Court’s Restriction Hangs Over Late Fofana’s Million-Dollar Estate

    The disputed portion of land in Paynesville .jpg

    An order restricting leasing or selling of the disputed million-dollar (USD) intestate estate of the late Sekou Fofana has been issued by the Probate Court at the Temple of Justice.

    A “property caveat” order was requested by sibling of the late Fofana, alleging that while the intestate estate case is before the Court for determination, some “unscrupulous” individuals posing as administrators were leasing or selling portions of it.

    A property caveat is a legal restriction upon the use or sale of real estate.

    It is a written notification or warning that someone has a legal interest in a property that may have priority over the legal rights of anyone seeking to become new owners of a property or establish some other interest in it.

    They made specific reference to individuals attempting to sell or lease two lots opposite the Victory Chapel in the commercial district of Paynesville, outside Monrovia, which they threatened would result in a bloody battle.

    The lots have been highly contested in the court by the Fofana family and the fiancée of the deceased, Madam Assatu Turay.

    Minutes after requesting for the Caveat, Mr. Karifla Donzo told journalists at the Temple of Justice that his family is prepared to use any possible legal means to prevent the property from being sold or leased.

    “Madam Turay was a girl friend of our late brother and she has been denying the family of the property. We will not allow this to continue any longer. We will resist it to the highest,” Mr. Donzo promised declared.

    “We are sending out this warning to people not to do any business with Madam Turay regarding the said property. If anyone dare ignores our warning, you would be harming yourself,” he further cautioned. 

    Madam Turay denied the claims when she first appeared before the court protesting that she is the surviving and legally married widow of the deceased.

    Her status, she claimed, gives her the right to administer any of her late husband’s properties.

    But, in their request for the caveat, which is under the signature of Atty. Arthur T. Johnson, a copy of which is in the Daily Observer’s possession, reads word-for-word: “Counsel for prosecution in the person of Karifla Donzo and relatives hereby request Your Honor and this Court to issue an order on the Intestate Estate of Sekou Fofana, in order to prohibit, and enjoin any sale, lease or commercial transaction of said property may be carried out by anyone, except by this court order.”

    “If this court fails to issue the order on said Estate, it will adversely affect the rights and interests of the beneficiaries,” it prayed.


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