Court Appearance of Ex-EPS Officer Dragging?

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Darlington George, the dismissed Executive Protection Service (EPS) Deputy Director who is behind the alleged flogging of Esther Glan in the Barnersville Community on September 13, is yet to appear in court, despite the aggravated assault charge levied against him by the Liberia National Police (LNP).

George was formally charged last week by the LNP, immediately after investigations at its headquarters, likely clearing the way for him to appear in court, as provided under the law.

Aggravated assault is an attempt to cause serious bodily injury to another or to cause serious bodily injury purposely, knowingly or recklessly, with an extreme indifference to the value of human life.

His appearance would give him the opportunity to secure bail because the crime of which he is charged qualifies for bail.

Up to the present George has not appeared in any court whether the Magistrate Court in Barnersville where the incident reportedly took place or the Monrovia City Court.

Although George was not in prison when he provided his account of the incident involving him and Madam Glan to the police, he was released to his legal team following that investigation. The government is still holding the findings, contrary to Article 21 (f) of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia.

That article states that ‘every person arrested or detained shall be formally charged and presented before a court of competent jurisdiction within forty-eight hours. Should the court determine the existence of a prima facie case against the accused, it shall issue a formal writ of arrest setting out the charge or charges and shall provide for a speedy trial. There shall be no preventive detention.’

A legal expert alleged that the concluded investigation is at the Ministry of Justice for their perusal.

An EPS officer, James Tamba, who is believed to have been assigned to Vice President Joseph Boakia, was also charged with criminal attempt to commit murder for the same incident.

Tamba is alleged to have been the main person George allegedly authorized to brutalize Esther Glan.


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