CPP River Gee Lawmaker Crosses Over to CDC

Alexander Poure, Representative, River Gee County District #1

Rep. Alexander Poure, a lawmaker from the opposition Collaborating Political Party, has in an unexpected move joined the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change without notice to the CPP of his resignation.

The CPP lawmaker who represents the people of River Gee County District #1 switched party during President George Weah’s recent visit to Karweaken District, River Gee County on his maiden county tour.

“Mr. President, before I take my seat, I want to declare my membership to the Coalition for Democratic Change in order to bring development to our people.” Rep. Poure said.

Rep. Poure’s decision, according to supporters of the CPP and CDC in River Gee came as a shock, but expressed that it is not surprising that the lawmaker dive into the people’s love for the President as a strategy to retain his Representative position in 2023.

Defending his decision, the All Liberian Party lawmaker who has been branded as “An opportunist” by some of his people said he reserves the right to join any political party without informing anybody.

According to him, he took the decision on the basis of his burning desire to see his county developed under the administration of President Weah who is southeasterner like him.

“I don’t need to consult anyone before joining the ruling establishment. I will go to Monrovia to make it official because this is the time to support my southeastern President,” Rep. Poure told Executive Mansion reporters. “I don’t want my people to blame me tomorrow that because of my lack of support, this is why River Gee County did not get development under President Weah.”

Rep. Poure said the development of River Gee is cardinal and it was time for collaboration, especially with the Presidency and putting aside politics.

However, the Ministry of Youths and Sports Coordinator in River Gee County who is a staunch member of the ruling CDC has disagreed with Rep. Poure’s assertion that his move was done on a voluntary basis instead of seeking an opportunity to stay in power.

“Representative Poure has failed the people of his district and now finding a place in the CDC,” Anthony F. Saytue said. “Until it’s done through documents, I strongly believed that his decision is not realistic and it’s just another political statement to get the confidence of the people of District #1.”

Mr. Saytue said since Poure’s ascendancy as lawmaker in the 2017 elections, he has failed to push the interest of the people, which has led to him being pressured to declare support for the CDC.

“This is a man who had never supported the CDC. Representative Poure is one of those who has criticized President Weah and supporters. How will you declare support for CDC and your party’s local leadership is not aware of the decision,” Mr. Saytue wanders.

Sadly during the President’s, he failed to show interest in Representative Poure’s declaration to join the ruling establishment.

President Weah, who lauded the people of River Gee County for their support during the 2017 elections, assured them of helping to develop the county, while frowning on the level of poor infrastructure development in the county since 1847.

President Weah along with a high power delegation departed Montserrado County on February 12, 2021 for a six-county tour, including Bong, Nimba, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Maryland and Grand Kru Counties. The Liberian leader has broken ground for several projects in counties he visited, and expected to do same in Mary and Grand Kru counties.


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