Court Approves Sen. Sherman’s Medical Travel to U.S.


Two letters in the possession of the Daily Observer have established that Associate Justice Philip A.Z. Banks, the Justice in Chambers at the Supreme Court, mandated Criminal Court ‘C’ to approve defendant Varney Sherman’s medical trip to the United States.

Justice Bank’s action was prompted by a letter dated May 18 from lawyers representing Cllr. Sherman and signed by both Counselors Cyrus Jones and Moses Paegar that partly reads, “The John F. Kennedy Memorial Center administration and attending physicians have advised our client Varney Sherman to seek urgent advanced medical intervention abroad.”

The  letter further reads, “Accordingly, and predicated upon the attached report/communication from the said hospital, we hereby requesting for permission from this Supreme Court to enable Sherman to travel to the US for urgent foreign medical intervention.”

In a letter of approval, the Criminal Court ‘C’ granted Cllr. Sherman’s request but stated that he must “return to the country after the medical intervention.”

The two letters were as a result of a medical report from the John F. Kennedy Memorial Center where Sherman was taken after he collapsed at the Capitol Building on May 11.

The medical reports were signed and approved by three medical doctors, Ian Wachekwa, Senior Medical Resident; Prof. Joseph Njoh, Head of Internal Medicine Department; and Billy Johnson, Chief Medical Officer.

In their report they said Sherman was admitted on May 11, after he slumped to the ground at a meeting and probably had a seizure.

“He vomited once prior to admission. He appeared to be well prior to this incident and he had not complained of any symptoms prior to the incident. There was no prior history of seizure,” the report indicated.

“On admission he was noted of comatose with an elevated blood pressure and slightly constricted reactive pupils,” said the report.

The report also said that on May 17, Sherman was flown to the Jackson F. Doe Hospital in Tapita, Nimba County for a brain CT scan which revealed “a huge intracranial mass in the left frontal lobe with compression of the left anterior horn of the left lateral ventricle and a midline shift as well as oedema around the mass.”

The report also said Sherman was noted to have “impaired memory and had great difficulty comprehending simple instructions.”

“He, however, left the hospital against medical advice in the company of his relatives and security details. His wife and relatives were advised to have him taken abroad immediately for further evaluation and management,” the report maintained.


  1. About time, the senator isn’t a flight risk especially not for a politically motivated case cooked – up by alleged collaborators. What may mystify many, however, is the seeming supervisory role over the case of the same Supreme Court Justice Banks who supposedly played a prominent role in a perceived EJS scheme to disqualify then newly – elected Sherman from running for the then vacant position of President Pro Temp of the Senate.

    The conventional wisdom in Africa is for citizens to bury their heads in the sand as arbitrary rule caricatures rule of law, and wickedness grows bolder causing some at – risk people to be grateful at dawn that state actors in the guise of armed robbers didn’t target them at night. Thankfully, though long overdue, Liberia is now an evolving democracy, and it isn’t going back to the doomed days of dictatorship.

  2. Let Sherman sign a document that if he doesn’t return, all his properties in Liberia should become the government’s. And meanwhile, his pay from the Senate will be flowing ooh… while he’s on that fake medical treatment.

  3. If those diagnoses are real and not manufactured, I wish him a speedy recovery. A mass on the brain is no joking matter.

  4. Let me hear my ear. There is nothing these clowns in Liberia can’t lie about. This is another calculated, fabricated at best medical report. By the way, he is a senator, why can’t he stay in the hospital he passed all the bills to improve its standards?. Devils, they will die one by one for their evil deeds. Another crook.

  5. God will use them against themselves or against one another since SKD was not able to rid the country of these rotten, sour apples. Again, I repeat, they will all die one by one. See, Sirleaf is no different from them, but for now, God is using her against them. There are some she will spare, but hear me out, those ones will also go with her. They came to steal our money and resources and deprive us of our needs, but they will be paid just in kind, and perhaps worst. They have no love for the country.

  6. I hope, he is not using tax payer money to travel abroad for his own treatment. We have hospital over there that can look after him.
    It’s about time for us to start investing in our health care system instead of we running abroad for medical treatment.

  7. As a fellow Liberian I feel sorry for the senitor and wish him speedy recovery.
    However, it is sad and break my heart to see that our government will do little in improving and equipping our hospitals. I wondered if Cllr. Sherman was a mere Civil servant, will he be in the position to be taking abroad?

    If Cllr. Sherman was a senator in the US, will he be taken to France or another country for treatment? No. Because their medical system is as good for the ordinary citizens as well as top government officials such as cllr. Sherman.

  8. Will the court accord the same treatment (medical leave) to everyone who is accused of and indicted on criminal charges Liberia?


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