‘Criminals’ Attack Ganta Hospital Administrator’s Residence

The suspects are being held by police undergoing investigation.

Two suspected criminals reportedly attacked the home of Allen Zormonway, Ganta United Hospital Administrator recently, but thanks to neighbors, who swiftly intervened to abort the burglary, which took place in broad daylight, and was allegedly masterminded by one Sundayboy Zaine, 33, and Edwin Win, 30.

The two men, according to Charles Varney, one of the security guards assigned around the hospital facilities, requested a woman in Mr. Zormonway’s residential area to bring them water because they wanted to drink.

“While the woman entered the house to bring water to them, one of the suspects reportedly collected a world receiver radio and other materials,” an eyewitness said.

Although he was far from the premises of the Administrator’s residence, Varney said he saw one of the men taking the radio and attempting to get other things when he rushed to the scene and immediately arrested the suspect.

“The other man was already outside of the fence and attempted to walk away as if he had played no part in the robbery, but we noticed he was one of the rogues, and his friend attested that they both came together. Therefore, we arrested the two of them and subsequently turned them over to police,” Varney said.

Police confirmed receiving the suspects, but said they were being investigated by officers assigned with the Crime Service Division, to be forwarded to court for prosecution.

“Well, they must praise God that it was not in the night or outside of the hospital compound.  If it were, the two men would have faced the judgment seat of God than going to the police station,” a bystander said.

The statement suggests that in most instances, when suspected thieves or robbers are caught in Ganta and its environs, mob action is carried out in place of accorded due process because, according to other bystanders, taking rogues to the police station results into granting them total freedom to return to the “trade.”

David Zain, father of Sundayboy Zain, was irritated by the action of his son, something he said is an embarrassment to him and his family.

Mr. Zain said that his 23-year-old son was attending the Sanniquellie Central High School but dropped from school without any substantial reason.

“He came here and was enrolled at Kou Miapeh School, but he has dropped again and has been loitering around here.  I want him to spend two years in jail, because there he prefers to be rather than being a good citizen,” Zain said.

He added, “I am a builder, and I have many people working with me, but this boy does not want to work.  I take money and give it to him while at the same time paying workers that are with me, but he is just after stealing.”


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