CPP On Its Way to Supreme Court

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Chairman, Collaborating Political Parties

-Amidst VRU Fraud

The Collaborating Opposition Political Parties (CPP), a conglomeration of four major political parties in Liberia, has disclosed that it is taking the National Elections Commission (NEC) to the Supreme Court on Friday, September 25, to file a Petition for a Writ of Prohibition calling for an immediate halt and cancellation of the ongoing Voter Roll Update (VRU) exercises until the issues which border on the credibility of the elections are fully addressed. 

The CPP comprises the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP), Unity Party (UP) and the All Liberian Party (ALP). 

CPP Chairman and political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, reading the statement at a press conference on September 23, 2020 said: “On Friday of this week, our lawyers will file a Petition for the Writ of Prohibition before the Supreme Court calling for an immediate halt and cancellation of the ongoing Voter Roll Update Exercises until these issues which border on the credibility of the elections are fully addressed. We ask all of our supporters to assemble at the Headquarters of the Liberty Party at 10 a.m. on Friday for a special march to the Temple of Justice, where the action will be filed,” the statement said. 

He said the huge fraud is a clever attempt of the CDC-led government to derail the peace and stability of the country, adding that it is evident in every decision that they have made, which brings shame and anger to people.

Cummings said the CPP will conduct a comprehensive awareness campaign across the country to inform Liberians in every town, village and hamlet about the danger of what the CDC-led government and its Elections Commissioners are doing with these elections. 

“We will ensure that our people are aware of their plans to rig the elections and cause election disputes across our country,” he said.

Cummings added:  “Over the past few days our country has been the subject of local and international disrepute as we witness several sad and dramatic scandals that are characteristics of the CDC-led government and clearly inimical to the image, peace and security of our country. These include the ongoing health workers strike and the Passport saga.

“This is absurd and unacceptable! We will be addressing that and other issues in a subsequent statement to be published as our focus today is on the fraudulent and irregular electoral process which is the most imminent danger to our peace and security. In closing, the CPP wants to re-emphasize that it remains committed to our peace and stability but will not sit idly and allow evil to triumph at the detriment of our people. The integrity of our elections, the image of our country and the peace we all fought for must be protected,” he said.

The issues of voters trucking and multiple registration have become serious concerns since the Voter Roll Update (VRU) process commenced on September 21, 2020, with Cape Mount and Bomi being hot spots in recent days.

Reports gathered indicate that the trucking of voters has not been limited to Liberia, but citizens from neighboring countries, particularly Sierra Leone, have reportedly been brought in to support a particular candidate in the impending senatorial election.

The voter trucking led to violent tension recently in Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties, resulting in multiple injuries because residents believed that bringing in strangers to register in different counties is a major contributing factor of electing bad leaders.

Mr. Luther Dean, Bomi County electoral magistrate,  confirmed that he had received complaints from residents that voters were being trucked mainly from Monrovia and neighboring Sierra Leone, but the facts about which politicians are involved are yet to be established.

Davidetta Browne Lansanah, Acting Chairperson of the National Elections Commission said the NEC is deeply concerned about reports of voter trucking. 

“We wish to reiterate that trucking is prohibited under Chapter 10.1(a) of the New Elections Law and is punishable by a fine and/or imprisonment of up to six months. 

While the NEC is not clothed with authority to impose criminal penalties, the Commission frowns on the trucking of citizens for political purposes and calls on all involved in this practice to immediately desist,” she said.

Browne Lansanah also said:  “let it be known that a person who is trucked to another area is also in violation of Chapter 3 of the New Elections Law, which states that a person must register to vote in the area where he or she ordinarily resides.” 

She said the NEC has put in place a measure to remedy multiple registrations by those she described as ‘criminal-minded people.’ 

Many election monitoring bodies including the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) and experts have questioned the credibility of the VRU process, calling on NEC to cancel the entire process.  

“An election is not an event but a process and, as such, an election can only be considered credible if the processes leading to the conduct of the polls are transparent. But regrettably, the preparations leading to the conduct of the pending Special Senatorial Election are not transparent,” an NGO of elections experts operating under the name, Center for Development and Elections Management (CEDEM) have said.

It may be recalled that the late political leader of the Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, took to the Supreme Court the outcome of the first round of the 2017 Presidential Election on account of election fraud and irregularities.

The Supreme Court acknowledged that the elections were marred by frauds but were not egregious to constitute a rerun. The Court, however, issued specific instructions to the National Elections Commission (NEC) to clean the voter roll; something that the NEC is yet to comply with since 2017. 

