‘Cultural Exchange Will Strengthen Bond Between China & Africa’

Some of the students from the Martial Arts Department.

-Chinese Ambassador Fu

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China near Monrovia in collaboration with the Confucius Institute at the University of Liberia (UL) on Saturday, November 10, hosted the traditional Chinese Arts performance, with some of the main performers coming from the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine in China.

The event, which was hosted at the Monrovia City Hall, was intended to strengthen China-Liberia relationship, highlighting culture exchanges between the two countries. Some of the performances comprised a series of China’s traditional sport-oriented health maintenance practices, including Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Qigong (a popular Chinese song) about unity, and some Chinese folk dances.

It brought together visiting students from the Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, foreign guests, government officials and students from the Confucius Institute. The Art tour is an international program launched by the headquarters of China’s Confucius Institute and undertaken by the artistic troupes of Chinese Universities.

Chinese Ambassador Fu Jijun, who spoke at the occasion, underscored the importance of the event. He said it helps foreign students to appreciate the colorful Chinese culture, which enhances mutual understanding between people, promoting friendship and people to people bond between China and foreign countries.

According to the Amb. Fu, both China and Africa, including Liberia, are proud of his country’s splendid cultural performance.

“With more people to people exchanges in culture, arts, education, sports and media, we can further strengthen the bond between the people of China and Africa, and Liberia is of no exception,” he said.

According to Amb. Fu, it was based on such cultural exchanges that President George Weah launched the “People to People exchange Initiative”  at the FOCAC Beijing Summit held last September.

During the next three years, according to the initiative, 50 joint Africa and China cultural sports and tourism events will be organized in Beijing.

“China welcomes Africa’s participation in the Silk Road International League of Theaters, the Silk Road International Museum Alliance and the Network of Silk Road Arts Festivals,” the Envoy said.

He said a China-Africa media cooperation network will be established to allow more African culture centers to open in China and more Chinese culture centers will do likewise in Africa.

Amb. Fu used the occasion to welcome qualified African education institutions to host the Confucius Institutes just like it is at the University of Liberia.

“I am confident that with the implementation of the initiative, there will be more bilateral exchange visits of cultural arts, education, sports, and media groups between China and Liberia. Therefore, I have the honor to welcome Liberian friends to actively join the initiative,” he declared.

Saturday’s event marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Confucius Institute at the University of Liberia. In the past decades, the Confucius Institute has played a significant role in carrying on the Chinese language teaching and spreading the Chinese culture in Liberia.

Geegbae A. Geegbae, vice president for Institutional Planning and Development at the University of Liberia, lauded the Chinese Government for giving Liberian students the opportunity to learn the Chinese language.

Geegbae said as China remains one of Liberia’s greatest development partners, it is important to take advantage of the Confucius Institute, in order to become marketable upon graduation, because there are some  Chinese companies operating in the country and need Liberians who speak the Chinese language fluently.

“So, if our children can learn the Chinese language, I strongly believe that they will be able to regularly interact with their Chinese counterparts,” he said.


  1. Village farmers living in the city being trained to become Kung fu fighters. And not rice farmers. Simply put, that Kung fu they will eat when their bellies are empty ?
    So when our children learn the Chinese language they will interact with their Chinese counterparts. But Loma people can not speak Kru to interact. And Kru people can not speak Via to interact, as both are citizens of one country. Stupidity will never die in that country.

  2. Here we go again. Cultural Assimilation – the process whereby a minority race or group is absorbed by a dominant race or group. Give it few years and you’ll see – we’ll start acting like the Chinese just as we are acting like the Americans today. Our culture today is what I would call a borrowed culture. We take a little bit from here and a little bit from there – there’s no originality.

    We are so quick to adopt another mans culture while they don’t even care about our own culture. This Sun Tzu said “therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him”. Wake up people, this is not friendship. This Sun Tzu also said “In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy is not so good”. But why destroy your enemy when you can capture and use them to augment your strength.
    This Sun Tzu said “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”. And boy we make it so easy like take candy from a baby. We don’t know the art of war and politics are the same – and that every move made by the economic powers of the world is political and it is an art of war. All the tall buildings and technologies western powers including the Chinese boast of, where do you think they get the resources from? It is all taken from Africa. And do you think they come and pay a fair price? They rely on the art of war and politics to destabilize African nations so they can now come in and extract minerals. Look at Congo today, one of the richest nations on earth in minerals. Without the minerals of Congo, one can almost say it would be impossible to produce mobile phones, computers, weapons of mass destructions etc… But look at what’s happening in Congo today, completely destabilized and impoverished.

    I’m quoting Sun Tzu to show you how this people think. While you sit having jamborees, this people are using the art of war to conquer you. You can slice and dice this whichever way you want but few years down the road, you’ll start to see the fruit of this relationship and I don’t think you’ll like it. Remember, your slave master (America) is watching your every move.

  3. Another COLONIZING MIND SET. How the hell you will come to my house, to interact with me to get my resources….you expecting me to speak your language? Liberians are joking. The Cantonese and Mandarine speaking Chinese must learn to speak Lorma, first, or Gbandi. This is another COLONIZING 2.0, my people. African Government, please try to make it mandatory for all Chinese Investors in Liberia and Sub-Saharan Africa to stop bringing their labor force from China. It is undermining our labor force. Make it mandatory for Chinnese to speak the local dialect.
    We also need a CULTURAL REVOLUTION in Sub-Saharan Africa, as was done in China ( 1966-1976).


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