Court Hunts Mrs. Urey’s Lawyer


-Mandates Mai Urey to appear today

The Traffic Court at the Temple of Justice is in search of Cllr. David Gibson, after he failed to produce before the court the driver of Mrs. Mai Urey, Joseph Kandufamah, who damaged a businessman’s vehicle valued at US$18,000 and escaped the scene.

The White Lexus jeep belonged to one Success Tewobola and was damaged on October 9, 2017, by Kandufamah, following which Gibson freed him from jail, and subsequently assured the court that he would produce him wherever he was needed by the court, a promise he has failed to fulfill up to today.

Cllr. David B. Gibson, lawyer for Mai Urey, gets 7 days to produce Urey’s driver, Joseph Kundufurmah

Gibson was initially held in contempt by Judge Jomah Jallah for his refusal to surrender Kandufamah to commence the case; but Jallah changed his decision immediately after Gibson appeared before the court, and begged for a seven-day extension, to surrender the driver to the court.

But since that time, Gibson’s whereabouts has remained unknown, and the court has been finding it difficult to locate Gibson since the seven days he begged for has expired.

Despite numerous communications from the court for him to appear, Gibson has failed to do so, following which Judge Jallah on Monday instructed his sheriff to ensure that he and his men intensify their search of Gibson, in order to bring him under the jurisdiction of the court by today, Wednesday.

The court’s document, a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, has ordered a search of Gibson’s home and mandated the sheriff to ensure that he appears by today.

“Gibson has to show reason why he cannot be held in contempt for filing to produce defendant Kandufamah, after pleading with this court for a week to produce said defendant,” the court records said.

Before the court’s action, Cllr. Gibson on June 11, 2018, wrote the court informing it about his decision to discontinue his representation of defendant Kundufurmah.

In that letter, he informed Judge Jallah that his resignation from the case stemmed from numerous calls he had made to the defendant, which he claimed defendant Kundufurmah had refused to answer or return same.

“I am not aware of the location or whereabouts of defendant Kundufurmah, hence, I cannot provide legal representation for a defendant who has elected not to avail himself to his legal counsel,” Gibson said in his letter.

Meanwhile, the court has summoned Mrs. Mai Urey to appear before it on today, in order for the court to find an “amicable resolution to avoid further embarrassment.”

Before the court summoned Mrs. Urey, she challenged the first police report that found her driver guilty and subsequently charged him with multiple traffic related offenses.

Some of Kandufamah’s charges include misused of a lane, reckless driving, improper left turn and failure to yield to the right of way.

Since then Mrs. Urey has refused to attend all of the trial including the one that led to Gibson’s contempt charged and his plead for a seven-day extension to surrender Urey’s driver Kandufamah, who is believed to have escaped from the country.

Kandufamah’s action now leads Gibson in serious trouble that has prevented him from attending the case anymore, following which the court has ordered a search for him.

The accident, police investigative report indicated, occurred on October 9, 2017, along the Tubman Boulevard, opposite the ERA Supermarket in Sinkor.

The case grew out of a police second investigative report on May 9, 2018, charging the driver with multiple traffic-related offenses that included misused of a lane, reckless driving, improper left turn and failure to yield to the right of way, thereby resulting into the damage of the white Lexus Jeep.


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