CPP Disenchanted over ‘Police Brutality’

Riot police proceed up Lynch Street toward Broad Street, Monrovia, in an effort to prevent protesters from reaching the Capitol to state their planned "peaceful" protest on November 16, 2020.

The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), comprising the All Liberian Party (ALP), Alternative National Congress (ANC), Liberty Party (LP), and the Unity Party (UP), has condemned in the strongest terms of recent police brutality meted out against Liberians participating in a peaceful protest, organized by the Council of Patriots (COP).

The COP protest, like most recent protests, is the group’s response to the widespread and uncontrollable vices and total disregard for the rule of law in the CDC-led government.

It may be recalled that on November 16 when the Council of Patriots came out to have its “Peaceful protest,” the Liberian National Police dispersed them with tear gas and moved towards them with some level of force to discourage the protest.

Over the last few months, the CPP release said, Liberians and the world at large have witnessed a wave of police brutality against peaceful protestors; including anti-rape protestors, journalists, and families of three young Liberians who went missing under very mysterious circumstances about a couple of weeks ago. The recent act of police brutality against supporters of the COP marks the latest in what has become a new normal and hallmark of the CDC-led Government.

“The CPP would like to remind the Government of Liberia that the ongoing wave of state-sponsored police brutality against Liberians is in utter violation of Article 17 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia and several international human rights instruments that our country is a signatory to; including Article 20 (1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 21 and 22 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). It is noteworthy and sad, but not surprising, that these acts of violence are happening under the leadership of a man once perceived to be an icon of peace, and whose political party persistently complained of suffering similar fate during twelve years in opposition,” the CPP release said.

The political group’s release said the failure of the regime to prosecute perpetrators of these brutalities is telling and clearly calls into question the president’s affirmation of his oath of office, to uphold and defend the laws of Liberia.

“With less than a month to the crucial December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Elections, the CPP calls on the International Community and friends of Liberia to intervene in the security situation in our country, as signs of impending instability become glaring by the day. The ongoing recruitment of CDC loyalist to the Liberian National Police; the public outrage against widespread corruption in our country; and the mysterious deaths of four auditors, are but a few indicators of just how tensed the security atmosphere of our country is, and why the intervention of the International Community is necessary,” release added.

Meanwhile, CPP Chairman, Alexander Cummings, has renewed and re-emphasized his support to all Liberians to peacefully protest their grievances against their government and urged the CDC Government to respect the democratic and constitutional rights of citizens to protest.

 Cummings urged the Liberian people to remain calm and gear-up for the biggest protest against the CDC-led Government by rejecting all candidates of the CDC on December 8, 2020.


  1. BUTT-BOY Alex Cummings, enough of your childish and silly politics. How the hell can you, Joseph Boakai, Benoni Urey, and that husband killer Nyonblee and husband girlfriend killer Nyonblee Karngar cancel your own protest while you crooks and greedy for power politicians want us to protest?

    I advised my fellow CoP members not to allow you greedy politicians´ to deceive us to take your hot coal from the fire, but some of them did not listen. Next time, they will listen. The Police was darn right. Yes,m we want to be a pressure group, but not people set aside to do you people dirty work while you people and your family are living the best of lives and protecting your families.

    For example, there that Costa who we now know is a Portuguese living his life in America, and expecting us to do his dirty work. Do you people think we are stupid? In fact, I think the police was very right to teargas, just as some of our members were right to leave and join CDC. You people think you are smart.

  2. The CoP/CPP dis-organizers who are often described as being disunited and weak are somehow disenchanted at law enforcement? It’s a complete joke!

  3. Daily Observer,
    Please tell your Alice Alexander homosexual Senior Punk Cummings LIAR to go and find place to hide his PUSSY BUTT.
    The Republic of Liberia belongs to all Liberians, and the Government has the responsibility to protect lives and properties.
    One of the primary responsibility of the Government of Liberia is to maintain PEACE, SECURITY and STABILITY.
    The Government should not allowed the COP/CPP Cummings and his collaborators to continuously engaged in acts that have the potential to cause CHAOS in Liberia under the disguise of advocacy. Their primary intention is to suppress the economic growth and development of Liberia, by driving away POTENTIAL INVESTMENTS.
    Besides, there were no organized Peaceful assembly in Liberia on November 16, 2020. Only a handful of (less than 50) COP/CPP thugs attempted to disturb the peace.
    The National Security had all rights to dispersed those bunch of CRIMINALS.
    There were no “Police Brutality”. Members of the National Security were simply performing their Constitutional responsibilities.
    Further, tell PUNK DESPERADO Alice Alexander Cummings to continue his struggle on his DISGRACEFUL LIFESTYLE.
    Mr. SODOMY!!!!!!!!!

