CPP Resolves to Elect 2023 Standard Bearer Through Primary

Mr. Urey at yesterday's news conference in Monrovia.

-wants Int’l community conduct 2020 Senatorial Elections or Take over NEC data system

Contrary to reports that the four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) would elect their standard-bearer through a voter perception survey, the chairman of the CPP and political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni W. Urey, says the alliance will elect their standard-bearer through a primary.

Mr. Urey made the assertion Wednesday, February 19, 2020, during what he terms as an annual press engagement held at his office in Congo Town. Mr. Urey said as political parties, they saw the need to collaborate with each other to have the strength and the blessing of the voters across the country.

Mr. Urey said political leaders of the various political parties that make up the CPP will meet to decide who represents the alliance as standard bearer, a mandate he says continues to be respected by the collaborating parties.

“Forming collaborating political parties, we decided that we will put aside our individual political aspirations and work in the supreme interest of Liberia and the people. We decided to leave out individual political ambition and seek electoral reform, development, and unity among us and the Liberia people,” Mr. Urey said, stating that this is the reason why no one has heard him talking about winning an election or running for the presidency.

Mr. Urey said the CPP will continue to fight for the Liberian people and, though they have not made a lot of noise about it, Liberians from various walks of life know what the collaborating parties stand for. “We have been working to ensure that the will of the Liberian people prevails,” he noted.

“We have reached a critical stage in this process. We have appointed a working committee to do a framework document and have been working assiduously. There have been some mixed reactions in the media, but we must all be aware of all facts, considering that these are four political parties with many actors and it’s not a single task to get everyone on one side,” Mr. Urey said.

Mr. Urey said in politics, people disagree to agree, noting that the CPP remains united and will continue to move on and solve whatever differences they may have as people and political parties.

‘One serious issue’

“The CPP framework is almost completed but has one serious issue. There is this major issue and that has to do with how the standard-bearer will be elected, but everyone is aware that the standard-bearer is elected at party’s primary and convention, according to the Election Law of Liberia and best practice,” Mr. Urey said.

Mr. Urey continued: “I Benoni Urey, the political leader of the All Liberian Party, would not accept anything less than going to a primary or convention to elect the CPP standard-bearer, which is constitutional and right. We have had suggestions, including a voter survey, which cannot be [used to select the] standard-bearer of the CPP.

“We will not give foreigners the right to conduct a survey. We have made these mistakes on many occasions. We depend on foreign groups to decide our fate in Liberia. This has not been too good for us as people. While we may accept their views, we can never give the right of the people to a foreign group to decide for them,” Mr. Urey emphasized.

“We are suffering for many reasons and we have decided to do it right this time. The people who suppose elect their political leader must never be compromised. The world needs to know this and the CPP has overcome this hurdle. The framework committee has the mandate to give the document at the end of this week. Various political parties will take it for review and signing,” Mr. Urey emphasized.

Mr. Urey said if the framework document of the CPP is completed, it will highlight tenure of the chairmanship and he will not be the chairman of the party.

Cash influence

Fearing the way Liberians vote and what they consider, Urey said because Liberians are living in a poverty-stricken country, where politicians usually provide bags of rice with money in exchange for voters’ birthright, the CPP chairman decried the use of such inducements in elections to influence voters which, accordingly, is the cause of choosing bad leaders.

“Some people have not handled US$5,000 in their entire life and then someone comes and gives them US$20,000. It’s difficult for them to resist it and this is the advantage of people who have money.”

According to Urey, “This was observed in the last government, but we urged Liberians to resist such situation moving forward, while urging the voters to eat such money [but] don’t vote such candidates because it’s their (voters’) own money they are using to bribe them.”

Responding to a question once raised during the funeral of Charles W. Brumskine about who is more qualified to lead the CPP, he said: “it’s VP Joseph N. Boakai because he is the most experienced, oldest and educated person in government.”

He maintained that VP Boakai remains the most experienced, educated and oldest person to lead the collaborating political parties. He said as a politician, one should never praise oneself, but leave it to others, noting, “it’s my right to support who I think is most qualified and experienced, but I’m not necessarily saying I will vote for him or against Mr. Alexander B. Cummings.”

Mr. Urey said whoever is elected as the standard-bearer of the CPP will interest Mr. Cummings, Mr. Boakai and him (Mr. Urey), indicating that Liberia deserves the best.

“We must ensure that whoever is elected will be in the interest of the Liberian people and the country and will also make progress. I will say the truth and the Liberian people love me for that because I will say it without fear,” Mr. Urey said.

No trust in NEC data

He called on the international community and the people of Liberia, including various political parties to ensure that upcoming elections in the country are free, fair and transparent.

