CSO Group Names Odashall Karnue “Business Man of 2019”

Mr. Karnue and wife posed with executives of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations, employees and county officials.

On Saturday, October 26, 2019, a group under the banner: “Coalition of Civil Society Organizations,” a Monrovia-based group, honored one of Nimba County’s emerging businessmen, Odashall Olpa Karnue, as “Best Businessman of the Year 2019.”

According to the group, Odashall Olpa Karnue was chosen following a consensus on Mr. Karnue’s “Outstanding and Superb performance” as chief executive officer (CEO) of the God Willing Business Incorporated.

The group said Mr. Karnue’s “fair business practices” has empowered many young Liberians with jobs; not only in Nimba, but in other parts of the country where the entity has established branches.

“The business has empowered and brought total economic relief to the people of Nimba, and Liberia at large,” said Mark Chea, National Chairman of the Coalition.

According to Chea, as a business institution, the God Willing Business Inc. has contributed immensely to the growth and development of Nimba County.

“The financial assistance given to many school going kids is remarkable, noteworthy and deserved recognition,” he said.

Odashall Karnue, nicknamed “God Willing”, is one of Nimba County’s outstanding businessmen, investing in petroleum products, and has begun investing in hotel and housing projects in and outside of Nimba.

Recently, Karnue inaugurated a guest house in Ganta, and has begun expanding services to other parts of Nimba, with his filling stations being in Monrovia.

All those who attended the program, including Nimba County Development Superintendent, Mr. Railey Myers, and the Commerce Inspector Nelson Korquoi, thanked Mr. Karnue for his services, and urged him not to become static.”

Mr. Karnue and his spouse expressed appreciation to the group for recognizing their efforts or contribution they are making in society.

He has meanwhile promised to expand his business to other parts of the country, so as to create an avenue for employment to the young people and the citizens in general.


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