Criminal Activity on the Increase at Red Light


Criminals wearing masks have robbed several local residents, including business entrepreneurs, in the commercial district of Red Light. The gangs made away with money and other valuables.

According to one of the victims, Joseph B. Kolliego, operator of a mini merchandise store, around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, he encountered some men wearing masks. They stormed his business entity, making away with valuable goods including electronic appliances estimated at US$4,000.

“My small business has run out now; my conditions will soon get worst as I have nowhere to get money to carry on my business,” Mr. Kolliego lamented.

In another encounter, Francis K. Ballah told the Daily Observer that his home was allegedly attacked by the same band of marauding gangs who stole LD$50,000 and a number of unspecified household items.

He, too, explained that the suspected criminals were dressed in black clothes and wore masks to prevent their victims from identifying them.
“We are now living in fear as criminals have stepped up their deadly attacks on homes and business entities in the Soul Clinic Community in Paynesville,” Mr. Ballah asserted.

For her part, a mini restaurant operator in the Soul Clinic Community, Mary M. Harris told the Daily Observer on Tuesday that her restaurant was ransacked by the suspected thieves, who stole all the musical instruments, she was selling. She put the valued at  L$25,000.

She added that with the latest attack on her business in Soul Clinic, operations at the food catering business center will soon come to a standstill due to lack of funds.

Madam Harris explained that the men arrived at her business center at about 2:30 a.m. and broke the steel door of the restaurant with heavy objects.

“We urgently need the protection of the police in order to combat the current wave of criminality on business entities and private homes in the Soul Clinic Community,” Madam Harris pleaded.

Meanwhile, attacks on homes and businesses by criminals rise especially during the Rainy Season when it rains very heavily at night. The storm is used as a cover for the movements of criminals at night both in terms of sound and tracks. When neighbors cry, they may or may not be heard; and others may or may not be able (or willing) to come to their rescue in a storm.

Now that the season has come, with rain sometimes falling all night long, residents are likely to sleeplessly watch over their properties in the Redlight and Soul Clinic communities already infested with criminals.


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