COVID-19 Scare Leaves Saclepea Health Center Deserted

Dr. Parwoan explained that patients and some health workers have stopped coming to the health center, because of the fear of COVID-19.

The Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center in Nimba has been deserted by some staffs and patients for fear of COVID-19. The SCHC is another major health center in the central region of Nimba catering for a huge segment of the high population of Nimba.

The desertion of the health center came when family members and others who came in contact with the controversial case in Tappita were held there.

Speaking an interview with Radio Saclepea on Tuesday, April 15, 2020 the Chief Medical Doctor Saye Parwon, those friends and relatives of Don Patrick who reportedly died from COVID-19, hired a car and was on the way with the contacts to Monrovia when they were stopped by the the health authority and taken to the center quarantined for some days.

Dr. Parwoan explained that patients and some health workers have stopped coming to the health center because of the fear of COVID-19. It can be recalled that during the Ebola crisis in 2014 many health workers died because at first they had no personal protective equipment, and similar situation is marking the COVID-19 incident.

He clarified that those who were held in the premises were not confirmed cases as widely bandied in the community  rather, they came in contact with the person who is said to have had the disease.

The administrator, Peter Wonokay, said the health center has enough medical drugs, but lacks personal protection equipment (PPE). He, therefore, is asking the medical staff to purchase their own gloves and face masks for self-protection until the health center can be supplied.

Wonokay is also appealing to all the clinicians to return to work without any delay and the public to make use of the health center than running into the bushes. Currently, many mothers are said to have stopped taking their children for a vaccine due to fear that contacts of coronavirus have been brought to the health facility.

“The vaccine we are giving is the same regular vaccine they have been administering to children and pregnant women are for polio and whooping cough, among others,” said Mr Yenamie, the chief vaccinator.

“We ask all the mothers to bring their children for vaccine, no coronavirus vaccine is here,” Mr. Yenamie reiterated.

In the same interview held on Radio Saclepea one of the health workers that about 75% of pregnant women attending the hospital have also stopped, because of the same fear.

The Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center is a leading health facility in Nimba County for Lassa Fever and Rabies vaccines.

Recently, the County Health Officer Dr. Philip Sahr announced that two contagious disease treatment centers in Nimba, including Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center and Kpain Holding Site, are in deplorable conditions.

Meanwhile, Don Patrick, who died in Tappita was on April 14, 2020, buried in his home village near Gborlor Dialah, a town close to Grand Gedeh. He was buried by family members backed by health practitioners from the Jackson Fiah Doe Referral Hospital in Tappita.

The late Don K. Patrick died over a week ago in his fiancee home town of Zortuo, after a brief illness. His body was taken to JFD where he was diagnosed with COVID -19 in a controversial report. He and his fiancee entered Liberia on February 28, 2020, for the purpose of dowrying his fiancee, but died while the ceremony was still pending.


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