COYPED Wants Drug Abuse Combated


The Consolidated Youth for Peace and Development (COYPED) has called on everyone to join effort in combating drug abuse in the country.
Speaking last Friday at a program marking the celebration of International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit trafficking held at the Y.M.C.A on Broad Street, James Koryor, COYPED Executive Director urged the government and stakeholders in the drug sector to save the younger generation from getting involved with harmful substances.
Koryor underscored the need for young people to distance themselves from drugs. He disclosed that “a huge percentage of the young people have been affected by drug use in the country.”
He called on the government to carve policies and deterrent measures for users and importers of drugs into the Liberia.
He wants the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to partner with youth and advocacy organizations to intensify the campaign against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.
The keynote speaker, a representative of Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, Titus Charley, noted that drug abuse has made young Liberians hopeless and created serious impediment to social, economic, cultural and political life of the country.
Mr. Charley stressed that Liberia continues to suffer due to the constant usage of drugs by young people, who supposed to be future leaders.
He mentioned that prevention starts with parents, and they are under obligation to ensure that the kids do not take drugs, tobacco or alcohol, and they should start to talk and listen to their kids, and help them to make good choices and friends.
For his part, Assistant Information Minister, Albert K. Jaja, pointed out that the fight against drug abuse should be collective.
He noted that the fight requires the disclosure of the hideouts of drug traders, and a strong drug law that prohibits or bars the usage of drug in the country.
At the event, the Assistant Minister for Youth Development at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Lance Gbagonyon mentioned that the government needs to intensify the fight against drug abuse to create a secure and safe society.
Also, the vice president of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), Jallah Grayfield, said drug abuse hinders the growth and development of young people.
He called on the media to join the fight against drug abuse by airlifting stories and articles on the effects of drugs in the country.
The event brought together hundreds of students and youths, who were told about the harmful effects of drugs in Liberia.
The students were also taught about their roles and responsibilities in the combat against drug and they were encouraged by panellists to desist from the harmful use of drug.