Crowd 50 Inducts New Officers

Dr. Eugene Shannon (left) administers the oath to members of the Crowd 50 (from right) Varmunyah Sherif, President; Pewu Subah, Vice President; Melvin Crawford, Secretary General and Zeze Reed, Treasurer

Former Lands, Mines and Energy Minister, Dr. Eugene Shannon has challenged officials of a leading Liberian Charity, Crowd 50 to make integrity, selflessness and love for country and organization the cornerstone of their administration.

Dr. Shannon said leaders of Crowd 50 must always be willing to listen, serve with distinction and, above all, put service to the people above personal interests.

The former lands and Mines Minister spoke on Sunday in Paynesville, when he served as keynote speaker and installing officer for the newly elected officials of Crowd 50. According to him, with the caliber of people in the organization and those leading them, he is confident they would perform their duties with diligence, integrity and accountability.

Crowd 50 is a charity organization established in 1988 by prominent Liberians from various professional backgrounds, who were born in the 1950’s, to render humanitarian service to Liberia.

Those installed were Varmunyah Sherif, President; Pewu Subah, Vice President; Melvin Crawford, Secretary General and Zeze Reed, Treasurer.

In his inaugural speech, the President of Crowd 50, Mr. Sherif said his administration will uphold the principles of unity and oneness, selflessness and service to its membership and the larger Liberian community. He added that his administration will embark on an ambitious plan to provide scholarships to deserving schools as well as engage in other charity work that will improve the lives of ordinary Liberians.

Sherif urged his colleagues to remain their brothers’ keepers and must always lend their support to the administration as it endeavors to raise the profile of the organization to new heights.

He thanked his colleagues for the high level of cooperation and urged them to continue their contribution to projects that have been earmarked on by the organization.

In remarks, ALP Political leader, Benoni Urey, thanked Mr. Sherif for raising the organization from the doldrums after a period of inactivity. Mr. Urey said Liberia is going through hard times and “it is incumbent upon us as Liberians to take concrete steps to correct the false starts and slip-ups that have brought us this far.”

Mr. Urey said he feels for the ordinary people who cannot afford or are unsure of what lies ahead in these trying times. “And only us Liberians can do it” in order to save our country from slipping deeper and bring relief to our people.


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