Culturists Want ‘15-County-Nat’l Cultural Troupe’ Perform on Inauguration Day

Balawala Malawala, veteran culturist and actor

-Instead of Private Culture Troupe; Urge President-elect Weah to Rebuild ‘Traditional Culture Shrine”

Amidst three days to the Inauguration of the President-elect George M. Weah and Vice President-elect Jewel Howard Taylor, three prominent culturists and traditional actors are warning the Joint Transitional Inauguration Committee and the Inauguration Committee of the Legislature to include performance of the “15-County-Traditional Culture Dance” on Inauguration Day, instead of a partial-private cultural dance group.

The President of the Liberia National Cultural Union, Kekura Kamara, alias ‘Malawala – Balawala;’ Mr. Madison Pailey, alias Kono; and Victor Taylor said the performances of cultural dances or traditional performances of the 16 tribes is a “symbol of unity, togetherness, peace and reconciliation,” and must therefore be included to show to the world, that Liberia has a culture —- and is a cultural or traditional country.

In a strident tone, Mr. Kamara also warned the Organizing Committees to not allow a private group, specifically the Amb. Juli Endee’s cultural troupe to displace or usurp the function of the Liberia National Culture Union or the National Culture Troupe to perform a “a partial cultural performance.”

“In the past, the union and the national cultural troupe  were marginalized and we hope in this new government, it should not be emulated,” Mr. Kamara said.

“The union is comprised of 36 groups, while the National Cultural troupe is the Lone star of culture in our country — the usage of private cultural group is a disservice and disrespect.”
He added that, at least US$11,000 can mobilize all the cultural and traditional dancers from the 15 countries to excellently perform, and their participation will make the Inauguration colorful, for the world to see the “tradition and culture. of Liberians”

In a related development,  Mr. Pailey and Taylor as well Mr. Kamara have urged President-elect Weah to rebuild the Kendeja Culture Center , which they referred to as the “traditional cultural shrine of the 16 tribes.”

When contacted Amb. Juli Endee about whether her cultural troupe – the Crusaders of Peace will perform during the Inauguration, she only said “it has not been confirmed.”



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