Country Devil Followers Attack Police Depot in Zorzor


Angry ‘country devil’ followers early Wednesday, July 1, stormed the only police depot in Zorzor, Lofa County, setting free four pre-trial detainees.

According to County Attorney Nuta Sumo, the attack occurred because a man (name withheld) accused of stealing a goat was sued at the Magisterial Court and subsequently detained.

Cllr. Sumo said that at the end of the trial, the Stipendiary Magistrate of Zorzor City, found the accused guilty and ordered that he must file a bond to avoid detention.

When the accused failed to obtain a bond the presiding Magistrate had no alternative but to detain him at the Zorzor Police Depot, narrated Cllr. Sumo.

Reacting to the man’s detention, a group of angry citizens under the guise of the ‘country devil,’ attacked the Police Depot and released those detained.

That action is unacceptable and is against the rule of law which Liberians have yearned for over the years, Cllr. Sumo said.

He cautioned those involved to desist from such unlawful and violent acts.

Some human rights activists in the area told the Daily Observer that the convicted jail-breakers have escaped and disappeared into villages and farms near Zorzor.

Sources in Zorzor say that there have been serious disagreements among officials at the Zorzor district branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Lofa County Superintendent, Attorney George S. Dunor, expressed serious concern over the incident and warned county residents, particularly those in Zorzor, to desist from acts of lawlessness and violence.


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