‘Critical Physical Assets Needed to Achieve PAPD’

President delivers his speech at the 7th TICAD conference in Japan.

President Weah addresses TICAD-7

President George Weah says technological innovation, coupled with its proper application, is essential not only to solve socioeconomic problems, but also to mitigate political challenges confronting Liberia and Africa as a whole, according to an Executive Mansion release.

According to the release, President Weah, who was giving a speech on Africa’s current place in the global community, and evolving realities on the African continent, said he was more than excited for the expanded version of the theme of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), which is “Advancing Africa’s Development through People, Technology and Innovation.”

In a statement on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 at the Seventh Edition of TICAD, Weah said Liberia is behind in terms of the application of technology to impact its national development goals.

“This reality compels us to now pursue a strategy, which will fast-track the integration of technology in all facets of our national life,” President Weah said.

He added, “We have therefore decided to accelerate our efforts in this area in order to achieve our development goals in the shortest possible time.”

He said further: “The energy capacity in Liberia is very low, and tends to impede all efforts to stimulate the Liberian economy. Currently, we do not have the level of power generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure to attract industries that can significantly impact the unemployment rate. To compound this problem, our road networks are poor and inadequate.”

President Weah said the sub-theme of the summit is a powerful proposition that renews his hope and the hope of his African counterparts for a brighter future for Africa.

While rallying support for his administration’s development program, President Weah told his TICAD audience of more than 4,500 persons: “My Government has determined that there are a number of categories of physical assets that are critical and essential to the success of our Pro-poor Agenda – ranging from roads, bridges and rail to telecommunication and high speed broadband internet connectivity; electricity for domestic and commercial consumption; machinery for mechanized food production; and institutions for vocational training, and human skill development.”

President Weah said that the combined functionality of said assets will determine the quality of life for every citizen and every resident of Liberia.

He said that Liberia’s presence at the TCAD is a testimony of the excellent relationship existing between African nations and Japan.

He acknowledged with gratitude the ongoing development cooperation with Japan, saying that his administration remains committed to further strengthening bilateral ties for the benefit of both countries and peoples.

Weah hailed Japan’s contribution to Liberia, saying, “It would be remiss if, on this occasion, we did not reflect on some critical development and capacity-building programs that Japan has implemented, or is currently implementing, in Liberia through grant arrangements.”

He named grant for the reconstruction and expansion of the Somalia Drive road in Monrovia; now referred to as the “Japan Freeway,” food aid to Liberia, grant for the procurement and installation of a 10 megawatt generator to support the expansion of electricity in Monrovia and its environs; the grant for construction of the Liberia-Japanese Friendship Maternity Hospital at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center and training opportunities granted to more than 200 Liberians to pursue specialized studies at various Japanese colleges and universities.

President Weah said TICAD-7 provides yet another opportunity to compare notes with fellow African leaders and global development partners, from Japan and other parts of the world, on the common good of mankind, particularly the fate of the African people.


  1. Critical Physical Assets Needed to Achieve PAPD( Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity) ? Saying “a number of categories of physical assets that are critical and essential to the success of our Pro-poor Agenda- ranging from roads, bridges, rail to telecommunication and high speed broadband ” and blah blah blah. Critical Physical Assets Needed? No he didn’t say that to the people of Japan ! Hell no, he didn’t say that. What was his speech writer thinking ? Critical Physical Assets like money needed for roads, bridges, high speed broadband, agriculture and payment of the civil servants and so on ? Why don’t the Anointed Chosen One of the soil as leader do that by opening up his personal assets to the Liberian Revenue Authority that were declared just to see the value of all the properties and how much taxes needed to be paid to meet those critical physical assets for roads construction, schools construction , health facilities construction , and so on ? Why can’t he do that ? Instead of calling upon the people of Japan to do what the notorious Charles Taylor called , come and do for Liberia. Critical physical assets needed as cash, let the regime start by allowing all of its Ministers to declare their assets to the Revenue Authority. These guys just have their minds made up that when they are invited to an international conference, it is time to beg or to ask for foreign assistance. While at the same time stealing from the citizens to live larger than life . The speech writer should have known better to write such nonsense to the people of Japan.
    When the born to steal President and his officials are stealing and waiting for the UNDP , the USA , China , or the World Bank or the IMF to come and do for Liberia. That is what the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity Development is built on and depending on to create a middle class citizens through a failed economy. It has come down to CDC as a failed regime with no vision. And the economy is telling the truth. But the citizens still love the Anointed One as the son of the soil and his politics and political party. Like Christ would say to our Heavenly Father , for give them , for they do not know what they are doing. That garbage in garbage out. And so is George Weah and his speech writer. Now, allow James Davis to retire for a taste of his Jack Daniel’s serving in glasses and not a red cup.


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