    • The upbringing of some children creates failure in societal discourse where decent communication, intelligibility and rationality become expensive and rare commodities. I wish Isaac could have had the privilege to be exposed to critical thinking to introspect his imbecilities and contemplate his dunderhead to be ridiculously ashamed of his mere scrap of a man.
      How I am ashamed to have you as a fellow countryman, Isaac!

      • Petarus Dolo, is bearing false witness for someone (Alexander Cummings) a homosexual who has publicly confessed been seriously involved in sodomy and is establishing and sponsoring sodomy foundations in a nation which culture, tradition, custom, and even law or general ways of life detest sodomy or homosexualism what you Petarus Dolo define as “decent communication, intelligibility and rationality becoming expensive and rare commodities“? Are you okay?

        As a matter of fact it is this mindset and character of yours which reminds one about “the upbringing of some children creates failure in societal discourse where they (eg. Petarus Dolo) could have had the privilege to be exposed to critical thinking to introspect his imbecilities and contemplate his dunderhead to be ridiculously ashamed of his mere scrap of a man“ (Petarus Dolo) bearing false and insane witness for someone (Alex Cummings) a guy whose personality as a gay butt boy smells all over the place.

        So you see, any decent or cultured Liberian is proud of the likes of Isaac Dikenah, and ashamed of you Petarus Dolo bearing false witness regarding a sin and an abomination of sodomy which the very man for whom you are bearing false witness have time without number confessed publicly about he being a gay butt boy.

        • I am ready and willing to accept your (baseless) accusations if and only if you can forward me a video or an audio or a link that can prove that Cummings publicly came out to confess that he was a gay.
          Maintain civility for while and indulge in decent communication with me on this topic. I look forward to any medium / media which can prove your accusation, I beg your pardon.

  4. Daily Observer,
    In the above photograph I see only Police and bystanders.
    Where are the “protesters and evidence of brutality”???
    The Daily Observer was one of the most outstanding, balanced and credible news outlets in Liberia.
    What went wrong???

    • Isaac Dikenah,

      What went wrong, you asked? I will tell you what went wrong. What went wrong is your poor choice of words on this forum. I am sure there are other words that you can use to adequately describe your disgust without resort to foul language.

      You are on the persons whose writings that I admire here and I hope that you dont take offense to what I am saying to you, sir. But I just believe that you can do better that this and I want to continue to admire your writings. Take it or leave it.

      Thank you, Sir.

  5. Such a person without home training, is insulting others political leaders beneficial to you? Can you remembered when your standard bearer striped himself naked to advertised perfume and has the tendencies to follow the spouses of his colleagues? Is it moral to do, in our setting? Those who lived in a glass house should not throw stones! If the COP members were 50 persons or less, they should not had been assaulted, their assembly has the backing of the Constitution of Liberia.
    It is out of fear and weakness; that this government ordered that the protesters should not assemble. so do not be happy and rude.

  6. By haranguing, harassing, and hounding leaders of ALP, UP, ANC, and LP to coalesce, Costa believes he is the brain and voice behind Liberia’s emerging opposition movement. Thus, I can imagine him forcing Mr Alexander Cummings to describe as “Police Brutality” the COP’s aborted attempt at provocation and confrontation during a pandemic. Apparently, the CPP hasn’t yet realized that Costa comes with a baggage that could weigh it down.

    First, the talkshow host makes money from gofundme contributors and advertisers; therefore, to ensure that cash keeps rolling in, he doesn’t give a fiddle inciting chaos in our fragile postwar country. Second, he has little faith in voters doing the right thing without pre-election street protests. Third, the agent provocateur conveys the impression that an uprising is a faster route to a presidency he believes leaking with milk and honey.

    Henrique Pedro Costa rightfully thinks Liberians, who freely contributed money for the ACDL and NPFL to hire foreign mercenaries from Burkina Faso, the Gambia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and elsewhere to not only kill a quarter million of their own people, but also damaged over U.S $4 billion of critical infrastructure, are silly fools. What a genius!


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