CRS Commits to Fight Ebola Nationwide


The Catholic Relief Services, (CRS), has joined local and international efforts aimed at flushing out the deadly Ebola virus that has killed more than nearly 2,000 persons in Liberia.

  Ms. Jennifer Poidatz, Global Humanitarian Response Director of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS), recently concluded  weeklong visit and assured local partners that despite many global emergencies in Iraq, Syria, the Central African Republic and other troubled spots in the world, Liberia faces a critical emergency and CRS will do all it can to support Liberia. 

  Ms. Poidatz made these assertions after inspecting a local CRS project on Ebola prevention through community outreach, implemented by the Liberia Immunization Platform (LIP), a pro-child survival and immunization policy advocacy consortium in Liberia.

   She expressed appreciation for the community sensitization being carried out by LIP in five communities of Montserrado County.

While in Liberia, Ms. Poidatz also toured three communities that benefited from the CRS funded Ebola awareness project and made a follow-up on visits to Rehab, Duport and Old Road communities. 

  The project extended to Larkpazee and Congo Town but other pressing engagements restricted her visit to only three communities. She promised possible extension of such partnership and focus on areas needing attention to curb the increase of Ebola cases in Liberia.

  “CRS is a remarkable player in humanitarian crisis and it is supporting the re-opening of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital that lost more than five health workers to the deadly Ebola Virus Disease.    The hospital was shut down in early August as a result,”  Ms. Poidatz said.

   For his part, Liberia Immunization Platform’s chairperson of the Board of Directors of LIP, George Stewart, expressed appreciation to CRS for another round of support, this time in the Ebola crisis. 

  He said his organization had the opportunity to participate in the fight against Ebola through the CRS funding of US$78, 496.00.

  He expressed LIP’s readiness to engage in more anti-Ebola activities once CRS and other partners keep supporting the local initiative.  The Liberia Immunization Platform runs a yearlong grant project from the Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization (GAVI) managed by CRS.

  Since 1990 CRS has been a strong partner to peace, health and development initiatives in Liberia.

    In a related development during Jennifer’s stay in Monrovia, she held talks with many stakeholders,  including the Catholic Church and Ministry of Health and Social Welfare officials.  She also met with World Health Organization (WHO) authorities in Liberia.


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