CPP Flags Contradictions in President’s Annual Address

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Chairman, Collaborating Political Parties

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), having listened to President George Weah’s state of the nation address on January 25 and dissected issues the President spoke about, has come out with its analyses of economic problems facing the country and described what the CDC-led government considers as progress as a total contradiction of the existing reality.

According to a statement issued by CPP Chairman and political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Cummings, President Weah set the impression that all is well in the country, reporting that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was revised downwards to negative 3.3 in 2020 from negative 2.5 percent in 2019 reflecting a decline, though, projecting economic growth in 2021.

The CPP Chairman recalled that the President has stated that the Liberian dollar has appreciated compared to other currencies in the region but with 40 percent of the banknotes mutilated, and called on the Legislature to allow the government to print new family banknotes.  “President Weah also called for currency reforms, citing that the CBL does not have control over 90 percent of Liberian dollars outside the banking sector, thus recognizing the lack of confidence or low confidence in the banking sector,” the CPP Chairman recalled.

Even though President Weah acknowledged the printing of L$4 billion in July last year, while the senatorial election was approaching, Mr. Cummings said the President failed to tell the country in his speech what happened to this amount, before he is seeking legislative approval to print additional monies.  He also raised the existing concern about the alleged missing L$16 billion, which he said the President could not mention in his speech.

Cummings further recalled the President as having said that the government carried forward from fiscal year 2019/2020 to fiscal year 2020/2021 US$7 million, but at the same time quoted the National Budget of Liberia 2020/2021 Section 1.5 Fiscal table which states that unspent cash carried forward from 2019-2020 fiscal year recast budget is US$10 million.

Mr. Cummings, therefore, wondered what is the fate of the balance $3 million to reconcile the National Budget’s statement as the President is speaking of carrying $7 million forward.

He also wondered why civil servants, contractors for beach and waterways project, employees of Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC), and Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) employees are yet to receive when the government is carrying forward residue of fiscal year budget depicting that the country experience budget surplus.

The CPP Chairman also flagged that the President indicated in his speech an increase of $300 million in Liberia’s debt, but again raised concern why such an increase when international partners are sponsoring the constructions of roads in Liberia and were responsible to pay the country’s COVID-19 Response expenses.

Mr. Cummings also questioned the George Weah Administration’s promise to create 1 million jobs for Liberians over a five-year period with about six hundred thousand to be created in three years, but there was not a single job created last year.  “Instead of job creation strategy as promised in the PAPD, the government has actually implemented job destruction through its poor governance, lack of accountability and transparency, judicial interference, and general insecurity, which undermines investor’s confidence,” Mr. Cummings said.

In his state of the nation address, President Weah mentioned that 40% food distribution of the stimulus package has reached 1 million Liberians in ten (10) counties, but Mr. Cummings, quoting the Afro Barometer report, said not more than 16% of any social demographic group in Liberia has received said package and 78% of Liberians say the benefits to support people during the COVID-19 were unfairly distributed.  Cummings further noted that President Weah’s pronouncement that US$1 million was given the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) for power relief for citizens as part of the stimulus package was a show, as many communities in and around Monrovia are out of electricity either as a result of damaged transformers or the failure of LEC to take power to them.

With US$26 million said to have been used on COVID-19, Cummings questioned the government on what the money was used when health workers continue to go on strike in demand for hazard benefits and salaries.

Besides economic issues, the CPP through its Chairman said the President’s boast for education in Liberia is shameful because the sector remains poorly handled and that his (President Weah’s) celebration is complete mediocrity.   He also said the President failed to mention about the national referendum that he (President) began campaigning for before the National Elections Commission (NEC) could declare campaign open.

He indicated further that the President, because of shame, could not mention the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) because it has ended with no hope or idea of renewal for the government. Additionally, he could not give an account of the Road Fund meant to generate income to facilitate the rehabilitation of roads and other road projects.

Mr. Cummings said the Weah Administration, considering what he calls its shortcomings and pitfalls, is still on a “trial and error” governance method and, contrary to the President’s admittance that the country is stable, it is rather weak and unstable.

He further stated that the security situation and corrupt justice system in the country are not anything to mention as all Liberians know the killing of auditors and the unjustifiable and unconstitutional removal of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh continue to hunt the credibility and stability of the country.           


  1. Dear Mr. Cummings,

    Thank you for pointing out all his LIES. Look Sir, the guy has already made a music about himself “Mr. LIAR MAN”.
    Weah is indeed a liar man. He has no shame or remorse for the sufferings he is inflicting on his own CDCians and the Liberian people. Let him keep lying to them and not paying their salaries.
    How can you boast of surplus budget while people are not paid for 13 months?