The CPP says up to last year the NEC had taken no substantial steps in cleaning the Voter Roll, thus necessitating the Liberian Senate to cite the NEC Board of Commissioners to provide updates on their compliance with the Supreme Court Ruling. 

The CPP statement added that during the hearing, the commissioners of NEC expressed their commitment to adhere to the mandate of the High Court, but the time and circumstances have proven that that commitment was a facade. 

Cummings, on behalf of the CPP said they have made several attempts to work with the NEC to have the Voter Roll cleaned, but to no avail “As NEC technicians failed to work with our technical representatives.”

“On September 10, 2020, we wrote to the Board of Commissioners of the NEC, expressing our disappointment over the manner in which the commission was proceeding with the processes leading up to the December 8, 2020 Senatorial elections.  We highlighted the postponement of the Special Senatorial Elections from October to December and the lack of cooperation with political parties, among others. We also proffered several recommendations to NEC to ensure that the elections are conducted by best international practices,” Cummings said. 

“Among those recommendations,” he said “We re-emphasized our demand for the clean-up of the Voter Roll as mandated by the Supreme Court and the June 2020 Resolution of the Legislature. We urged the NEC to put in place a rigorous citizenship verification policy to avert what is now happening in Cape Mount, Maryland, Grand Gedeh where foreigners are said to be brought into our country by unscrupulous politicians to participate in our electoral process. We also urged the NEC to revert to the stationary voter registration exercise instead of the planned mobile voter registration exercise. However, all of our recommendations clearly fell on deaf ears,” Mr. Cummings said on behalf of the CPP.


  1. I supposed the CCP is absolutely on the right course to save the election violence that lies ahead of our nation. It’s about time that someone or anyone stand up to this mess unfolding before us as a nation and say no. Since the leaderships that spearhead our elections have acknowledged the flaws but failed to take appropriate actions, “someone has to do something to represent something”, and this time it happens to be the oppositions which is their purpose role in Liberia.

    The message to the blind folded loyalist of this administration is, don’t bit more than you can chew. Liberians will not become mute to support any danger that lies ahead of them. We are just tried of elections violence. Let minimize the fraud to archive positive results and we can all agree that, it won’t be 100% accurate because, we are just mankind. That margin of error should be beyond our control and not within.

  2. CDC, another serious plague that Liberia needs to deal with tactfully!
    Weah and thugs are compulsive liars and big failures to their own families, constituents and country. They want to shove off the shame by stealing popularity through the ballot box.

    Weah, you said you are popular, why can’t you organize credible election? Do you know what the rigged 1985 election cost Liberia? Since Weah is very dull, he’s forgotten these recent events.

    Stop your hanky-panky game, hoodlum Weah.
    We aspire to live together in peace, bring up our children in peace and develop our country in peace. Get ready to pack and leave. We have so many good people in Liberia to lead the country, not a Grade 9 dropout.

    No more war in Liberia!

    • Petarus Dolo, You are insulting the leader of your country instead of criticizing him.

      But you are strangely adoring and worshiping another human being Alex Cummings who is soaked in the abominable act of sodomy as far as we have heard from himself and have read in the media and even lawyers. You even go to the extent of admitting he is your demigod! What is wrong with you?

      You really need your head RE EXAMINED..

  3. The CPP goes to court. The CPP people smell something. But I am not surprised. I knew it was coming, but not this early. The CPP people have a right to take their greviences to court. Liberia is a democratic country. The president of Liberia, Mr. Weah, is democratic. By going to court, the CPP will not be harassed or intimidated in anyway. Democracy will take hold.

    Liberia will run according to the wishes of the Liberian majority. Liberia will not run according to the wishes of the minority that oftentimes seems disorganized. Just in case you’re wondering, the recent Nimba political exercise is a typical example.

    CPP/CoP, ALP, ANC, UP, TWP and all parties (excuse CDC) please try by all means to organize your parties professionally. If you lose your case in court, do not undemocratically and un-peacefully demonstrate. And if I may add, you are too hateful and obsessed. You need a little bit of love in your hearts. Force the residue of hate in your hearts out. Your efforts may fail. But that’s how things are sometimes. I hate saying this, but I will say it because I believe it’s in your best interest. You’re a little too nutty. Calm down people. Bring yourselves to bear.


    • Mr. Hney, the CPP going to court is one thing constitutionally sound! But they calling for a de facto ILLEGAL MOB PROTEST MARCH on the premises of the Court is another thing completely intended to create chaos and violence and the violation of the rights of the rest of society.

      In fact, the issue with they claiming to go to court IS A PLOY TO CARRY OUT THEIR MATERIAL BREACH OF PUBLIC PEACE, LAW AND ORDER.

