COTAE Drills Journalists in ‘Abidjan Principles, Rights to Education Issues’

Media pratitioners and some government officials including national and international partners who attended the workshop in Monrovia

The Coalition for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (COTAE) has ended a one-day training workshop for journalists on the Abidjan Principles and Right to Education Issues in Liberia.

The one day event brought together over 15 journalists on Thursday, November 19, 2020 in Monrovia. The workshop was organized to acknowledge journalists of key issues relating to the Abidjan Principles that were adopted in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, in February 2019.

COTAE’s workshop also informed  journalists on the consolidated framework and guiding principles on human rights obligations of states to provide good quality, inclusive, acceptable, gender-sensitive, and responsive public education and regulate the involvement of private and for-profit actors in education, chiefly in Liberia.

Speaking at the official opening of the event, Anderson D. Miamen, National Coordinator of COTAE provided a comprehensive explanation on understanding the Abidjan Principles: Key Issues and the Roles of the Media and Civil Society organizations in its Implementation and Monitoring process.

Mr. Miamen used the occasion to appreciate the Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA) for funding the training workshop.

Anderson D. Miamen, National Coordinator of COTAE provided a comprehensive explanations on key Issues and the Roles of the Media and Civil Society organizations

During the training, journalists were further instructed about the privatization of education and its implications on the right to education for women, girls, persons with special needs, including people living with disabilities, marginalized and minority groups in society, as well as the roles of stakeholders, especially the media, in promoting, defending, and fulfilling the Right to Education in Liberia.

Alton V. Kesselly, Deputy Minister for Planning and Research at the Ministry of Education, provided an overview of Liberia’s Education Sector on the Key Policies & Frameworks, Financing Trends, Key Programs, to participating journalists. 

Adama Dempster, Coordinator of the Civil Society Human Rights Platform of Liberia, also presented on ‘Understanding International & National Treaties, Conventions, Law and Policies on Human and Peoples Rights with Emphasis on the Right to Education. 

Meanwhile, many journalists who attended the training expressed commitment to use their profession to utilize knowledge gained from the workshop in this special human rights area to disseminate information to the public for a better understanding.


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