    They unscrupulously come out to boast of progress while the Millennium Challenge Corporation is closing its doors on them because of rampant corruption.

    Let the Liberian people learn for always making stupid decisions. Our people should understand that governance is not for the boisterous, illiterate and ignorant people just because they are notorious or celebrities. If not, the USA could have produced many leaders like Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, etc.

    Weah and thugs are good at doing two things: entertaining and using vituperations. Never vote such people again in Liberia, they are vexations to the spirit.
    They inherited a beautifully slow-paced steady growing economy, now it is almost crumbling in their hands.
    Why is this guy boasting of roads? Are you (CDCians) the ones building the roads? Even the electricity project, are you the one?
    You better be sincere to your people for once.

    Bunch of gronna boys with uncouth upbringing!

    • Let’s get it right. Alex Cummings is no longer [CHAIRMAN] of CPP. That position rotates periodically to a different political leader within CPP. I suppose, the new Chairperson is Hon. Lawrence, Senator, Grand Bassa County.

    • George Weah is a liar but the people are not fools. Liberians are living through the most economic hardship in peacetime. Weah and his thugs can lie until the cows come home, but it doesn’t change the facts on the ground. Weah is a failed President.

  2. There are some Liberians who want to convince the rest of us that they’ve got the best of solutions for Liberia. Don’t believe them. Guess what? It’s God who’s got the best of intentions and solutions for Liberia. Through thick and thin, Liberians will prevail!

    Run & Ruin……
    Those disorganized people (names omitted) who want to run Liberia are newsmakers. Should those newsmaking dis-organizers ever be given the opportunity to run Liberia, our livelihood, cattle, property and the country itself will be perennially ruined. How? Because it’s written all over them. They will create a two-class system:
    Proletarian class and the
    Upper class.
    As you can see, the middle class will be wiped out of Liberia.

    Diet Pepsi vs Coco-Cola……
    If there’s a Liberian lady who works for Diet Pepsi, I believe she should step out of the woods to help the people of Liberia after Weah steps down at the end of his term. Why?
    Most women (85% of them), are not dis-organized and dishonest, but are rather straightforward and organized. So since that’s the case, a former female Liberian Diet Pepsi employee will definitely not make knavish promises about creating 10,000 jobs in a week’s time. Also, a former female Diet Pepsi employee will not brag about International Boards on which she sits as COO or CEO. Lastly, a former female Liberian Diet Pepsi employee will not ruin the country, but will rather run the country in a respectable manner.

  3. At least, some sympathizers are realizing that their guy is a failed president. I hope they can join the progressivists’ train for a better Liberia.

    It’s better to have a plan and fail then to have no plans and destroy existing achievements. So, the people say, ‘to learn book is good oooooooooooooooh, my people!”

  4. One one hand, it is encouraging that CPP critiqued a state of union address, which unconvincingly spells out mechanisms for safely steering the ship of state to port; on the other hand, what good does it serve without offering solutions. After all, Liberia’s dysfunctional governance predated the birth of GMW, and we saw no meaningful reforms during the tenure of a mother-figure who had rightly said long long time ago: “Liberia is not poor. Liberia is poorly run”. (Institutional inefficiency, mismanagement, waste, and graft).

    We should cut to the chase. Hardships will continue in Liberia as long as government’s annual spending climbs to USD $606 million whilst domestic revenues circle around USD $478 million including USD $175 million or so in foreign resources from traditional partners. Our leaders seem to lack the political will to halt the rhetoric, and courageously maximize revenue mobilization and collection.

    For example, government should reverse the more than century of grand theft in the precious mineral industry of diamonds, gold, rutile, cobalt and so which wealth go mostly into the pockets of bureaucrats at lands and mines, politicians, and their foreign partners. Liberia’s annual budget should be about USD $1.5 billion in the hands of competent, honest, and patriotic aides committed to Weah’s PPAD. The buck should stop at his desk, because play play with bleak times is combustible.

  5. Mr. Moses
    I like your post! I wish many of us on this blog can hold such analytical intellectualism for our readers, then I will rest assured that Liberia is heading in the right direction.

    I consider myself an opposition to the Weah’s administration, an admirer and defender of the ideals and policies of Mr. Cummings for Liberia and so I see myself in the obligation to reply to the pertinent points you’ve underscored.

