Court to Enforce Judgment against Tax Defrauders

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Following Tax Court Judge Mozart Chesson’s recent statement blaming the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) for not doing much to ensure his court enforces its ruling handed down against tax defrauders, the legal team of the LRA is now doing everything possible to work in that direction.

LRA lawyers for the past several days have been working with the office of the court clerk at the Temple of Justice.

Srimex, Lone Star Communications Corporation (LCC) and Crystal Overview Hotel are some of the companies that from 2012 up to the present are being held liable for tax evasion. There are no court documents to show that they have complied.

The Public Affairs Section of the LRA confirmed when contacted yesterday that it is working with the court to enforce its ruling.

“The LRA was not taking care of tax related cases in the past. It was the Ministry of Finance that was prosecuting those cases.

“Our legal team is now taking care of the cases at the court, so we need time to study them before we can go ahead with the prosecution,” the LRA said.

However, Judge Eva Mappy Morgan during her tenure at the Tax Court managed to compel tax evaders to meet their obligations, according to available records.

Judge Morgan in 2012 was successful in recouping millions of United States dollars in tax related cases, during her time at the Tax Court. However, she could not enforce her rulings against several delinquent taxpayers.

Delinquent taxpayers that were held liable by Judge Morgan, according to court records, included Lone Star Communications Corporation (US$2.37million), Venture Industrial Corporation (US$24,152.94) and Reden Inc. (US$14,590.95).


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