going to Tappita to clean his father’s grave. You are not getting vote from Nimba County, I can stand anywhere on top of the mountain in inform you, Cummings. Is that the only job you want in Liberia? Do Liberians know you? If you mind those non voters on facebook, you will be broke and cry like a baby.

    • Now that you are feeling the steam coming off the the popularity you once enjoyed,the” weponazition” is not holding ground. You lots have no strategic.Instead, you just bark at anyone who hit you where it Cummings is attacking issues of national concern.Unlike you,who’s working for your belly.


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