Court Probes LMA President for ‘Obstruction’

Madam Sloan (center) converses with her colleagues about the way forward

The Civil Law Court in Monrovia yesterday authorized a probe into outgoing president of the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA), Madam Lusu Sloan, on allegation that she frustrated the court from issuing its stay order on the induction of officers-elect of the association.

Madam Alice Yeegahn was elected on February 18 this year in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County to replace Sloan, an election result that has been contested by the losing candidates claiming fraud.

Despite the contention about the outcome of the election, Sloan and her special election commission were accused of conducting the induction of Madam Yeegahn and other elected officials in a bid to turn over her authority to Yeegahn.

Her action prompted the aggrieved party to seek the stay order from the court pending the outcome of an investigation of allegations of fraud.

The occasion was held at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium on UN Drive in Monrovia.

Sloan was accused of preventing the court from exercising its authority while the bailiff was in the process of serving the document at the induction ceremony.

In his testimony, Bailiff Kpehe Nyei alleged that Sloan actually instructed some LMA security guards not to allow anyone including officers of the court to enter the stadium where they were performing the induction program.

Nyei also claimed that it was the security officers who informed him about Sloan’s mandate.

“When I arrived at the stadium while the ceremony was going on, I then asked for permission to enter the place that was heavily guarded by LMA officers, who refused me from entering the stadium,” the bailiff told the investigation.

“I was dressed in my full uniform, but the guards denied me to enter, unless they get authorization from Sloan, who was already seated at the occasion,” Nyei quoted the officers.

He explained how he forced his way into the stadium and managed to read the mandate about the stay order request to Sloan in the presence of other elected officers.

“After reading the mandate, the guards also refused to accept it from me, and instead chose to go ahead with the induction program,” the court officer explained.

Dan Sherman, one of the defeated presidential candidates who claimed to have accompanied bailiff Nyei to the stadium, told the court that Sloan obstructed the court’s functions.

“I was there when Sloan refused to accept the stay order from the bailiff, but Nyei went ahead and read the message to her and the other officers,” Sherman, who served as vice president in the Sloan administration, claimed.

Outside the courtroom, Sloan was heard telling her colleagues that she doesn’t know what Sherman wants from her.

She added: “He actually wants to kill me; that is why he lied just to put me in a problem with the court.”

Meanwhile, Sloan is expected to take the stand today, Tuesday, to exonerate herself from the allegation.


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