CSO Platform Reminds Incoming Gov’t to Uphold Human Rights

Mr. Dempster: "MIA should prevail on traditional women to stop FGM."

The Civil Society Human Rights Advocacy Platform has cautioned the incoming government of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to conduct its affairs with respect for human rights and the rule of law.

Adama K. Dempster, secretary-general of the Platform, who read a statement yesterday at a press conference in Monrovia, said his organization’s concern is against the backdrop of past regimes which he said conducted state affairs without respect for the rights of others.

He recommended the maintenance of a safe and enabling environment for CSOs based on good practices and lessons learned from past administrations.

Elaborating on five elements as examples of good practices that could enhance CSO’s transformative potential in Liberia, Dempster recommended a robust legal framework with an international standard that protects public freedoms and effective access to justice.   A political environment conducive to CSO functioning; participation of CSOs in decision-making; access to information and long-term support for CSO activism are other elements CSOs require to achieve the desired impact on society, said Dempster.

“These recommendations are critical in the current political and economic climate in our setting because the issue of state capture is no longer just a redundant hypothesis, but a reality that should force all of us to be concerned,” Dempster added.

He recalled how in the recent past, there were reports of ‘mysterious killings’ directly or indirectly associated with ‘political intolerance.’

According to Dempster, the international bills on human rights set the basis for the enjoyment of basic human rights by all persons universally, “therefore the government should make no room for repression in Liberia.”

Dempster assured the incoming CDC-led government of his organization’s willingness to support the governance process in the promotion and protection of human rights.

He, however, said rights groups will remain in the confines of their work as a checkpoint in holding the government accountable for its actions and responsibilities in addressing human rights of its citizens and foreign residents.


  1. All these negativities and stereotyping of the CDC lead Government are just unnecessary. One day is a civil society group cautioning the new administration about human rights and the next day is another group lecturing the new administration on freedom of speech. What’s happening?

    I think it is time that all these different groups tell us openly what their suspicions are about a Weah led Government so that all of us can begin to start looking for a solution.

    Honestly, what are these CSOs seeing that we are not seeing for which they continue to raise alarms….?

    Seriously, if there is no specific reference as a basis for all these alarms, then we need stop this kind of propaganda because it is putting a dark cloud over the new administration for absolutely no reason…..

  2. Gbawou Clataylee Kowou, IV, you are saying: “Honestly, what are these CSOs seeing
    that we are not seeing for which they continue to raise alarms ….?” Really, are you out
    of your mind or you just born today or talking from your mother womb? You are
    definitely going to give a bad defense and support of the incoming Government as you
    have started. STOP THAT! You may not be able to help the incoming Government at all
    when giving a bad and blind defense. If the late Hon. A. Greaves was your brother, how
    would you feel now? If the late Cllr. Michael Allison was your brother, how would you
    feel now? You want job with incoming Government, get it cleanly but don’t try to fool
    those in the Government.

    There are questions of Police brutality and people dying in prison cell under Police
    watch, even though the Police are claiming suicide. Why leave something like a rope
    or a weapons in the cell for possible suicide?

    Then too, Liberia is suffering from now 85% unemployment. A President governing
    a country with that kind of unemployment, having served 12 years in office is, indeed,
    a manifestation of don’t care for the welfare of the people. Just to give a few just in
    you are just a young baby can’t see all of these.

    • Mr. Tarlue, I apologize for responding to your comment this late. It was a friend who directed my attention to your reply based on the comment I made. You can see that I did this post since January 4, 2018, when the new government had not been inaugurated.

      While it may not matter at this time since this issue is far in the past, as a teacher and a lawyer, I think it is critical that we set the record straight for the future and perhaps, unborn generations.

      From your post, it is clear that there is a misunderstanding here as you are making reference to occurrences of the UP/Ellen led government. At the time of my comment, Weah was not even the President and all kinds of comments and criticisms were in the air.

      The point I was trying to make which I now realize was misunderstood or misinterpreted was that those early warnings should have been supported by evidence or references so that together we could all start taking the necessary precautions.

      So my dear friend, my comment was not in any way intended to ignite a war of words but us a foundation on which we could build our advocacy to keep the new government in check.

      For me, Liberia is the only country I have and can call home. So whether you are a member of the CDC or an opposition, it is upon us to make Liberia a better nation. As a nation, we are in a difficult position and it is either we go up together or we go down together…..

      • Quick correction: My original post was on January 11, 2018 and not January 4, 2018 as indicated in my reply to Mr. Tarnue. Please note this correction….


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