      What they failed to achieve during their hidden June 7 protest PLOY, they foolishly believe they can achieve beginning now. They fail to realize that what happened in MALI was absolutely because MALI had become a safe haven for terrorists groups. So, their intent to cause chaos to have the public not see how the CPP has collapsed, is bound to end up just as their their June 7 hidden agenda.

  4. On Friday 25th of September, CPP lawyers will file a petition to the Supreme Court, yet the leadership asking “supporters to assemble for a special march to the Temple of Justice where the action will be filed”. The question, then, becomes, what makes an impromptu march that would require police crowd control units, including diversion of personnel from ongoing operations “the right course”? Or are all these supporters meant to intimidate, and influence decisions of the justices?

    Of course, sanitizing the Voter Roll is so indispensable to the credibility and integrity of our December 8 senatorial races that if a judicial mandate deemed necessary, let it be.

    However, the reality boils down to: Leopards can’t change their spots. An alliance cobbled together, because agent provocateur Pedro Henry Costa harangued, harassed, and hustled leaders of four opposition parties to threaten street protest against government in February 2019, unsurprisingly, can’t even go to court without a march. Apparently, that continuous protests have economic costs mean nothing to an alliance which core members have vowed to make Liberia ungovernable, and often incite regime change uprising.

    • The CPP is simply trying hard to distract the public from its irresponsible conducts, while misleading their supporters or members that the so called CPP has not already torn itself apart. Secondly, envisaging their upcoming defeats from county to county, they are bent on behaving as the fake mother who preferred the newborn baby chopped into two when King Solomon. asked the two claiming mothers of the baby what each of them preferred.

  5. Corrupt People Party(ÇPP), this is another radical, unpatriotic, indiscipline and terrorist organization that have come to existence in this country. Liberian people we should be mindful of this terrorist group again. They have nothing to offer to the state, but a subversion and terroristic threats against the our beloved country.

    The CPP in their quest for power, they have been characterized by so many uncertainties. To sure his ineptitude and inability of leadership, to a file a complain or lawsuit that should amount to calling on all adherents to accompany a lawyer? Is that sound patriotic? Why this arrogant group alway in the constant habitual of scaring away investors? Our economy is already on a lower scale of struggling thereby bringing untold suffering to commoners who they are they using in particular to achieve their political goal. From all indications, Cummings has proven himself villainous and not a presidential material through his anxiety for power. Therefore, earlier grave awaiting him.

    If such radicalization continue wherein group of terrorist feel that there are more superior, it may subsequently lead to a turmoil situation which Liberian people don’t want to experience again. Liberia’s is a Democratic country which our current leader proven to be. They should pursut the law in the rightful manner. Because violence have never solve our problems, but instead retrogression.

  6. Under the same breath, they say the country and the regime are democratic. But when the opposition takes them on that offer under the democratic rule of laws by a peaceful march, then the opposition becomes a group of political odisorganized bandits. In unity is strength, and they have started feeling politically insecure. It was just a matter of time to see the light and strength of unity for the roaches to start running in every direction as usual. Fear and insecurity are not the best option for CDC. They have reached a political point of no confidence. And have reached a political point of no return to their basic principles that made them once a popular force to reckon with. No More. The try and error have failed.

  7. Mr. True Nationalist,
    I know what’s going on. We’ve got to play by the rules of the game. If the opposition chooses to go to court, so be it. But, they will suffer the consequences if violent protests are held while the court proceedings go on.

    I really, really find it hard to believe that during this day and age, their are people who believe that a democratically elected person should be brought down by flimsy greviences. First of all, the opposition is badly at odds with one another. As incoherent as they are, how realistic will it be for the Liberian people to listen to their mumble-jumble? Let’s not forget that during the decades of the 60s up to the early eighties, liberation movements were actively used to dethrone governments. We’re no living in the past!

    Some of the top brass of the opposition, (no names) are plagued with personal problems. Shoot! I don’t want to see a situation where a president (God forbid) is constantly accused of being a bisexual. I mean that’s not how we were brought up in the motherland.

  8. Mr. True or false nationalist! Our present president, president George Wiah was accused of homosexual act by prophet key on his platform. He went on naming individuals that took part in the act along side the president which was a bit overboard for me but that’s the reality. I didn’t buy into that because, that’s the president privacy and nobody business. On the other hand, all folks have to say about Cummings is homosexual claims which is just totally nonsense or perhaps, I must be wrong because many of you must have had personal experience with him and that, it will be your words against his per say. If not, stop the false gossips and get to the real issues. The real issues are, better managing our country to prosperity for every Liberians rather creating environment for our people to continue adjusting their lives to abject poverty. Creating the environment for small business platform since government can not hire everyone. Stop the propaganda and get to the fixing of our country problems, the bottom line.

