Criminal Court to Probe Mayor Kojee Over Nissan Almera Vehicle


Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Kojee will shortly appear before Criminal Court ‘B’ at the Temple of justice to answer to a complaint filed by Wesley T. Johnson against Koijee’s alleged refusal to turnover a blue Nissan Almera vehicle owned by Johnson.

According to the letter of complaint, the vehicle in question that is in possession of Mayor Koijee was allegedly arrested by officers of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) on December 14, 2019, in the Tweh Farm Community, opposite the Harbel Supermarket.

Though Judge Cieaneh Clinton Johnson (no relationship to Wesley Johnson) is yet to set any date for Kojee’s appearance, similar complaint was also filed before Magistrate Jomah Jallah at the Monrovia City Court, January 19, 2020.

Unfortunately, Johnson claimed that his decision to withdraw his case against Koijee from the Monrovia City Court to Criminal Court ‘B’ was as a  result of Magistrate Jallah’s failure to hear the case or make any schedule for hearing.

Johnson’s letter, dated March 4, 2020, copy of which is with the Daily Observer, alleges that Mayor Koijee allegedly ordered the arrest of the Nissan Almera 1999 Model with serial number JN1FAAN15U0200730 on December 14, 2019, that is believed to be owned by Mary Johnson, the wife of Wesley Johnson.

“The City Police officers took my wife’s car to the Monrovia City Hall and the next day, December 15, I went there with the car’s documents, which include the Hand to Hand Bill of Sale and loan paper from Access Bank, accompanied by the driver in anticipation of having the said vehicle turned over to us, but it is still with Koijee,” the letter quotes Johnson.

However, Johnson claims that when he and his driver went there to arrange for the release of the vehicle, they were ordered to be arrested by the City Police Director, reportedly on the orders of Mayor Kojee.

According to the letter, Wesley Johnson said, “we spent two (2) days in prison at the Monrovia City Hall without any charge except to be told  that we would only be released if we were to bring Mr. Perry Johnson, my son whom they informed us was wanted.”

Johnson also claims that all efforts to have the MCC authority realize that his son Perry is an adult who lived on his own and should therefore be held personally liable for his own action, was disregarded by the MCC’s officers.

Johnson said they were released from prison due to the intervention of Attorney Lavela B. Walker.

“Atty. Walker signed for us to secure our temporary release from the MCC jail the next day, December 16, having strangely spent two (2) days in custody at the MCC in total violation of our constitutional rights,” the Johnson’s letter to Judge Johnson said.

It is against this backdrop, the letter said, “We have decided to file this complaint in order to seek the intervention of  Criminal Court ‘B’ to have my wife’s vehicle released and returned to her in the name of justice and fair-play, having filed this identical complaint to the Monrovia City Court without any results since January 29, 2020.”


  1. wow the police can arrest you without prior cause or criminal intent. Snatch someone’s car for what? this is too crazy that government officials have all that power.

  2. The story seem incomplete.
    What was the reason for the arrest of the vehicle?
    Was it used by the Johnsons’ son to commit a crime?
    Was the car reported as missing or was the Johnson son using it with their consent?
    Has the Johnson son been arrested if he committed a crime?

  3. Why have Johnson put to prison with his wife when he was requesting justice cor his wife, even if the wide or the vehicle was link to a cri e committed?

  4. I don’t think power should be misused against peaceful citizens. If the vehicle was linked to a crime committed and arrested with Johnson’s wife. The law can question her. If it is established that Johnson’s son was involved, no need to arrested the wife of Johnson, but rather keep the vehicle until the perpetrator is apprehended. Crime is not transferable, especially where the alleged is above 18.Worst of all, arrest the couple and keep them behind bars for not producing their son who is an adult.


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