COVID-19 Surges In Saclapea

E&J Medical Center, Ganta, Nimba County

Six confirmed cases reported

Concern is said to be mounting in one of Nimba commercial cities of Saclapea over the surge of COVID-19, of which 6 confirmed cases have been reported and taken to the E&J Medical Center for treatment.

The Statutory Superintendent of the Saclapea Statutory District, Mr. Arthur Gonkartee Sahn, confirmed the surge on the local radio station in Saclapea, adding that the local authority is concerned and they are organizing stakeholder coordination meeting for immediate action to stop the spread.

He explained that the six confirmed cases have been located to the Esther and Jeremiah (E&J) Medical Center in Ganta undergoing treatment, while the local health authority and contact tracers are carrying on contact tracing in and around Saclapea.

Mr. Sahn disclosed that 13 contacts have been identified and they have been placed under quarantine, but he also disclosed that they are looking for a suitable building in Saclapea to take those at high risk, so as to stop further spread of the disease.

For the urgency of the situation, he said the local authorities with Saclapea, including all stakeholders will be meeting daily to get a briefing from health authority on the ongoing situation.

However, Dr. Philip Sahr, Nimba County Health Officer has confirmed it, adding the confirmed cases have been taken to the E&J Medical Center.

He also declared Ganta as the hot spot in Nimba, but could not explain the number of confirmed cases there. However, the Daily Observer has observed some unprecedented high fever across Ganta, but it is not clear whether it is related to COVID – 19.

Ganta City is still loose when it comes to observance of the preventive health protocols, which calls for social distancing, hand washing and the use of face masks. Marketplaces and social centers are still opened to the public and well-attended.

Recently, the Liberia National Police canvassed Ganta to enforce the use of face masks by erecting checkpoints, compelling everybody to wear nose masks.

The lack of testing center or facility in Nimba is likely to increase the spread of the disease, because the between time it takes for specimen from suspected patients to reach Monrovia and the finally getting the results back, the suspected patient would have already gotten in contact with numerous other persons.


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