Court Cuts Tyler’s 6-week ‘Medical Leave’ to 9 Days


Judge Emery Paye of Criminal Court ‘C’ has cut down the six weeks request by Speaker J. Alex Tyler to seek ‘medical treatment’ outside the country to nine days, sources have told the Daily Observer. If this is true, the recused Speaker is expected to be back in the country no later than the 20th of September.

The court’s action is being termed a “political decision” to support the judgment of Justice-in-Chambers Jamesetta Wolokollie, who denied the Speaker’s request for a Writ of Prohibition against the holding of parallel sessions in the Joint Chambers of the Legislature. Even Justice Wolokollie’s action was also considered “political.”

It may be recalled that House Speaker J. Alex Tyler, Sr. was excused by his colleagues ‘to seek medical treatment’ outside the country for six weeks, on the heels of his decision to recuse himself from his position as Presiding Officer of the House of Representatives.

The House plenary cautiously made the decision following heated disagreements among lawmakers about Tyler’s decision, describing his reason for the request as ‘fake’, while others said it was ‘authentic.’ This exchange took place during the House’s first unified session in the Joint Chambers on Thursday, August 11.

Tyler’s letter was accepted when Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue seized the argument and sounded his gavel – which broke due to an “absurd rage” – allowing Tyler to seek medical treatment.

“I present my compliments and inform you that I will be traveling out of the country for my medical checkup, which is overdue,” said the Speaker in the letter to his Deputy.

“I will be leaving on Tuesday, September 6, and shall be away for approximately six weeks. This letter serves as my excuse from Plenary. Kindly accept my sentiments of high esteem,” Tyler said.

Meanwhile, Judge Paye has surprisingly granted a month’s excuse to Sen. Varney Sherman, who also petitioned the court to allow him to travel outside the country to join other members of his family to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

The lengthy excuse period for the Senator to celebrate his wife’s birthday and the refusal of the court to allow Tyler six weeks for his overdue medical checkup may raise questions about fair-play and justice in the country.

In the controversial Global Witness report, released on May 11, Sen. Sherman, Speaker Tyler and others were accused of receiving bribes totaling US$950,000 to alter the PPCC Law in favor of the London based Sable Mining Company to increase their chances of obtaining a concession to exploit iron ore in the Wologizi Mountain, Lofa County.

Sen. Sherman, the Speaker and others were criminally indicted by Criminal Court ‘C’.

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