    CPP’s critiques….
    In a country, the objective of any political party is to propose a better agenda to its citizenry; a better development plan for the people over a given period.
    Elections permit political groupings to convincingly present such agenda to the people, from which they make a choice.

    We cannot be courting the same woman, each persuasively proving the love he holds for such beautiful lady through gifts and flowers, then you win the lady over and expect me, the guy who was not chosen, to come and lecture you, the winner, on how to show tender love to your woman or how to be romantic towards her. NO, Sir! The woman has made a choice and must assume it. If she feels that the guy was a traitor and liar, let her divorce, then I can come in to show her the true love I behold towards her.

    As the saying goes, two (2) captains cannot steer the same boat. If Weah and CDC have come to realize that they have nothing to offer Liberia, they have a choice now: Let them resign and call for fresh elections, or usher in a power sharing government where opposition will come in to help, or keep quiet to grope its way through the unchartered waters.

    We (ANC) have better plans contained in our 2017 platform / agenda. Consult our plans, we are not just criticizing for criticizing sake, we have presented our plans to the Liberian people, and we are of the strongest conviction that Weah and the CDC had no plans for Liberia. What we see on their website was either copied from somewhere or written by some experts. Why am I saying this? Because they have not even followed any of the points on their platform at the slightest rate of 0.001%.
    Consult them and come back to contradict me, if I am being vainly critical!

    Ellen and budget…
    I am not Ellen’s fan nor partisan of her political party, and in no way, I can ever become her surrogate.
    Did you expect any magical development under her administration? Me, NO! I did not expect anything positive other than the Liberian status quo development but PEACE.

    However, being the first woman president in Africa, she attracted many investors and gained favor and sympathy from many humanitarian organizations.
    Under her regime, the country was flooded with huge investment capitals and substantial humanitarian activities. Also, she enjoyed the good grace of the African Union, USA and its financial institutions.

    This period was just the ideal time to correct the educational gap harrowed by our fratricidal barbarism.
    Instead, as usual and knowing her selfish background, she let the Liberian egomania out of the bag to only cater to her people and praise singers as well as people who would say “YES Madam” to her.
    Worst, to cover up her iniquity, she handed a bait to a naïve and illiterate opposition who wasted no time in grabbing unto it like a bull-headed punk.

    Liberia should maintain a constant and minimal budget of $2 billion, from simple empirical analysis. We (ANC) are going to begin with $2.5 billion to divert from the 1847-styled hypocrisy and dehumanization. We know the country has money, and we know where the money goes (in private pockets instead of state coffers). We will close all those demonic holes.
    We will be calm to close them because we have beautiful standing army to protect the Republic. The police force, currently infested with thugs, will be cleansed thoroughly to enforce the laws objectively.

    Weah has been compromised! He can NEVER work with honest and patriotic aides. People with such characterization, like the 4 auditors, will easily meet their early deaths if they accept a job in the CDC administration.

  6. Monkey and Baboon Have The Same ‘Black Hands’.

    It was in this same status quo that the former regime of EJS received 16 plus billions (with a B) to steer the affairs of the state in 144 months and corruption was at the highest. I have cousins and friends who left from refugee camps in Ghana and other countries, arrived in Liberia in 2006 and 2008 respectively. By 2011, they already have houses that were built from salary of government jobs. It is anybody guess if their salaries could ever afford a roof of any of those houses that were built.
    As Liberian, we are well known for building ‘wealth’ not from private sectors, but from government jobs. That is the reason many of us are dying to acquired government jobs. The CDC -led government is no exception at all.

    During my birth year in 1982, the Reagan’s White House gave then PRC Government 500,000 million, the highest aid ever received in Sub Saharan Africa. The money was squandered by the Junta in less than 36 months.
    We are fast to criticize a regime in power and we get there, we performed worst than the previous.

    Every succeeding regime use the previous as a ‘punch bag’. So do the PRC regime accused the William Tolbert’s TWP for rampant corruption. The Taylor NPP regime accused the Doe Regime for corruption and the abused of human right. But, NPP became worst. EJS came and accused Taylor, even though she was part of the foundation of the NPP. Her regime received the highest fund from donors.

    The solution to our problem is not accusing one regime after another or telling them to step down. We have gone down this road before, so we cannot get out by doing the same thing over and over with no good result. A monkey accusing a baboon of black hand, and Mr. Monkey himself cannot wash his hand pure white, may not take us anywhere.

    From: Mamadu S. Bah, Adelaide, Australia.


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