Urey said it is prudent the international community takes over the 2020 senatorial elections or at least take over the data aspect of the National Elections Commission, because the Supreme Court ruled during the 2017 elections that NEC needed to clean up the data system of the NEC, something he said has not been done.

“There was fraud in the system and has not been cleaned up. This is the same thing that happened in District #15. There is no trust in the NEC when you have the head of the NEC data system claiming to be a member of the CDC. So in order to have free, fair and transparent elections, the international community needs to take over the data system,” Mr. Urey said.

He said while President George Weah claimed to believe in democracy, it is important for him to prove it to the Liberian people. “The government is claiming that there is no money and if they can convince everyone, we can plead with the international community to take over the elections or just the data aspect. Anything less than that, oppositions will be wasting their time. Sadly, we wrote several international organizations and they did nothing during the elections.”

Considering the current state of Liberia’s economy and governance, Mr. Urey said he believes that the Liberian people are angry now than even ever before, and their anger reflected on the 2019 senatorial election in Montserrado County that brought Darius Dillon to the Senate.


  1. CPP, you have resolved to a good way TO COLLECTIVELY LOOSE! But to be so constitutionally foolish, and and so politically stupid, that a sovereign nation would ever turn over its conduction of whether its 2020 or whichever Senatorial Elections to foreign bodies, or even allow such or similar bodies ”to Take over its national election data system”, DOOMS your dreams for national power, A MIRAGE!

    And this politically reckless resolution is a proof in totality that YOU ARE UNFIT FOR POLITICAL OR NATIONAL GOVERNING RESPONSIBILITY! Thus, the certainty of your imbroglio and ultimate MIRAGE!

  2. This headline is misleading. According to REPORTS from other news outlets, there is absolutely no such arrangement, but rather a mere personal insistence of a single individual Benoni Urey. Read FPA , and you will see that this headline and even the details are in contradiction to the facts, truth, and the REALITY!

  3. According to what I have just read, Mr. Urey is against foreigners coming to conduct survey for the Liberian people, and again calling on the international community to come and clean up the data and oversee the 2020 senatorial election.
    What does he want to say? Or is it the author, Alvin Worzi, who is misquoting Mr. Urey?

    However, we will love to see the primary vetting system in Liberia but under one political establishment with a clear political and philosophical direction. The CPP is not a political party Mr. Urey. It is a coalition of political parties with different political and philosophical orientations.

    We understand some people will desperately want to protect their wealth and ensure their security and safety are guaranteed under an ANC leadership.
    We see the gesticulations to compromise an untainted ANC leadership that will not easily reel in on the hook of some dubious politicians to the detriment of the wellbeing of the Liberian populace.
    We are cognizant of your fears, worries and apprehensions. Allow me to get a message across to you: Under the leadership of the ANC there will be NO WITCH HUNT!
    The other (stupid, gbeley, dummies, country asses, heathens, etc.) children of Liberia have decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We want real change. We want to live like other neighboring African countries.

    Our arms are open wide to all who would like to join us in our strive to uniting our country and embarking on sustainable development.
    If you share in our dreams and aspirations for Mama Liberia, fall behind the line within the ANC and let’s get the job done together.

    But beware, there will be vetting within the ANC and not out of our political establishment. Once again, under the ANC, note that there will be no witch hunt. We will not have the energy for that. Our country needs every little strength in our veins to rebuild it and not to spend it what has already been decided by the international community long ago.

    This is not the official view of the ANC, please! It is the personal view of a staunch member to be of the ANC.

    No more war!

  4. Voter Perception Survey (VPS) to elect the standard-bearer of the CPP, by ANC’S Cummings’ conviction VERSUS All Liberian Party (ALP), Benoni W. Urey’s conviction, that the alliance must elect their standard-bearer through a primary, and then you caption the headline …”CPP Resolves to Elect 2023 Standard Bearer Through Primary”??

    Or Mr. Editor, are you informing the public that the CPP IS ACTUALLY A CLIQUISH DICTATORSHIP, and Benoni Urey is the CPP and the CPP is him with dictatorial views of a dictatorship?

    Furthermore, Urey how can you be so dishonest and self contradictory by ”wanting the Int’l community conduct 2020 Senatorial Elections or Take over NEC data system in one corner of your mouth, but at the other corner of your mouth you are shouting ”“ while saying ”We will not give foreigners the right to conduct a survey. We have made these mistakes on many occasions. We depend on foreign groups to decide our fate in Liberia. This has not been too good for us as people. While we may accept their views, we can never give the right of the people to a foreign group to decide for them,”

    Urey, YOU are really a thief with a dictatorial mentality. No wonder you want to return Liberia to the dictatorship and tyranny of the Masonic Craft!

