Cummings Receives Endorsements in G. Cape Mount, Gbarpolu, Bomi Counties

Mr. Cummings waves to a crowd of supporters in Gran Cape Mount County.

Promises to give voters “The Liberia you deserve,” if elected president. 

By Alvin Worzi & Leroy M. Sonpon, lll

Residents of Grand Cape Mount County have assured the presidential hopeful of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, of their support for the October 10 presidential and legislative elections. The residents made the promise on Friday during a tour of the county by the ANC standard bearer.

“We are delighted to see a presidential candidate being concerned about our wellbeing and so we want to assure you of our commitment to campaign for you throughout the county to ensure that ANC wins the 2017 elections. ANC support to the disabled community remains a sign of good leadership for the people of Liberia,” a representative of the disabled community in Bo Waterside told the ANC standard bearer. “Ensuring victory for the ANC remains a priority of the disabled community, most especially residents of Grand Cape Mount County. We are confident that the leadership of the ANC if elected will change Liberia and the living conditions of everyone,” he concluded.

Fanta Sheriff, representing the health workers of Tewor District, said, “Electing you (Mr. Cummings) as president of Liberia will transform the existing conditions of the Liberian people, looking at your humanitarian background. We want to assure you of our commitment to winning the 2017 elections.” Ms. Sheriff continued: “We want to also appreciate you for your support towards the health sector of Cape Mount and the country. We are kindly asking you to help build staff quarters at the hospital to ensure that doctors and nurses have a better staff section.”

Responding, Mr. Cummings promised that if elected, “We will change Liberia so everyone can benefit from her abundant natural resources and we will not allow a few group of people to continue to enjoy them. We cannot continue to live in a country where few people enjoy the wealth of the general public.” According to Cummings, Liberia continues to pay its lawmakers more than the United States government pays her lawmakers, which he said is one of the issues responsible for the continuous struggle of the Liberian people. “Only the country’s resources can change the situation around for the good,” he said.

As president, Cummings said “The ANC government will ensure that electricity, running water and youth empowerment are addressed. After 170 years, Liberia and Liberians deserve better and you can make that change, come October 10, at the polls by electing Cummings. I want to promise that if I am elected president, I will work hard to create real change, the change you can trust. I can give Liberians the Liberia they deserve if I am elected.” According to the ANC standard bearer “We will also empower our people by creating job opportunities, providing them with skills training and development, and attracting investors, who will create highly labor-intensive industries that provide a high number of low skill jobs that our people can fill in.” Mr. Cummings said the ANC government will begin by transforming Liberia into an inclusive economy for the country to be self-sufficient, adding that “We must ensure that women, youth and physically challenged individuals are given the opportunity to work and earn their livings.”

In Bomi County, while touring the facilities at the Government Hospital, Mr. Cummings thanked the hospital staff and workers for their sacrifice and dedication to helping the people of Bomi, and made a presentation of his vision that would lead to the rebuilding the healthcare system, if he is elected. “Our nation learned many lessons from the Ebola epidemic, including the need for a strong and affordable healthcare system. My administration will prioritize preventative and primary health care. We will also work hard to ensure that all Liberian children have access to immunizations. Our administration will also source medical advancements and technologies from around the world so that hospitals like yours can properly treat patients,” he said. This year, the Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF) has provided medical supplies worth US$565,000 to rural hospitals across the country.

After the visit to the Liberia Government Hospital in Tubmanburg, Mr. Cummings held a town hall meeting and was welcomed by Mr. Aaron Divine, an ANC representative candidate, and Mr. Joshua Passawe, the ANC’s Bomi County chairman. Mr. Passawe lauded Mr. Cummings’ clean background, stating “Mr. Cummings’ background is free of corruption and full of successes. I know that he can deliver real results and bring real change to Liberia. He is the only one that can truly fight corruption and develop our country.” Elder and council member Mr. Fai Z. Johnson said that Mr. Cummings has already won the hearts and minds of the people of Bomi County due to his many philanthropic efforts to the people.

Cummings also held meetings in Gbarma, Bopolu, and Henry Town attended by an array of local stakeholders, including elders, market women, and youth leaders.


  1. I thought reports had it that George Weah played a soccer game in Cape Mount and everyone said they will vote for him and nobody else. Now this report says Cape Mount will vote for Cummings. Who will they vote for?

  2. We Capemountainians will vote for our George Weah because he is one of us. We are a polite people who are very good at telling crooks like Cummings, Mills Jones, and Boakai, “go to hell” and they get very happy to make the trip!

    • we will vote for CDC, not ANC because Cummings don’t understand Liberians problem, he is very new in Liberia let him after 12 years

    • You should go to hell idiot. What Your George Weah will do for Bomi? Cummings is the only solution for Liberia and Liberians

  3. Is this the less than garage filled people you call endorsement? Cummings reminds one about George Klay Kieh and his New Deal which won the election on the internet to only end-up in oblivion. Cummings, my child, the people have already been informed that this your ANC is simply Ellen´s surrogate party which she contracted that Ghana boy Kwame Clement to organize, and so you are simply wasting your time.

    • Good for you. Sir, let the Voters decide. Cummings will WIN the Presidency. Liberia does not need inexperience and CORRUPT people to lead THEM. The people know who is the best out there, running for President.

  4. After the feel – good presidential debates about great intentions, what Liberians “deserve” to see now are the costed – political platforms of candidates; specifying the sources of revenues to pay for proposed planks, for examples, roads, job creation, solving the public school mess, empowerment of rural communities through executive decentralization, etc.

    And we were hoping that presidential candidate Alex Cummings being the newest on the Liberian political block would initiate the process. For frankly the debates were just talk talk talk, and nothing materialized to seriously hold the eventual winner to his promises. (EJS couldn’t even abide by the Mountain Table Accord or whatever for press freedom after milking its political capital). The two presidential debates were forums for free book talk. Perhaps, that’s why the intelligentsia were not persistent about one between President Sirleaf and then CDC nominee Counselor Winston Tubman, two Harvard graduates, because both are big book people.

    However, in a country where the root cause of all bad governance springs from the paucity of integrity of political leaders with a resulting lack of trust in them by the populace, which has created an uneasy calm, one had thought that the Press Union, Civil Society organizations and other advocacy groups would’ve been up in arms demanding platforms of all the political parties. But it seems that the powers – that – be and their smartaleck lackeys know how to manipulate and shape public opinion. No wonder the country continues to jump from crisis to crisis: rascality has been perfected to an art form.

    Unfortunately, unless Liberians unchained themselves from the tendency of being led by the nose with useless political talk sweetened by small bribes, nothing meaningful will be done to stop the gradual societal breakdown. And, most importantly, another lying arrogant crook might be elected to rape resources, revenues and provoke conflict. Well, where a UN Security Council’s (security – based) Report saw a “factional, fragile, and fractious state”, EJS and her wordsmiths find “relative peace”.

    Let’s keep on dreaming, instead of radically reforming rotten bad governance; first by providing evidence in the form of costed – political platforms of commitments to fulfill elections promises; and, second, by spelling out benchmarks and temporary time tables to implement them. Talk is cheap, folks, and has the potential to stoke trouble. God save Liberia and the suffering millions of marginalized majority misled by Country and Congua crooks.

  5. How many Cape Mount Co. do we have? Just wondering. First they endorsed Weah for President, then Jones now Cummings… What’s going on? If all the Candidates who show up are endorse by G.C.C and they all win, we might end up having five or more President of Liberia; all at the same time. How about that? Only in Liberia…


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