Court ‘Purges’ Jones & Jones Contempt Charge


A contempt of court against the Jones & Jones Law Firm has been purged (dropped) and a claim that they were representing one of the defendants in First International Bank (FIB) US$4 million theft case also dismissed.
Judge Peter Gbeneweleh of Criminal Court ‘C’ recently took the decision after he established that it was not Jones & Jones that represented defendant Richard Gboyah at the Monrovia City Court but a lawyer from Jones & Associates Law Firm that represented the defendant and subsequently asked the Sky Insurance Company to bail him out from jail.
Gboyah and nine other co-defendants were charged of money laundering, economic sabotage among other crimes by the Liberian government, for the disappearance of US$4m from FIB, where they were employed.
He and some of his colleagues were said to have jumped bail that Sky Insurance secured to prevent them from going to jail, while awaiting trial.
In his decision, Judge Gbeneweleh declared, “The plea for mercy by the Jones & Jones Law Firm, coupled with the request of prosecution to purge the contempt is hereby granted and the contempt is also purged.”
Before the ruling, Jones & Jones law firm clarified that, though it received a letter (from the court) to bring defendant Gboyah to court, no record showed that it represented him in the FIB case.
It also explained that the record from the Liberia National Police (LNP), who arrested, investigated and charged the defendants, showed that one Atty. Poboe who represented the defendant during his hearing was from the Jones & Associates Law Firm.
It even proved that the police record sent to the Monrovia City Court that first heard and granted the bond for the defendants’ representation was Atty. Poboe from Jones & Jones Law Firm.
Atty. Poboe, who died recently, was a lawyer from Jones & Associates.
“Due to these facts that appeared on the record it is clear that we never represented any defendant in the case and as such, said record was a mistake and a surprise to us,” the Jones & Jones law firm stressed.
After the clarification, Jones & Jones subsequently pleaded with the court to purge the contempt of court against them, which Judge Gbeneweleh granted

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