  9. Great man, Mr. Akoi!
    I wish I were standing by your side to put you on my back and dance with you for 5 minutes. Thank God we still have few people like you in Liberia.
    You see my brother, the war in Liberia made many of our people very stupid. Most Liberians don’t think and act like ordinary human beings but real beasts.

    CDCians, open your eyes and just look at people who speak out for Cummings and those who speak out for Weah. Also look at people who are in both men’s inner circles. Using your common sense from your observation, who is morally clean?

    Mr. Michael S. Solee has promised Cummings an early grave, unfortunate! But Mr. Solee, with all the many people you have sent to their early graves, what change has it brought to your life?
    Once upon a time you even decided to eradicate a group of people in Liberia, did it bring you victory or any feeling of achievement? Are those people eradicated? Their children did not die and came back to revenge their parents. What did it add to Liberia? On the contrary, it only divided Liberia and brought untold suffering to all Liberians irrespective of tribes and regions. Have you forgotten it so quickly?
    We look forward to seeing you send Cummings to his early grave. But be reminded, our (ANC) resolve to taking over our country and putting it on the right path is UNFLINCHING and UNCOMPROMISING.
    Come what may, we will get the job done for you to feel like a human being in your own country. We want for you and your children to grow up in a conducive environment where we will all begin to dream big and build a better future for ourselves in our country.

    Weah’s brain was NEVER exposed to the first stage of intellectualism (Junior High Certificate). Nothing he can do for Liberia. Like other empty-headed African dictators, he has visited all the “zo bushes” in Liberia and signed the most heinous and devilish pacts. Such practice can only exacerbate the degrading spiritual situation and developmental hindrances of Liberia.

    Weah had a planned coup against Ellen, no one took his life for his stupid and vain ambition. Now he’s there, what has he done differently? What is he innovating to do? Mr. Solee, your life is still the same. Cummings wants to change it. Cummings wants you to know that you can succeed and live happily without venturing into the political arena of Liberia. You can live a better life on your farms, by making use of the beautiful landscape and rich marine resources God gave us free of charge.

    Don’t daydream about sending anyone to their early grave again in Liberia, Mr. Solee!

  10. Mr. Dolo, why sound so scaring? My message or view on this platform shouldn’t be so touching to you. This is not the era where person’s or a prominent political figure should be witch hunt or force into disappearance. While we appreciate the the Observers for giving us the platform to express our little views about our country, my view about your political leader, Mr. Cummings EARLIER GRAVE AWAITING him is metaphorical and has no negative motive behind it to bodily harm him or takeaway his life’s.

    Despite our political and social differences, we are longer under the bondage of anarchy’s or militarization government where a person or a important political figure can be force into disappearance for his or her critical view. Mr. Cummings as any other Liberian has the right to freely and peaceful live under our constitution. Mr. Cummings current stance in our political arena is amazing to many in particular to you Mr. Dolo. It would be so evil and naive on my part to single handily threaten the precious life of Mr. Cummings. I merely translated this that ” Mr. Cummings is power greed, and highly in expectation to become a president; if his expectation comes negative, he may not be psychologically strong enough to cope with his defeat” which could lead to his earlier grave. So, this is my translation of EARLIER GRAVE AWAITING him.

    However, the CPP need to desist from threatening our fragile peace. It has been sensed that they has ascribed to the ideology of the Al Qaeda network which the international community, the US in particular need to carefully monitor the CPP activities. President Donald Trump need to discern on the CPP in order for them to respect the peace. We expect better things from the CPP but not putting people in the streets to cause Havocs.

  11. Mr. Solee! What’s your defination and understanding of power greed you think Mr. Cummings is. His desire to seek the presidency of our republic turned him into being power greed? Or just to say from your point of view, anyone that seeks the presidency is power greed? Just justified your view about the word “power greed” because I am struggling to term with you when Cummings has no records of politics or governance in Liberia rather clean spread sheets from the cooperate world, and trying to bring such positive aspirations and dynamics of political goals to Liberia and in your view, that’s power greed.

    On the contrary, my understanding of power greed is, someone in power or authority that will do anything to maintain this authority at all cost, especially at the expense of the people despite of their outcry. Did Mr. Cummings possess any of the characteristics during his stayed in the cooperate industry that relate to power greed, then we can labell him as such, but other than that, his desire for our presidency should not be deem as power greed. Then every other political party leaders should be term as power greed if that’s the case. Don’t create smoke where there is no wet fire wood.


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