Protest Calls for Rep. Kiazolu to Be Investigated for Alleged Rape

Female protesters petitioning that Rep. Kiazolu be investigated for alleged rape

Accused says protesters are “paid agents” sent by a political rival

At least four female protesters were on Thursday, January 16, whipped by predominantly male counter-protestors on the grounds of the Capitol Building while chanting slogans calling for Montserrado County District #17 Representative Hanson Kiazolu to be investigated concerning an alleged rape saga which probably occurred 2018.

Concerned Women of Montserrado County District #17 and a cross-section of Coalition of Political Parties Women, comprising about 100 girls and women in a peaceful protest, sang anti-rape songs some containing foul language, calling for an investigation of Representative Kiazolu who allegedly raped his niece (name withheld).

The counter-protesters approximately 50 in number, very few of which were women, retorted with booing and chants, “Liars, black liars” and other battle-cries, in which the lead battle crier explained that the protest and petition were concocted against the background that Kiazolu publicly called for an investigation into the leaked audio recording of the chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Mr. Mulbah Morlu, disclosing that President George M. Weah is siphoning money given to the country.

The communication was jointly written by Representative Kiazolu, Representatives Rustonlyn Dennis, Francis Dopoh and Thomas Goshua. During the impasse between the two groups of protestors, with one calling for a probe into the alleged rape case involving Kiazolu and the other on the contrary, Representative Kiazolu accused his chief rival in the 2017 representative election for District #17, former representative William Dakel. Dakel is currently the Deputy Director General at the General Services Agency (GSA).

Montserrado Count District 17 Representative, Hanson Kiazolu

“These women are not from my district,” Representative Kiazolu said. “They are paid agents. They were trucked and brought here by William Dakel. Waste of taxpayers’ money and resources.”

However, at least two members of the counter-protestors were arrested by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and this created heavy commotion. However, when the police restored calm, a formal petition was presented to the chairperson of the House’s Claims and Petitions Committee, Representative Rustonlyn Dennis of Montserrado County District #4.

Montserrado County District #14 and 16 Representatives, Vamuyan Conner and Dixon Seeboe, respectively, as well as Nimba County District #5 Representative Samuel Kogar, were also part of the delegation to receive the petition. Reading the petition, Madam Nathalyn Surprise Seton, on behalf of the Concerned Women in Montserrado County District #17, called on the House of Representatives to investigate the alleged rape involving Representative Kiazolu.

The women also urged the lawmakers to investigate circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of the girl whose lifeless body was found in her parent’s house on Johnson Street, as well as the girl who gang of boys wasted hot water on in Duport Road Community.

Responding to the petitioners, Representative Dennis assured them of placing the petition on the agenda and maintained that rape is a serious crime under the law. She admonished them to either type-write or computerize the petition instead of the handwritten one presented with erasing marks that made the petition look filthy.

Reading the petition, Madam Nathalyn Surprise Seton, on behalf of the Concerned Women in Montserrado County District #17, called on the House of Representatives to investigate the alleged rape involving Representative Kiazolu.


  1. Waste of time! The folks have too much free time on hand. Go to the court if you think the representative or others committed a crime.

    • Protest has now become the norm. If a certain women activist “money activist” believe they have sufficient evidence backing their claim, the right way to do it is to file a case against the alleged perpetrator at the court.
      Going to protest at the Capitol is completely baseless. It is not within the authority of the legislature to investigate such a case but rather wait on the proceedings from the court.
      That was a politically calculated move to tarnish and discredit the Hon, given his recent calls for impeachment against Weah.

  2. In my opinion, I think desperation causes people to march in the streets like they do. They have given-up on the court system as it is regarded as a criminal justice system positively skewed to benefit only the most wealthy and well connected individuals of the society.

    The courts’ dockets are filled with many cases surrounding the social issue of rape. Often people categorize every issue that draws public attention as a social issue. This is a misconception. An issue can only become a social one if it claims the attention of large segments of the population and not just a few people. So it is with the raping of our women by psychotic minds including some in the highest echelons of power, who are committing these heinous crimes and getting by with impunity.

    Finally, these events often reach the point where the poor and frustrated masses become fed-up, and then they begin to turn to protests as a way of creating more public awareness to the scourge of rape and the deafening silence of the government towards rape victims.

    So, the continuous demonstrations government authorities and the public alike are witnessing could be signs Liberians are awakening to the existence of the psychological scars and menace of rape.

    And as long as the GOL continues this kind of stance and logic against the least of our society, it will continue to suffer a negative public image and continue to make many of its harshest critics like Costa, Kolubah, Dillon and so forth, popular and seen as the true heroes of the people because they speak truth to power.

  3. Do until others as you will them do to you. This time it is not cop protesting. When you have a problem and don’t solve it, it stays and some stays forever.
    CDC fought for power through protesting so people will always protest all the time. Now every month there will be some kind of protest because the previous ones had not been look into or solve.
    The truth is weah is not solving any problem presented to him, so as the problems keep increasing so will protest increase.
    This protest is not becuz kiazulu rape, it’s becuz weah don’t want to solve the people problems, now he problem has come he is using another man problem to solve his own. This creat an extra problem in the country.
    Know when you have problems to solve and you don’t solve any, you fail.
    Big failure is on the way for weah and those in leadership.
    U can’t solve problem with problem, you have to use solution.

    Weah is not ready to be president that is the fact.
    And this will continue for the next 4 yrs.
    I hope people be able to bear it until those yrs passes.


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