    And, you Alex Cummings, WHY are you afraid of A PRIMARY? The answer is simple, and that is because despite the fact you go around buying politicians, you have no chance when it comes to the democratic political process of A PRIMARY!!

    • “And, you Alex Cummings, WHY are you afraid of A PRIMARY? The answer is simple, and that is because despite the fact you go around buying politicians, you have no chance when it comes to the democratic political process of A PRIMARY!!”

      Who is Cummings afraid of?
      Please come clear.

  5. Petarus Dolo, that rascal (Cummings) is afraid of DEMOCRATIC REALITY. This is THE ULTIMATE FATE of an agent whose life or political future is dependent on the objective or goal of his principal or principals. In presidential electoral politics, its UNSAFE to be the agent aspiring for the presidency; especially when the principals are fundamentally up for mortgaging the country.

  6. The most dishonorable thing to tell people is to say “eat the money of vote buyers but do not vote for them”. You see when a person accepts money from vote buyers with the promise that he/she will vote for that candidate, and does not vote do so, it is a practice of dishonesty. To also tell people to do so, is a way of promoting dishonesty in the society. It is lying to a person when you know that you will not do what they are requesting of you. And this is not the way to build a decent country.

    Those who desire to be public service leaders in the country must promote acts and practices of decency, honesty and truth. Therefore, we must tell people to aspire to higher standards of life by being bold, truthful and courageous. Which means, poor citizens must learn to speak truth to political leaders/ aspirants. They must learn to say, you are not my choice of candidate and so I do not want your money and I do not want your bag of rice.

    You see the Bible says ” do not give a foothold to the devil”. This means, you must not even begin a conversation with the devil. Because by doing so, you will be soon begin to think of him more frequently, and before you know it he be will become your friend. So in the same way, when we begin to accept gifts from bad and unfit politicians, before we know it, we will soon begin to campaign for them with the hope of getting more money from them. Make no mistake, money is sweet, and when people begin to compromise their integrity in exchange for money, nothing will be able to stop them from doing anything for the one is giving them money.

    A strong country must be built on integrity, honesty, and hard work. And a true and reliable political leader is the one who promotes and upholds these virtues. Make no mistake, a man or women who tells others to practice vices, can never make a good leader.

    For too long Liberians have practiced mediocrity. We have easily settled for the least, living only for today and the belly. We have been too self centered, with little or no regard for nation. It is time to turn away, and begin to pursue higher and more satisfying goals.

  7. Pastor Aberdeen F. Gargli , so for you, the most honorable thing to do is for vote buyers to buy votes? And for Pastor Gargil, that’s democracy proper? Well, Pastor, see below what is written in the very Bible you are preaching.. TAKE REVERENTIAL AND RELIGIOUS NOTE OF THE WORD ”SHREWD”!!

    Matthew 10. verse 16
    “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.

    Luke 16. verses 8 and 9
    “And his master praised the unrighteous manager because he had acted shrewdly; for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light. “And I say to you, make friends for yourselves by means of the wealth of unrighteousness, so that when it fails, they will receive you into the eternal dwelling.

  8. Realistically, the CPP was at one particular time a formidable and coherent organization. The organization’s top brass spoke with one voice. But in recent weeks, the solid ground on which the organization stood seems to be shaking. First, a firebrand named Russell, who bragged about being one of the founders of the CPP, broke away. At the time of his revolt and breakaway from the CPP organization, Russell claimed that the organization was riddled with bribetakers and perfidious individuals. The truth of the matter is that many people quickly dismissed Russell as a slouch. But, maybe Russell was right. In any case, Russell’s departure signaled a division within the CPP.

    Now, here comes Urey, the chairman of the CPP. Urey has put forth an idea that suggests chaos or a complete disharmony within the ranks of the organization’s top brass. Urey suggests that an American-style primary system should be held in order to nominate a Standard Bearer of the organization. While Urey’s proposal is attractive, some within the CPP are unhappy, (no names). According to sources, some potential candidates for the presidency had hoped that they’d be anointed and appointed to serve as nominees. Urey also suggests that the international community should play a part in nominating a nominee. The direct implication of Urey’s latest proposal is apparent: Urey distrusts his own people.

  9. Boakai and Cummings please team up now to transform Liberia ,Please I ask God to beg you !! .
    Legislators please let the men of God, the Inter religious council conduct our election and replace NEC. !! Come 2023 !

  10. There is a rebellion within the CPP! Call them CoP If you would. Regardless of they want to be called, there is a serious problem amongst the “uncollaborating” party leaders. If Alexander Cummings and Urey or Boakai cannot agree on how to nominate a Standard Bearer, how can any of them represent the people of Liberia? It’s a shame!


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